Truth About Sugar

Dear Yoga Student,

I watch a lot of weird films and read lots of weird books.

Most of it, I just nerd-out with myself, but occasionally I find something that really strikes a chord.

“The Bitter Truth About Sugar” is one of those films. [watch it above]

Here’s the shortlist of what I learned from Dr. Lustig:

*Fructose is ONLY metabolized in the liver making it a weird/funky sugar that (when concentrated) can be a real problem.

*Fast food can also be thought of as fiber-less food

*Corn syrup and fructose sweeteners may very well be regulated in the future.

*Fructose sweeteners affect the body in the exact same way as alcohol – just without the noticeable intoxication.

WORD OF WARNING: you might have to watch this a couple times. He uses simple language but somehow it takes a couple times (at least for me) to get it.

Stay bendy,

Yoga Swings

p.s. The conclusion that most people jump to when they hear fructose = poison is that fruit = poison. That’s not the case. You’ll see what I mean.