Yoga Trapeze® Stand Reviews
Read this Before You Buy

You need a place to hang your Yoga Trapeze®, punching bag, or gymnastic rings, and you’re looking for online reviews to see if it’s the right option for you. Before you make a purchase, this quick guide with real reviews should help you decide.

What Customers Are Saying About Our Stand

“I’m new to the [inversion sling] yoga world, just starting out but I didn't want to put holes in my ceiling and after talking to an engineer and contractor about it I was convinced that just because a beam can hold extra weight doesn't mean it's safe or will last. They are engineered and structured to HOLD the weight they are there for. So I bought this stand and couldn't be happier. My husband has had a big weight gain over the last few years and is up to 300lbs, working on shedding it now.”

- Anela

“Heavy. Sturdy. Easy to put together. Instead of having my yoga swing hanging from the ceiling, I decided to invest in this stand and I'm so glad I did. Now I can take my swing outside or to an event. Awesome.”

- Shannon

“Since this is advertised as a ‘yoga’ stand, I was extremely skeptical this would NOT hold a 100 pound Muay Thai Heavy Bag AND withstand it swinging over 45 degrees repeatedly back and forth from my full-powered kicks AND have enough clearance around the bag so I can do all my favorite strikes without fear of hitting the metal parts and injuring myself; all my skepticism vanished the first time I used it.”

- Anonymous

“Super simple to set up with my silks and Lyra. Great for strength training and beginner moves; haven’t attempted anything crazy but this stand is surprisingly sturdy. Heavy but not difficult to transport. Very happy with my purchase.”

- Ashley

“It’s super heavy-duty, safe, and I'm looking to purchase more fun sporty stuff that is compatible with it. My entire family and I enjoy inversion air yoga and various workouts tremendously on this rock-solid stand!”

- TJ (mother of 4)

What About Other Products? Other Options?

Backyard swing sets: These are usually not weight-tested for adult use, and they are too low to the ground. The metal rods are hollow, they rust easily, and they're rarely any less expensive than an official stand.

Adult / furniture stands: You’ll see some students hanging on these stands on social media. They are too low, not wide enough, and simply not safe. The price is also not interesting enough to justify the risk.

Squat racks: These can work! They are huge, heavy, and expensive, but if you have a home gym (or belong to one), squat racks are often strong and stable. The width is often an issue as many are narrow and limit your ability to practice many poses.

Collapsible stands: There are some folding stands on the market. They are tested only for small children and are too small and weak for adults. Avoid them.

Questions to Ask (before you buy any stand)

  • Weight tested for adults?
  • Wide enough to do all the poses I love?
  • Sturdy enough that I’d feel safe?
  • Designed for the Yoga Trapeze or am I taking a risk?

The Official Yoga Trapeze Stand (by YOGABODY)
Our stand is designed for any pose you need for flexibility, strength building, and backbends.

This stand is big, heavy, wide and worth it! The Yoga Trapeze Stand can be set up in minutes (see below), supports up to 600 pounds, and is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

There are yoga studios that set up trapeze stands in their lobbies and even festivals that put them in booths. If you’ve seen our breathtaking videos and photo shoots in Barcelona, you’ve no doubt seen the Yoga Trapeze Stand in action. The best news is we’ve perfected the design and reduced production costs, so it’s now more affordable than ever to have your own Yoga Trapeze Stand.

Here are the specs:

  • Rock-solid aluminum alloy material
  • Supports up to 600 lbs
  • Weight (in package): 32 kg / 70 lbs
  • Works great on a variety of surfaces (uneven is OK)
  • Use with Yoga Trapeze, gymnastic rings, pull-up bars, punching bags
  • Setup time: 5 minutes, no heavy lifting

Some Common Questions We Get About the Stand

Q: When is the estimated delivery date?
A: 7-14 days after your purchase has been completed.

Q: Can one person set it up alone?
A: Yes, but it’s faster (and easier) if you have two people.

Q: Do you need strong people to set it up?
A: No, it goes up in stages, so it requires very little strength to stack and set up.

Q: Do I need special tools?
A: No. Everything is provided.

Q: Will the Yoga Trapeze Stand work in parks or on uneven surfaces?
A: Yes, it works great. The legs are designed to wiggle and give a little to adjust to various surfaces. It’s very adaptable and versatile.

Q: Can I leave it outside?
A: Yes, but we do recommend you cover it—the weather will take a toll on the quality if it’s left out. We keep ours outside year-round, but the climate is very moderate in Barcelona. Dampness and sunshine can damage the metal over time.

Q: I’m a CrossFitter. Can I use this with gymnastic rings?
A: Absolutely.

Have any questions to add? Leave them down below and we'll help out!

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