Our Mission & Philosophy

YOGABODY & The Yoga Teachers College

An intelligent yoga practice can relieve stress, balance your hormones, help you maintain a healthy weight, and increase strength and flexibility. The tools you learn in a YOGABODY class are immediately useful in your busy and challenging life. While many forms of fitness are age-centric or limited in scope, yoga is a lifelong practice with far-reaching benefits that compound over time.

5 Principles of Practice

Practice is everything. At YOGABODY, everything starts and ends with the practice. When you get that right, when you commit to it, the theory, techniques and methodology all flow naturally.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. When you come to YOGABODY, expect strong classes, challenging poses, clarity in teaching, and a supportive environment where transformation is expected.

Balance is the greatest goal in health. Everything at YOGABODY integrates mind and body, breath and movement, nervous system balance and nutrition to help you live the best life you can. Balance in all aspects of health is our ultimate goal.

Food matters. To practice yoga without intelligent nutrition is like trying to run uphill with rocks tied to your ankles. Food is the biggest variable in your health, and we teach a non-dogmatic approach to nutrition based on modern science and real-world application.

Be your own guru. In daily classes, there is no chanting, chakras or incense. We believe fitness science should be taught and spirituality should discovered, personally and individually. We reject group-think and dogma, and respect each individual as both a student and a teacher in their own right. We’re a secular organization and welcome people of all faiths.

Our Teaching Tools

Yoga Poses   |   Breathing Exercises   |   Science-Based Nutrition

The 3-Legged Stool of Health

At YOGABODY, we look your health as a three-legged stool. The legs are electrical (nervous system), chemical (hormone system), and bacterial (the microbiome); and everything we practice and teach aims to restore balance to these areas.

Business & Entrepreneurship

The yoga market is a $29 billion industry, and yet there are hardly any yoga teachers who are business leaders. The market is currently controlled by opportunistic investors, and ironically, the yoga teachers who create the market often end up struggling financially with no real support system or clear path forward in business.

At YOGABODY, we train and educate the future health and wellness leaders; and at the same time, we train students how to own and operate their own businesses. For yoga to gain the respect and impact it deserves, we need yoga people in charge, and a big part of our education and support model is designed to foster entrepreneurial leadership.