This Week In Yogaland

New & Noteworthy in Yogaland – December 1st Edition


Celeb Photographer Turns to Yoga After Spinal Injury

Photographer Michael O’Neill made his name with iconic portraits of American presidents, star athletes and celebrities. But when spinal surgery left him partially paralysed, and unable to photograph, he turned to the quiet of yoga and meditation for recovery. […]

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5 Reasons to Do Yoga w/Your Kids!

Sure, you carve out time for yoga regularly — but the ancient practice can benefit your youngster, too. […]

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Pass this Yoga Exam & Get Out Jail Early…

Prisoners in the Yerwada Jail can now get a 3-month early release and they have to do just one thing for it – pass an exam in Yoga. […]

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Hammock Yoga? Yup, it’s happening…

A new Minneapolis fitness studio mixes yoga and circus acts while participants are suspended from the ceiling in hammocks. […]

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Here’s What Your Yoga Teacher Knows About You 5 Minutes into Class

Have you ever wondered what is running through your yoga teacher’s mind during class? Is she eyeing you up and down, calling out in her head everything that’s wrong with your health? What exactly does she know just by looking at you and your practice? […]

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Sinus Problems? Try this Yoga Practices…

Check it out – A yogic technique for purification of the nasal tract that is of tremendous help for those suffering from sinusitis and is also recommended by the medical fraternity. […]

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