Ceiling Hooks for Yoga Trapeze

A Simple Way to Hang at Home

COMMON USES: Yoga Trapeze, Gymnastic Rings, Suspension Trainers (like TRX), Punching Bags & Porch Furniture.

The Yoga Trapeze is the #1 yoga inversion device in the world used in 81 countries—and for a good reason. It’s an amazing tool for spinal traction, passive backbends, core and upper-body strength. But what if you don’t have a place to mount your yoga trapeze? Our Ceiling Hooks are an elegant, industrial-strength way to get started quickly.

Why Use Ceiling Hooks?

  • Industrial-strength, iron-glad design for security
  • Simple, elegant solution for mounting
  • Once installed, barely visible in a room (they blend in)
  • Works in either concrete or wood (bolts included for both)
  • Affordable!

Requirements for Setup

  • A measuring tape
  • A pen
  • A step ladder
  • A hammer drill if mounting in concrete or a standard high-powered drill for wood mounting
  • For concrete, you’ll need a 6 mm concrete drill bit, and then move up to a 12 mm bit to create the bolt holes or for wood, you’ll want to drill pilot holes with a 6 mm wood bit

Ceiling Hooks for Yoga Trapeze

These Ceiling Hooks include 2 metal hooks, 4 wooden screws, and 4 concrete bolts (so you can mount into either surface). Aside from a drill, this is everything you need to get setup in minutes.

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