“Yoga trapeze for all ages and skill levels”

By Nina on November 14, 2015

I was very excited to get the Yoga Trapeze® and so were the other members of my family. Don’t let the small package fool you the parachute type material compresses quite a bit. I’ll explain how we installed ours and how three different fitness levels can enjoy this Yoga Trapeze®. The trapeze comes with the ropes for mounting, the main sling, handles and all the appropriate carabineers. If you are familiar with mountain climbing you will realize the equipment provided is more than adequate to support a lot of weight. I believe the trapeze is rated for 600 lbs. If you have a swing set or branch the trapeze will mount instantly by looping the ropes over the bar, branch or whatever. If you don’t have a bar like structure in your house there are hardware suggestions and other apparatus you can acquire. I simply tapped on my ceiling hearing for the trusses of the roof behind the ceiling material and made a hole on both sides of two trusses. I fished the ropes in one hole, over the truss of our roof and out the other hole to loop around the truss for maximum structural integrity. The space of two feet between the trusses worked well for me also. Once the ropes were looped around and tied/adjusted I simply squirted expanding foam in the holes, let dry, cut excess and then dabbed with white silicone caulking to match my ceiling. Some paraffin was applied to the rope to prevent friction wearing on the rope prior to the finishing work, but likely an unnecessary step. It looks good hanging in the living room. The colors are attractive. My only negative critique I could mention, is wishing there were more color options. We did have a stitching error on one of the handles but they replaced it immediately so that is good to know if there were any problems with manufacturing when you buy one.

There are three handles you can configure in different ways. The two longer handles can be used similar to the TRX exercise equipment and you can copy their exercises. There are comfortable dense foam over rugged plastic handles you can use or slide to the side, as well as sliding adjusters to control the bunching of the fabric as desired. We put the small handles way up high so my husband with a bad back, desperately needing spinal decompression, could just grab with his hands and hang by his hands. He also lets the main swing hold him up by his arms and lets his lower body hang down that way. There are many easy and for anyone ways he uses the trapeze with out hanging upside down. Being heavy he also felt very safe in the triple stitched and over built Yoga Trapeze®. In this simple way it can be used by the elderly as well as the infirmed. My daughter uses it similar to what you might see in the Cirque Du Soleil, where as I use it for building muscle in my less than strong upper body. You can grab two handles and just use your body weight to do pull up similar exercises for strength. The stretching applications are many and quite instantly obvious. The exercises you can use on this trapeze are so varied they are quite infinite.

There have been definite results from the use of this apparatus. My husbands back feels better, I feel stronger and our daughter uses it for a couple hours every day. She has been using it like a hammock lately as the fabric can be positioned in a stretched out manner as well as like a sling. It is nice to have it in the living room and use it for a few minutes here and there through out the day, especially for something like spinal decompression. I also think one of the benefits of hanging upside down is that it can counteract the aging appearance the effects of gravity have on the human body. There are lots of videos online to get ideas if you need them. Basically the whole devise can unclip from the ropes by the carabineers and be tucked away with only two short pieces of rope left hanging from the ceiling. There is a bag included with the trapeze for just this application. So it is much less obtrusive than most exercise equipment you could have. We have even used the ropes for other purposes like hanging a bike to work on it and such things. When the kids go to bed you could explore candle lit lingerie trapeze and other such ideas… This is truly a exercise devise to be enjoyed by every one in your family, its uses limited only by your imagination