5-Min Meditation of the Day
Take Your Power Back

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About the Meditation of the Day (MOD)

The idea behind the Meditation of the Day series (MOD) is to lower the barrier to entry to the wonderful mind-body practice of sitting in stillness. With short practices (just 5 minutes) and guided practices (literally you just press “play”), our hope is that more people will start meditating on a regular basis.

Getting Started with Meditation

  • Find a quiet place anywhere you can
  • Sit cross-legged on the floor, or sit in a chair, or lie on your back
  • Close your eyes, and click “play”
  • Set aside 5 minutes and simply listen and follow along

Benefits of Meditation

  • Reduced heart rate
  • Reduced respiration
  • Stimulates parasympathetic nervous system
    (rest & digest response)
  • Reduces stress hormones like cortisol & adrenaline
  • Encourages alpha brain wave states
  • Creates calm, peace & centeredness

LUCAS ROCKWOOD is a yoga teacher, teacher trainer, health coach, and serial entrepreneur. He’s the founder of Absolute Yoga Academy, a “top 10” yoga teacher training school with over 1800 graduates internationally. He’s the founder of YOGABODY Naturals and YOGABODY Fitness, two of the fastest-growing education and studio brands. He’s also the host of the highly acclaimed Yoga Talk Show, a weekly radio show with 100+ episodes and an A-list of guest experts.