This Week In Yogaland

New & Noteworthy in Yogaland – December 9th Edition


Beatles’ Yoga Retreat in India Now Open to Public

The remote Indian retreat where the Beatles studied yoga and wrote the White Album is being opened to the public […]

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Yoga for Preschoolers Now Part of Curriculum!

Unlike many yoga classes, where all is calm and quiet, the session at a preschool in Mudgee in central west New South Wales is noisy and high-spirited. […]

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Being in the Moment – How Yoga Can Help

One of the goals of our yoga practice, is to translate our experiences on the mat and extend them into our life off the mat. To realise the beauty and the essence within ourselves that is unchanging, no matter what is thrown our way. […]

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Yoga Trends in 2016: Activewear, Wellness problems, Instagram & Introspection

Shyamala Benakovic​, Yoga Australia’s CEO, is seeing the growth of hybrid forms of yoga, including yoga dance, couples yoga and doga. […]

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College Yoga Class Canceled Over Link to ‘Cultural Genocide’

A yoga class at the University of Ottawa was cancelled largely over concerns that yoga comes from “cultures that have experienced oppression, cultural genocide and diasporas due to colonialism and western supremacy.” […]

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Photographer Captures the Sweaty Reality of Yoga in Hilarious Photo Series

Jonah Sargent, from Minnesota, has produced a book capturing the gritty, sweaty and arduous reality of yoga. Sargent photographed over 60 people around Minneapolis and Berlin for a coffee table book entitled Faces of Yoga; a comical response to the hyper-glamorisation of this ancient practice. […]

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