Anyone Can Become Flexible – Secret #1 of 7

If you have tight hamstrings and locked-up hips, I know how claustrophobic and restrictive it can feel. I know it seems like there’s nothing you can do about it, like you were just made this way.

But that’s not true.

Anyone can become flexible, even super flexible, and I first realized this when I met Jake, a former body-builder-turned-yoga student who showed me an old picture of himself.

In his 20’s, Jake used to have biceps like tree branches, and legs so big his quads didn’t fit into regular pants. He did the type of body building that’s all about form, not function, so he bulked up by developing huge, extremely shortened muscles.

This is actually the norm. Most people build strength without flexibility; and as a result, they get tighter as they build strength and age.

As a huge, muscle-bound guy, Jake wouldn’t be caught dead in a yoga class—that is, until he hurt his back and was sent to yoga to recover. Like many of us, quite unexpectedly, Jake caught the “yoga bug,” and ended up completely transforming his body.

By the time I met him, Jake was middle aged and was a long, lean, flexible machine. According to Jake, the biggest changes for him happened during his travels in India. He was practicing long-hold stretches (we’ll get into this more later), eating a strict Ayurvedic diet (this is not necessary), and he did a funky Pancha Karma detoxification program.

All told, Jake spent 1 full year in India practicing and studying, and I have to say his results were amazing. He had a youthful body, he was super limber, and he seemed to have found a fitness path that would serve him for life.

But here’s the thing…

While I was never a body-builder, I was just as stiff as Jake at one point, and I too experienced a similar transformation—but in less than half the time using Gravity Poses, nutritional supplements, and eating healthy foods.

In fact, 6 weeks after I started using a very specific system of stretching and eating, it was like I was living in a new body.

Eventually, I too made my way to India, and while it’s an amazing country and the birthplace of yoga, I realized that the secret to flexibility is not hidden in a foreign land. The secret lies in how you practice, what you practice, and what you eat.

Flexibility is an equal opportunity skill that you’re born with—you’ve just lost it. And the good news is that anyone willing to practice can get it back, and it doesn’t need to take years.

So here’s a practical nutrition tip you can use today…

Try drinking a green juice before you stretch or before you practice yoga. Smoothies are ok, but juice is better because it’ll digest more quickly which is preferable for stretching.

Here is a fast and delicious green juice recipe for you here:
Green Machine Juice Recipe

There’s not enough space in this email to explain why green juices help make you bendy, but they do (magnesium, chlorophyll, you get the idea).

If you’re interested in the biochemistry behind green juices and other “flexibility foods,” I go into more detail on page 25 of the YOGABODY Handbook (which is included as part of my YOGABODY Flexibility Kit). Details are here: YOGABODY Flexibility Kit