Looking for Yoga Trapeze Classes Near You?
How to Choose a Class & Where to Find Them

YOGABODY pioneered both group and private Yoga Trapeze® classes in our studios, and the response has been overwhelming. As the demand for Yoga Trapeze classes has grown, the number of instructors all over the world has grown too.

Our Yoga Trapeze® graduates are yoga professionals with proven education in teaching and an understanding of the maximized benefits of inversion yoga. To date, we have more than 1,300 certified instructors internationally… many of which have opened their very own yoga studios.

More and more gyms, fitness centers, and rec centers worldwide are contracting Yoga Trapeze instructors. You can find Yoga Trapeze instructors in the following ways:

Private Classes: It’s a great way to get highly-individualized, solution-oriented sessions. If you are working toward rehabilitating an injury or you like undivided attention during your classes, this would work best for you.

Group Classes in Studios: They are fun, challenging, and great if you like community vibes.

Gyms and Fitness Centers: Yoga Trapeze inversion trainers are quickly being added to these facilities as the demand for inversion yoga grows. If you like to go to the gym and need a new way to stretch and strengthen your bodies, check your local fitness centers.


In the Portland, Oregan area? Check out Maxwell Studios with Yoga Trapeze® Instructor Kelly.


We recommend using a variation of “yoga trapeze” when searching for Yoga Trapeze near you. Although there are very distinct differences between the two, the studio or instructor could have it under “aerial yoga.” To help you get started, below is a list of our certified Yoga Trapeze instructor affiliates and their websites.

Yoga Trapeze Classes Near You

Lourdes Martinez Tucson, AZ
Ana Cadena Coachella Valley, CA
Diane Hardy Los Angeles, CA
Jaime Burns Los Angeles, CA
Amelia Huerta San Diego, CA
Jessica Herman San Francisco, CA
Andrea Cottrill San Jose, CA
Claire Ngoon San Mateo, CA
Harley Young Santa Monica, CA
Yvonne Stillman Lake Tahoe, CA
Debra Wilson Florida Keys
Michelle Dempsey St Petersburg, FL
Jaclynn Morgan Marietta, GA
Ashley Robinson Atlanta, GA
Farah Salim Cherokee County, GA
Slaine Harkess Johns Creek, GA
Pamela Allen Pocatello, ID
Christine Le Monde Chicago Loop
Melissa Shrout Carmel, IN
Jenney Szeto Boston, MA
Angela McNally Brookeville, MA
Ashley Arington Waldorf, MD
Jo Rickard-Barnosky Baltimore, MD
Teisa Earhart Minnesota
Jennifer Baker Grand Rapids, MN
Maribou Latour Santa Fe, NM
Sophia D’Addario Cortland, NY
Maria Deliberador New York City
Linda Johnson Syracuse, NY
Jessica Marie Jemoiselle Barriere Dayton, OH
Bridget Eslinger Ohio
Michelle DuBuc Tulsa, OK
Sylwia Granato Philadelphia, PA
Lindsay Montgomery Anderson, SC
Sandy Larson Knoxville, TN
Cristina Almeida-Anz Alamo Ranch, TX
Annie Anderson Houston, TX
Heather Wright Keller, TX
Lori Capra Olympia, WA
Sara Yingling Seattle, WA
Chryistal Haley Yakima, WA
Christel Guillen Washington, D.C.
Kelly Moyers Washington D.C.
Lisa Priebe Washington, D.C.
Jianchen Chen Vermont
Amanda Nicole Pacific North West
Elizabeth Everett Lansing, MI
Jackie Ngu London, UK
Musilimot Abiké Ajilowura London, UK
Dawn Olson Milton, Canada
Andrea Maia Dublin, Ireland
Elizabeth Cowell East Anglia, UK
Laura Denman Hampshire, UK
Kate Ingleby-lewis Herefordshire, England
Amani Xiaoqin Gong Hong Kong
Lici Rodriguez Imamura Ibiza, Spain
Jessica Gawel Kent, UK
Bhakti Kilzer Samara, Costa Rica
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