Do You Suffer From Stiff,
Painful, Squished Feet & Toes?

Get relief with Awesome Toes® Corrective Spacers

Fix Your Feet Naturally with Awesome Toes!

Finally, a safe and natural way to reverse years of damage to your feet caused by modern footwear. Awesome Toes’ multiuse design allows you to stretch and restructure your feet without invasive surgery, medications, or awkward footwear. This yoga teacher-developed, podiatrist-approved device delivers immediate relief and as lasting changes to your feet by lengthening your connective tissues with each use.

Benefits of Awesome Toes! corrective spacers:

  • Improve balance
  • Relieve foot pain, stress, and tension
  • Reverse lifelong imbalances
  • Reduce injury
  • Improve posture
  • Improve speed (running and walking)
  • Alleviate (and possibly reverse) conditions such as:

    plantar fasciitis, hammertoe, corns, bunions, blisters, and overlapping toes

When to wear Awesome Toes!:

  • After work and around the house
  • While sleeping
  • During yoga practice and stretching
  • With flip flops (anywhere)
  • While running, walking, or hiking (inside your wide-toed footwear)

Awesome Toes! Corrective Spacers

Includes two sizes packaged in a beautiful wooden box

About Awesome Toes!

  • Includes two pairs (small and large sizes)
  • Made with latex-free, SEBS rubber
  • Soft, durable, and comfortable
  • Hand washable with warm water and soap
  • Beautiful, engraved wooden storage box
  • Versatile enough for around the house, while sleeping, during yoga, or inside wide-toed shoes

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Modern Footwear = Foot Problems

Modern shoes wreak havoc on the feet. From high heels to running shoes to casual loafers, nearly all modern footwear is designed for style, not function. This means that 98 percent of shoes on the market squish your feet into unnatural shapes which, in turn, leads to foot deformations, bunions, corns, and other complications.

These modern foot ailments are not just a cosmetic problem. They can be much more serious.

When your toes are squished, overlapping, or have poor dexterity, it impacts the way you walk, run, and stand. Deformed feet are a common cause or contributing cause of knee, hip, and back problems because it’s common to develop abnormal movement patterns in order to compensate for your imbalances.

ILLUSTRATION: The above image shows a very common pattern of foot deformation. To see this
in real life, simply compare the feet of young children (under 5) with the feet of their parents.

Common aches and pains due to deformed feet:

  • Blisters
  • Corns and bunions
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Hammertoe
  • Hip problems (from affected gait)
  • Knee pain and injury
  • Back pain and injury
  • Painful feet, ankles, & toes
  • Poor posture
  • Decreased athletic ability
  • Increased risk of injury
  • Ingrown toenails

Many podiatrists offer surgery, anti-inflammatory drugs, or shoe insoles as treatment, but these measures often fail in the long term. If you don’t fix the underlying problem, it’s very likely to return no matter what treatment option you choose. The harsh reality is that your feet have become deformed, and your footwear and lifestyle are keeping them that way. But it can be fixed.

What Type of Feet Do You Have?

Below are five common foot shapes. While there are many more, chances are your “ideal foot” falls into one of these categories.

There is nothing wrong with having your second toe longer than the others or having the same length toes all the way across. There are many different looking feet that are healthy and highly functional.

No matter your foot shape, everyone wants to avoid overlapping toes, bunions, hammertoes, or toes that are unable to articulate properly. Our feet are not as dexterous as our hands, but they should be able to move freely and dynamically. The purpose of Awesome Toes! Corrective Spacers is to bring your foot back to its natural shape, with strong, flexible, and useful toes that can help you balance, run, jump, lift, and support your weight to keep your body moving functionally for many years to come.

The Story Behind AwesomeToes! with Lucas Rockwood

I was born with huge arches in my feet. At age 10, a well-meaning doctor told me that I needed to get arch-supportive shoes and wear insoles for the rest of my life. However, an arch, as a structure, is one of the strongest in the world. You don’t see arched bridges with supports in the middle of them—but I didn’t know that then, so I followed my doctor’s orders.

Fast forward a few years. My feet were completely deformed and the first of my problems began. I grew up in a family of runners, but by the time I reached my teens, shin splints and tendonitis kept me off the road most days. My tendonitis pain was so bad, I was lucky to get five runs in a month. I must have started and stopped running dozens of times throughout my life, and each time it was the same: no matter what surface I ran on, no matter how short or how long I ran, I’d always end up with some injury.

My deformed feet could not handle the load of the impact as I ran, and my high-tech shoes just made things worse by encouraging poor running posture. This is clear to me now, but it never crossed my mind when I was younger.

I wore huge arch supports such as this throughout my teenage years, which exacerbated my squished toes.

Enter yoga.

At age 24, I discovered yoga and became an overnight addict. I loved the way I felt, and I learned to transform my body and posture very quickly. With yoga in my life, I concluded that running was simply not in the cards for me and completely quit to focus on my yoga practice.

Initially, I was terrible at it. I was stiff as a board and couldn’t balance at all. A typical yoga class consists of 50 percent standing poses and 50 percent seated poses. I was OK on the floor, but any one-legged standing pose was impossible. Even the simplest balancing pose was very difficult for me, and I later learned many people experience the same frustration.

After class one day, I was complaining about my balance to a fellow student. She shared a trick she’d been using at home.

She said, “Wear foam toe spacers to bed!” After years of wearing high heels to work, her feet were even worse than mine, and she’d been trying to fix them.

She was talking about the foam devices (usually pink with flowers) used in nail salons to keep your toes separated while your nail polish dries. They are flimsy and look ridiculous, but I was intrigued enough to give it a try.

That night, I got a pair of the foam separators and put them on just before bed. Fifteen minutes later, I woke up in excruciating pain and had to take them off. They were really stretching my feet! The next morning, I did 20 minutes of yoga at home. I noticed an improvement in my balance right away. I realized that my toes were a big problem.

Being the nerdy yoga student I am, I started wearing those foam toe spacers every night. The pain was unbearable at first, but my feet were stretching out quickly. I was then able to tolerate them for one hour, then two hours, and eventually up to four hours at a time.

But there were still issues.

The foam spacers were poorly made and uncomfortable. They aren’t designed to be worn for long periods of time, so they fall off when you try to do anything active. Plus, they look downright silly. Last but not least, the foam itself gets squished and they need to be replaced every few days.

Despite all these drawbacks, I kept buying them and using them, and the results kept coming. Over the course of a couple years, I went from a size 10 to a size 12 shoe, and I’m now nearly a size 13. My balance and posture improved, and eventually I was even able to start running again.

Stretching & Running with Spacers – The Game Changer!

Ever since my own revelation, I’ve been teaching my yoga students to use foam spacers at night to improve their balance. It’s one of those “hacks” that really works. Students are always amazed by the results. But eventually, I reached a plateau with my own feet. They were better than ever but still needed a lot of work.

A new thought came to me: What if I could walk around and practice yoga while wearing toe spacers? I’d gotten such dramatic results wearing them lying down, what if I added light impact, dynamic movement, and stretching? It would be nearly impossible using the cheap foam separators, so I began working directly with source manufacturers on more than a half-dozen different prototypes until I found the truly functional, durable, washable, hypoallergenic device that I wanted.

Introducing Awesome Toes!

My team and I spent nine months in product research and development for Awesome Toes! We consulted with yoga teachers, podiatrists, sports doctors, and more than 30 students who suffered from squished toes. The result? We created what I believe to be the best corrective toe spacers on the market.

Awesome Toes! are soft, yet durable and comfortable. They can be worn in bed, with flip flops, inside wide-toed athletic shoes, and even during yoga practice. I’m happy to report they’re everything I wanted and more.



“An answer to your prayers,”
an expert weighs in.

“I would highly recommend them to everyone who suffers from chronic foot pain, hammertoe, corns, bunions, blisters, or overlapping toes. Awesome Toes! are designed to relieve foot pain and improve balance and posture. They can help you with yoga, dance, and running, and they are safe to use throughout your daily activities.

I would recommend you start using Awesome Toes slowly, for a maximum of 30 minutes per day in the beginning. You should start feeling the changes almost immediately, and after that, you can gradually increase the time you wear them.

As an orthopedic resident, I spend most of the day on my feet, walking around the hospital or standing in the operating room. At the end of the day my feet often hurt. When I started using Awesome Toes!, I felt improvement in a matter of days. I noticed that they stretched my toes and brought them back to their natural position. They fit in my shoes, so I go for long walks or a run with them on, and they have definitely improved my feet.”

– Edin Mešanović, M.D.


Beyond Balance: Running & Feet Correction

My initial interest in fixing my feet was simple: I wanted better balance. But through the development, research, and testing for Awesome Toes!, I learned that the benefits of corrective toe spacers go beyond that.

Recently, I started running again for the first time in more than a decade. I started slowly but worked up to steep hill climb runs with no foot, shin, or tendon pain at all. I even completed my first half marathon, again with no foot pain—unbelievable! I’d long since given up the idea that I would be a runner, so it was an amazing surprise to be able to hit the trails again in my 30s—wearing Awesome Toes! inside my shoes for every mile.

The results experienced by our users have been just as impressive. YOGABODY students around the world use Awesome Toes! to help with conditions such as bunions, corns, hammertoe, overlapping toes, and plantar fasciitis. Like me, many people use them for balance, yoga postures, and running, too. Awesome Toes! are not a magical cure for all foot problems, but the vast majority of our users experience real benefits (usually within days) and some have experienced turnarounds as dramatic as mine.

How to Use Awesome Toes!

  • Good: relaxing at home, watching TV, lying in bed
  • Better: walking around the house, before/after work, casually
  • Best: practicing yoga, stretching, or inside your wide-toed athletic shoes

NOTE: When you first start using Awesome Toes!, take it slow. We recommend wearing them for no more than one hour initially, but you’ll be able to work up to 4+ hours of continuous use. Awesome Toes! is a big stretch for your feet and you should give your body time to ease into it.

Awesome Toes! Corrective Spacers

Two sizes included in a beautiful wooden box

About Awesome Toes!

  • Two pairs of Awesome Toes!
    (small and large sizes)
  • Made with latex-free, SEBS rubber
  • Soft, durable, and comfortable
  • Hand wash with warm water and soap
  • Beautiful, engraved wooden storage box
  • Wear around the house, while sleeping or practicing yoga, and even inside your wide-toed shoes

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee – If for any reason (or no reason at all), you’re unhappy with this product, simply send it back for a full and complete, hassle-free refund anytime within the first year. There is no catch or complicated process to go through. We stand behind all our products unconditionally, so you can try Awesome Toes! risk-free and decide for yourself.

FREE! Bonuses with Any Purchase

Bonus #1: Videos! Five Practice and Care Tutorials (digital video/MP4)

Value: $14.95 FREE!

You’ll have access to some short, powerful stretches that we suggest you do while wearing your Awesome Toes! to feel immediate results. You’ll also learn proper care for and use of the Awesome Toes!

Bonus #2: Pose Chart! (PDF)

Value: $12.95 FREE!

This pose chart includes some of our favorite poses to do while wearing Awesome Toes! Access online or print out for a quick reference while you stretch.

Bonus #3: Runner’s Stretch Pose Chart! (PDF)

Value: $12.95 FREE!

Since many of our Awesome Toes! clients are runners, we’ve included this new pre and post-run pose chart. These stretches are great to do no matter what, but if you can do them while wearing your Awesome Toes!, that’s even better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We recommend you wear them inside socks, slippers, flip flops, or barefoot around your house. This is one of the simplest ways to help fix your feet and is more effective than just wearing them while sitting or sleeping.
Most minimal footwear running shoes work great with Awesome Toes!, as they have a toe-width appropriate for natural foot shapes. Common minimal footwear includes NikeFree, Lems, and Merrell. If in doubt, take your toe spacers with you to the shoe store when trying on a new pair. They should fit comfortably without pressure.
They do not hurt, but they can be intense, especially at first and if you’re sitting or lying down. The sensation is that of a deep stretch or numbness, and this is often stronger when you’re inactive. This is yet another reason why we encourage active-wear use of Awesome Toes! You’ll get faster results with less discomfort.
Initially, aim for one hour per day. Eventually, you’ll work up to four hours or more.
Flexibility changes can be very long lasting, but keep in mind that if you continue to spend most of your day in restrictive footwear, you’ll very likely end up with squished feet again. If you’re able to change your daily shoes to more natural, minimal footwear and use Awesome Toes!, you’ll see amazing results.
Yes, for sure. High heels wreak havoc on your feet. If you wear them daily, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle—but you still need to fight! Some of our most avid users are people who have to wear high heels every day.

User Reviews for Awesome Toes!

“I am so in love with Awesome Toes.” If you don’t have them yet, I highly recommend them. I’ve tried other brands but these really are the best. I can wear them with socks and walk around my house, with the right shoes and walk around town, and even wear them in yoga class. At first wearing the small pair gave my feet cramps within an hour. But now I can wear the medium pair all day without pain (and I’m a petite female with small feet). I might get a second box for my travel bag because I love them so much. Thanks YOGABODY! You do so much for us. Keep being honest, caring, down-to-earth, and AWESOME!!

Sandy F.

“I like them!” I am really liking these awesome toes, my left foots second toe has been losing a healthy bone track creating pain… trying to become a hammer-toe. I have always spent a great deal of hard labor time on my feet and I am seeing and feeling a difference! Thanks YOGABODY!


“I’ve tried a few toe spreaders and I like these best. They fit in my wide toe shoes” These are far more comfortable than the other brands that I tried before, and much cheaper. My advice: wear these for yoga or something that lasts around an hour, and slowly add more time from there.


“I like these toe spreaders.” They are easy to put on and they are comfortable to wear. I’ve already noticed an improvement in my toe alignment.


“Love them!” I’ve been using these daily and my toes love them. My husband and I can both see a difference in the space between my toes.


“Very pleased with this product.” They are quite comfortable and I put them on after dinner when I’m relaxing and watching a movie. I’m satisfied with this purchase.


“These work for me!”I previously purchased a different brand and style of gel toe spreaders. They were firmer and I like them, but could not walk in them or wear them in shoes. These are perfect. They are quite soft and stretchy and low profile so I can wear them in shoes. I need to be careful putting my socks on because they will flip over on the sides but it can be done. They have a nice separation between the toes. Enough to make a difference, but not so much that they are very uncomfortable. They come in a very nice box with two sizes so you will be able to choose the one that works best. I wash them in the sink with hand soap after I wear them, let them dry and store them is a Baggie with talcum power in it to keep them fresh and easy to put on. I am very glad I bought them. I am trying to heal ball of foot pain and I know I am more comfortable when I wear these.


“Great!”Soft and comfortable and sent in a convenient wooden box. The two sizes are a nice option for subtle or more sharp toe separation, without being severe. Excellent to help balance during yoga.


“Love, love, love!” Work great and so comfortable!


“Customer service and product quality both get 5 stars!” Absolutely love them! I compared every brand I could find and poured over reviews. Went with these and. couldnt be happier! The are soft, stretchy, and very comfortable. One reviewer mentioned them being straight and not fitting the curve of the foot well and therefore not staying in place. I haven’t had this problem at all, and I have a pretty tiny pinky toe and wide feet. It wasn’t clear to me that these were size small and medium- but you will receive one of each size in this beautiful box (that has enough room for three pairs). I originally purchased these for my partner and he felt like he wanted more stretch than the medium offered. So I took both of these. I wear the size small in my Altra running shoes and the mediums around the house. Love that they stay on while walking and sleeping. I contacted the company to inquire about larger sizes and they sent a large for my partner! Amazing customer service! He loves them but wowza they are BIG. We both see a noticeable difference from wearing them. He likes the extra balance he sees in his yoga practice and I am pleased with decreased foot pain.


“Fantastic!” Soft, flexible, and comes with two sizes which is great! Gorgeous bamboo box!

Keira C.

“Feels great!” AwesomeToes! is a new product and I’ve only had them for a month, but I wear them faithfully 4 or 5 times a week and they make my feet feel great. I highly recommend them to stretch your feet and counteract the damage done when wearing shoes.

Deb D.

“Worth the money.” So far, I love it. I can really see the change of spacing in my toes. I wear them overnight or sometimes during the day, 8-9 hours at a time.

Y. Li

“They do the job the best.” These toe spreaders are super. I wear them at night when I am sleeping. These are the right size. I have others that were too large for my toes. These are very comfortable.


“Happy feet!” Love the AwesomeToes. Very easy to put on and keep clean. They feel a little awkward at first but then they are barely noticeable. I saw results after the first use.

Jeannine L. Whitaker

“Start slowly.” Item exactly as described by seller. It fits perfectly and helps to relax my feet and toes after standing on them all day at work. It is definitely an investment in yourself. It is a good idea to start out slowly by wearing them for a short time and working your way up to longer periods.


“It’s working.” The important thing for me is that it’s working. The first time I can only use them for 1 hour now I can have them on for 4 hours, my goal is to sleep with them all night.

Ramades V.

“Good for yoga practice.” Awesome product! They are everything they were reported to be. Easy enough to use, and I have been able to get used to them with wearing them several hours each day to break myself in. Great for standing yoga practice as they seem to give me a great grip on old tierra firma.


“Comfortable toe spreaders. Top Grade.” These are easy to wear with shoes. It came in a lovely wooden box which I will use forever.

B. Callahan


Awesome Toes! Corrective Spacers

Two sizes included in a beautiful wooden box

About Awesome Toes!

  • Two pairs of Awesome Toes!
    (small and large sizes)
  • Made with latex-free, SEBS rubber
  • Soft, durable, and comfortable
  • Hand wash with warm water and soap
  • Beautiful, engraved wooden storage box
  • Wear around the house, while sleeping or practicing yoga, and even inside your wide-toed shoes

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee – If for any reason (or no reason at all), you’re unhappy with this product, simply send it back for a full and complete, hassle-free refund anytime within the first year. There is no catch or complicated process to go through. We stand behind all our products unconditionally, so you can try Awesome Toes! risk-free and decide for yourself.