Got Back Pain? Try These Yoga Trapeze® Poses

by Lucas Rockwood

An estimated 80% of people will have a major back pain incident at least once in their lives, and it’s no surprise. From our poor posture and dysfunctional footwear to our sedentary lives and hours spent hunched over phones, our spines are rarely in proper alignment. Enter: back pain.

But never fear, yoga-loving people, we teach a 3-pronged approach to healing and caring for your spine that includes traction, strength, and flexibility. We have also put together a 21-day program of yoga for back pain and sciatica.

Most students are initially interested in the Yoga Trapeze for the spinal traction, but the functional strength work proves equally valuable, especially for spinal health. Let’s get practicing…

Traction Jackson (back pain relief)

  1. Find your seat in the trapeze
  2. Grab the long straps, spread your legs wide, and lean back slowly until your arms are straight
  3. “V” your legs, look at your toes, and lean all the way back
  4. Bend your knees and double-cross your feet around the main sling
  5. Release your hands, hang from your hips, and clasp your elbows above your head
  6. Hang for one to seven minutes

Wheel Pose (flexibility)

  1. Sit in the trapeze and grab the long straps
  2. Bend your knees, lean back, and slowly lower back to your ability
  3. Release your arms, reach for your ankles and use a C-grip to clasp them
  4. Kick into your legs and puff up your chest for an even deeper stretch

Plow Pose (grip strength)

  1. From a seated position, grab the highest handles with a parallel grip
  2. Lean back, lift, tuck and roll
  3. Point your toes toward the wall behind you, legs parallel to the ground
  4. Straight arms are strong arms, hang and relax
  5. Hold for a few breaths and then reverse out as you entered

Plank Crunch (core strength)

  1. Slide the lowest handles to the side
  2. Kneel in front of the trapeze
  3. Hook each ankle (separately into the lowest handles’ fabric)
  4. Place your hands on the floor shoulder-width apart
  5. Look forward in front of your hands
  6. Squeeze your legs together, heels together, and lift your hips as high as they will go
  7. Hold for 10 breaths and then exit the same way you entered

Interested in attending a Trapeze class? Trapeze yoga for back pain relief beginner tips to read before you start.

Here’s a video to get you started. Post your questions down below!

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