The Yoga Trapeze® – Now Available in the UK

Official YOGABODY & Amazon UK Stores Launch

Due to high demand from customers in England and Scotland, we’ve been hard at work making a UK store possible. And it’s finally here! Take a look at what you can get sent to you.

THE YOGA TRAPEZE® (choose your color)

“The trapeze arrived very swiftly, in good time for my wife’s birthday. At first, we both found it a little tricky, but using the on-line videos, we were soon cavorting around like the ‘cirque du Soleil’. My wife teaches yoga and found it a most engaging development for her routines. All the components appeared to be of high quality, so should last a fair while too.”

– T. Aldworth


“Great for stretching, the larger size is appreciated as I am not flexible and it seemed to provide a bit more support. The included DVD is useful.”

– Madeline Daniel

HURTS SO GOOD!® Massage Balls

“These are by far the most effective self-massage tool. Trust me, I’ve tried several. My chronic neck pain has improved, and the knots in my shoulders are slowly going away. I’m still a little too sore to do much with my IT bands, but I’m getting there. Already on my list as Christmas gifts for several people!”

– Melissa K. Lyons

AWESOME TOES® Corrective Toe Spacers

“I like them! I am really liking these awesome toes, my left foot’s second toe has been losing a healthy bone track creating pain… trying to become a hammer-toe. I have always spent a great deal of hard labor time on my feet and I am seeing and feeling a difference!”

– Karen


“Okay, so I may be obsessed with YOGABODY products. I can’t stop myself. These ab sliders have been amazing. They really give your core a challenge and they’re so fun and easy to use! I keep these in my living room and every time I pass by I like to put them into action with some mountain climbers, sliding side planks and a variety of other exercises.”

– Laura


To celebrate the launch, UK customers can try the Yoga Trapeze for 30 days for just £1. What yoga prop are you excited to try? Let us know in the comments!

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