Getting Started
with “Flying” Yoga

by Kirby Koo

Inversion Yoga is one of the fastest growing styles of yoga in the world—and for good reason! It’s a ton of fun and it allows you to use gravity and your own body weight to improve upper body strength, core strength, flexibility and much more. Hanging upside down is also great for reducing tension and stress as well as relieving back pain.

There are many yoga inversion pops available on the market, but in this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use The Yoga Trapeze® from YOGABODY Naturals. If you have another type of inversion sling, remember the same postures can be used with most models as well.

While inversion yoga can look intimidating at first, it’s actually simple and fun. Let’s take a look…

Getting Started
How to Get In & Out of The Yoga Trapeze®

#1 Adjust the height so the base of the seat is at the height of the navel

#2 Beginners, use a stool or a chair to lift up into the sling

#3 Intermediate and advanced students, grab the highest handles and lift themselves up and sit down

#4 To exit the Yoga Trapeze®, grab the height handles, and lower yourself down


Find Your Seat
How to Adjust the Sling for a Comfortable Practice

Once you are in the trapeze, it’s important to adjust the sling properly. Although it is comfortable to sit in the sling like a hammock, in order to get the maximum benefits of the trapeze, you’ll want to adjust your sling correctly.

#1 Adjust the sling so it covers just your bum, not your legs or your back

#2 Next, pull down on the plastic clips to create a smaller seat for your bum

#3 Wiggle around and get comfortable!


Warrior Sequence
Classic Yoga in a Whole New Way!

Warrior II – Let’s start with a basic sequence that uses the trapeze to enhance standing yoga postures. In this Trapeze Warrior II position, you can use the trapeze to help stretch out arms and allow you to sit deeper in the hips.

#1 Standing in front of the trapeze, loop your arms through the sling(refer to photo)

#2 Step the left foot back in a deep lunge, and use your arms to help you find your balance

#3 If you can, bend your front knee as deep as 90 degrees, and engage the back leg strong

#4 Look straight ahead and take 15 slow breaths


Warrior II Backbend – Here, we’ll use the trapeze to help you gently open up the front of your body while in the same fundamental setup position as before.

#1 From Warrior II, lift the arms up above your head and grab on to the fabric above with straight arms

#2 Gently and mindfully lean back slowly to find your pose

#3 Look up with your eyes, and stay strong with your legs

Trapeze Goddess – In this pose, you’ll open up the heart area and enhance the stretch in the front side of the body all while feeling safe and supported.

#1 Begin from Warrior II Backbend(previous pose), and now lower the left arm down to the left leg calf.

#2 With your right arm, grab on to the highest handle on the right side, lean over to the left. Hold on to the fabric on the left side while pulling the handle, feeling the intensity of the stretch.

#3 When you feel ready, shift your gaze upward and sit deeper into the hips. Stay here for 15 breaths.


Relieve Back Pain, Increase Flexibility
& Swing Like a Monkey...