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Course Tuition

Yoga Teachers College – 100% Online

Exceptional Yoga Alliance School 4.7 of 5.0


22 February – 15 April 2022

6 – 8 pm* Mon-Friday Barcelona Time (check your timezone)
*Can’t join us live? Don’t worry, we record and publish every session the same day.


$195.00 /month x18


Save $500! Just $3,510 USD.
(approx. 2,995€ or 2,595 GBP)*


Save $800


Save $800! Just $3,195 USD
(approx. 2,695€ or 2,295 GBP)*

Guaranteed Job Placement
*All tuition charged in USD only. Conversion rates are estimates only.

Is Tuition Tax Deductible?

The Yoga Teachers College is a registered trade/professional school, and in most tax jurisdictions, some (or all) of your tuition is tax-deductible. Please consult with a qualified tax advisor. USA residents, please refer to tax codes §1.162-5(a)(1) & §1.162-5(b)(2). All other countries, please ask your advisor for relevant tax codes, and email our support team for a formal tax receipt for your records.

Job Placement Guarantee

The Yoga Teachers College will help you prepare your online professional profile, CV/resume, cover letter, and digital payment. With our help, you will secure your first paying job either in person or online within 3 months of graduation or you will receive a $500 rebate on your tuition. To date, not a single graduate has needed this guarantee.

FREE! Bonus Materials ($896 value)

Yoga Teachers College trainees get access to dozens of resources and ever-expanding bonus materials to support you in your training journey and teaching

Live Class Pass!
($249 value – FREE!)

Once accepted into the course, you’ll be invited to our private Community Class group where graduates teach and take classes with each other. This is a commercial-free zone where you’ll not only get access to live classes each week, you’ll also join our most active graduates all around the world for professional networking. This is an amazing way to make connections, gain practice and teaching experience.

Online Business Web Page
($249 value – FREE!)

You’ll get a custom web page where you can take online payments, stream or sell video classes, schedule and setup Zoom classes, and create a 100% personalized online web presence. Best of all, it takes about 10 minutes to set it all up. No cost for life for all graduates.

New Student Liability Form (100% online) ($149 value – FREE!)

No more paperwork or clunky software. We have created a simple system where your students can register online, use their thumb or mouse to sign the contract, and a copy is automatically emailed to both you and your client. For insurance and data privacy reasons, it’s essential that you have a new student form with a liability waiver for your classes. Software companies charge $100-180 / year for this. We give all our graduates lifetime access including custom URLs for free.

PDF Pose Charts x55
($99 value – FREE!)

We’ll send you our studio master file PDF of pose charts we developed after years in our studios. This is a very place to get ideas, copy/paste sequences, and find structures for your classes.

Music Playlists x20 ($99 value – FREE!)

If you have ever tried to make a yoga playlist, you know how challenging it can be. In our studios we release new lists every three months, and all our trainees get access.

Business Card & Postcard Templates ($125 value – FREE!)

Save time and money by using our done-for-you designs. Simply customize with your contact information, and you can get printing done for pennies per card.

Facebook Business Page Cover Art ($25 value – FREE!)

We try to check as many things off your to-do list as possible, so once you graduate, we’ll produce a Facebook-ready cover image you can use for your Facebook Business page.

Freelance / Partnership Contract Template ($99 value – FREE!)

When you teach a class or workshop at a fitness center, corporate office, or festival, you will need a contract. Don’t waste time and money, simply fill in the blanks with this form and you’ll be ready to go.

Tuition Fees Include:

  • 8-week online intensive (Mon-Friday)
  • 24-module academic training
  • Training Manual (PDF)
  • Mentorship and assistance throughout the course
  • Real-world, teaching experience
  • Learn four sequences: Flow, Strength, Yin-Yang & Custom
  • Applied anatomy presentations
  • Mentorship and community

Other Possible Expenses (not included)

  • Yoga Classes. For your 100 class graduation requirement, you can take free classes with our Community Class group (online / live) or via any online platform. Some student do invest in local studio memberships, but this is optional and up to you.
  • Books. We reference lots of books during the course, but it’s not necessary to buy them. The only book that is highly recommend to own personally is Science of Yoga.

What Students Are Saying

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Our graduates go on to become community leaders, authors, experts, and entrepreneurs. Our typical graduate earns back their tuition fees within 2-3 months, and around 40% of trainees begin professional work before graduation (this is encouraged).

Guaranteed Teaching Job

Studios recruit teachers directly from our courses because our trainees are confident, experienced, and knowledgeable. We’ll help you find your first teaching gig, often before the course even finishes.

Work Anywhere in the World

Receive international certification with Yoga Alliance organization, American Council on Exercise, and American Council on Education.

Multiple Class Sequence Training

Today, instructors teach many different styles. In this course, you’ll learn to teach Flow, Strength, Yin-Yang, and custom sequence classes. You’ll also learn to custom sequence for any group.

Business Training & Support

You’ll graduate with professional photos, a professional video, CV/resume, business cards, social media tools, online payments tools, and more, all included with tuition. You’ll start building your own yoga business immediately.

High-Performing Peer Group

Our community is inclusive, diverse, and welcoming. Our typical course includes people from 12+ different countries. You’ll train with an amazing group of students and teachers who will become your collective peer group to support you in your career.

No Re-Certification Requirements (no hidden fees)

Many schools require re-certification every one-to-three years. We take the opposite approach by inviting our graduates to join (free of charge) our weekly and monthly continuing education programs for credit and growth.

Exceptional Value

From business and leadership to teaching and sequencing, this course is so comprehensive that most graduates earn back their tuition within 2-3 months of graduation.


$195.00 /month x18


Save $500! Just $3,510 USD.
(approx. 2,995€ or 2,595 GBP)*


Save $800


Save $800! Just $3,195 USD
(approx. 2,695€ or 2,295 GBP)*

Guaranteed Job Placement
*All tuition charged in USD only. Conversion rates are estimates only.