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If your goal is to lose weight, increase your energy, and have the healthiest year of your life; then I’d like to invite you to join me on a 30-Day Sugar Detox where you’ll achieve massive transformation by focusing on the single biggest health problem in most people’s lives—sugar.

So what’s so bad about sugar?

Nothing, as long as you eat moderate amounts like our ancestors did hundreds of years ago. But if you eat the amount of sugar most people do, even “health conscious” people, you’re opening the doors and inviting in weight gain, hormonal imbalances, premature aging, chronic inflammation, blood sugar problems, and eventually diabetes.

How Do I Know if I Have a Sugar Problem?

Take a test! The fact that you’re on this page is a good indication you have a sugar problem, but I always encourage everyone to take a simple fasting blood glucose test at home. Right when you wake up, prick your finger and take a reading.

Blood glucose 126+ mg/dl = diabetic

Blood glucose 100+ mg/dl = pre-diabetic

Blood glucose 90-100 mg/dl = early warning

Blood glucose < 90 mg/dl = doing well

Blood glucose < 80 mg/dl = you’re doing great!

You can buy an at-home blood glucose monitor (shown above) at any pharmacy or one on Amazon for $10-20. I’ll warn you in advance, most people are shocked when they see their results, but this often serves as a wakeup call to take action—it certainly did for me.

“The diagnosis of pre-diabetes and diabetes is arbitrary. A fasting blood sugar over 100 mg/dl is considered pre-diabetes, and a blood sugar over 126 mg/dl is considered diabetes. However, they found that these cutoffs don’t reflect the whole spectrum of risk — including heart disease, cancer, dementia, stroke and even kidney and nerve damage — which starts at much lower numbers. Numbers most people consider normal.”

– Dr. Mark Hyman, Best-Selling Author of The Blood Sugar Solution

Why You’re Feeling Blah Right Now?

Students often tell me, “But I’ve been eating this way my whole life. Why is it a problem now?” Here’s what happens. Your ability to process and eliminate high levels of sugar decreases after chronic over-exposure. This is why children eat a piece of cake and run in circles to burn it off while their parents eat the same thing and fall asleep at their desks. Most adults have a broken-down nervous system and an imbalanced endocrine system, and that’s when sugar becomes dangerous.

Have you ever met someone that could drink a cup of coffee and then fall right to sleep? Their nervous system is so dull that even stimulants like sugar and caffeine don’t have impact. Do you know anyone who can eat a bowl of ice cream and then take a nap? It’s because their hormones are completely out of balance.

FACT: the same sugary foods that tasted great and left you buzzing with energy as a kid will make you feel like crap, gain weight and get sick as an adult.

Sugar-Related Health Problems are Predictable

Some illnesses are genetic and some have no explanation, but blood sugar related health problems are not in any way “random.” The future of your health, if you eat a high sugar regime, is very clear. Here’s what happens.

Phase I of High Sugar Intake:

  • Dark circles and bags under your eyes

  • Wrinkles and premature aging

  • Low energy & general lethargy

  • Junk food and caffeine cravings

  • Bloating, irregular bowels and indigestion

  • Frequent illnesses

Phase II of High Sugar Intake:

  • Chronic inflammation

  • Pre-diabetes or full-blown diabetes

  • Insulin & leptin resistance

  • Constant food cravings

  • Daily mood and energy rollercoasters

  • Steady weight gain

Phase III of High Sugar Intake:

  • Obesity

  • Diabetes

  • Dozens of possible chronic and debilitating illnesses

The Big Problem: Sugar is in Everything!

When I say “sugar detox” most people think I’m talking about white table sugar, and I am; but I’m also talking about all the hidden sugars in everything from bottled beverages and medications to baked goods and energy bars. These days, almost everything in the grocery store food is sugar-based.

  • Common forms of “hidden” sugars:

  • Breads (yes, that includes whole grain)

  • Drinks / beverages (just about every kind)

  • Breakfast cereals (nearly every single one)

  • Crackers, biscuits, rolls

  • Gluten-free anything (most are super starchy)

  • Dairy products (particularly low fat or processed dairy)

  • Nearly every dry, crispy snack you’ve ever eaten

“Sugar itself is not the problem—we all need sugar. The problem is we’re eating it constantly, morning until evening. The poison is in the dose.”

What About Organic? What About Superfoods

Pop health advice says that if we eat enough good foods, they will crowd out the bad foods. The theory is that if you eat enough kale and broccoli, you’ll automatically stop eating croissants and potato chips. While I love the concept, I’ve never seen it work. For most people, piling good on top of bad means adding some nutrients, sure, but you haven’t stopped your intake of sugar from ruining your health.

But what about organic? What about whole grain bread? What about grass-fed meats and superfood powders? All those things are great, but they fall into a category I call, “Top-Grading.” Top Grading your food means you buy higher quality versions of everything. So instead of General Mill’s Corn Flakes, you eat organic corn flakes made by a smaller company. Instead of Nestle Ice Cream, you eat organic ice cream made with Fair Trade Chocolate.

The problem? The sugar is still there! I love Top Grading my kitchen. Whenever I can, I put only the best in my mouth; but if you’re having health problems, you need to focus on the elephant in the room because Top Grading will never right the wrong caused by excessive sugar intake.

For maximum results, let’s start with the little hinges that swing the big doors. Let’s get your sugar down to an appropriate level before we even bother with anything else.

Ok, I Get It! So What Do I Do?

After studying nutrition professionally for 15 years and coaching clients for over a decade, I’ve learned that restrictive diets don’t work. Every January, millions of people go on a crash diet and starve themselves for a week or two. They lose a little weight, and then gain it all back in February. This vicious yo-yo cycle is as predictable as the seasons.

Studies show that 92-98% of dieters fail to keep the weight off long term because it’s just not practical (or healthy) to fight with your body through restriction at meals. Counting calories and obsessing over your weight is no fun for anyone. It’s no way to live, and it’s not what the world’s healthiest people do.

Healthy people eat great food. They eat whole foods, delicious foods, and they eat until they’re satisfied. Healthy people exercise, sleep well, and manage their stress too—but the point is, they don’t starve themselves or count calories all day. A holistic health approach is the only thing that makes sense long term, and there is no room on the health bus for mounds and mounds of sugar each day.

Long story short, if you want to feel great, the sugar has to go. To help you transition toward low-sugar living, I’d like to introduce you to a brand-new program: The YOGABODY 30-Day Sugar Detox.

The YOGABODY 30-Day Sugar Detox is intentionally simple and laser-focused. My intent is to help you transition off sugar and onto delicious, satisfying whole foods, often eating more food than you were eating before, all while losing weight and feeling amazing.

Before I got on, let me be clear what this program does not include:

  • No meal plans

  • No calorie counting

  • No starvation or fasting

  • No bootcamp-style exercise routines

  • No guilt, shame or pressure

  • No diet dogma or belief systems to subscribe to

HOW IT WORKS: The 30-Day Sugar Detox

This program is 99% practice and 1% theory, and it’s designed for busy people on the go. All you need is 5-10 minutes each day to make a radical transformation in your health. The program is broken down into five parts.

PART I: Each day, I want you to consume no more than one gram of carbohydrate (sugar) per pound of your ideal body weight.

PART II: Each day, I’m going to send you a short video with nutritional tips, yoga practices, breathing exercises, and some of my favorite recipes. Watch the video every day. If you don’t have time to do what I’m teaching—it’s fine. Just watch the video. It’ll sink in. You’ll learn extremely practical tools that will serve you during the coming year.

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn:

  • A 5-minute breathing exercise that reduces fasting blood glucose

  • A 3-minute squatting routine that will help improve your body’s sugar metabolism

  • A tutorial on the best low and no-sugar sweeteners

  • My favorite Salad Dressings

  • An easy and quick way to make Cashew Cheese

  • Yoga postures to improve sleep

  • Yoga exercises that stimulate digestion and gut health

  • And… dozens more!


PART III: Join our online, private Facebook Group. This is an invite-only group where you can ask me questions all day long, connect with other sugar-detoxers around the world, get inspired, and share recipes. This ends up being where all the action happens.

PART IV: Watch our weekly recorded Sugar Detox Q&A Call where I’ll share the successes and challenges, answer questions, and teach new concepts. You can watch the recorded conference call via any computer, tablet or phone.

PART V: You’ll look and feel awesome!




  • Quickstart Guide: Getting Started on Low-Sugar Living

  • 30 Educational Videos: Yoga, Breathing, Nutrition & Recipe. You’ll get one video per day, viewable on any phone / tablet / computer.

  • Private Facebook Group: 24/7 Q&A, Community & Support. Connect with Lucas and hundres of sugar detoxers internationally.

  • Weekly Recorded Sugar Detox Q&A Call: Get Help. Get Inspired. Watch Lucas and the group for a recorded, live conference call with latest research, success stories, trips and answers to any questions.

  • Student Library: Lifetime Access: Access every single video, download, audio and recording in a private members-only resources area you’ll have access to both during and after the course so you never miss a thing.

(Just $2.30/class) Special Launch Price: $69


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If for any reason (or no reason at all) you decide this program is not right for you, just send one email and we’ll give you a prompt refund with no questions asked. This program is meant to be simple, fun, and effective. If for any reason you think otherwise, by all means, just tell me and we’ll happily refund your purchase.


FREE! Registration Bonuses

Breathe into Stillness (MP3 audio)

value: $14.95 FREE!

“For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth.” ~Sanskrit proverb

The benefits of breathing are well known and documented through different types of research, more and more of which proves that through regular breathing practice, we can reduce anxiety and depression, stabilize blood pressure, increase energy levels and relax muscle tension.

In Breathe into Stillness, you can find powerful yoga breathing exercises for energy, relaxation, deep sleep, and focus. Extremely clear instructions lead you step-by-step through this home training program.

The program includes:

  • The Science of Breath [12 min]

  • AM Practice for Energy [17 min]

  • PM Practice for Relaxation [15 min]

  • Level II Practice – Going Deeper [12 min]


Yoga of Intuition (MP3 audio)

value: $14.95 FREE!

Everyone has had a “gut feeling” about important decisions in life— but have you ever tried to train those feelings so your intuition improves with time? In this exclusive audio session, you’ll learn from long-time yoga teacher and author, Neal Hoptman.

Listen & Learn:

  • What intuition really is

  • How to tap into your inner genius

  • How to improve your intuition

  • How to find an intuition-guided life


Yoga Detox Secrets (MP3 audio)

value: $14.95 FREE!

After you go through a Sugar Detox, many students get excited about doing more cleansing to remove petro-chemical toxins and endocrine disruptors naturally. In this program, you’ll learn the basics of non-invasive, extremely safe whole food cleansing that you can do at home.

Listen & Learn:

  • Where toxins come from and why they are dangerous

  • Simple techniques for cleaning up your diet

  • How to reset your hormones with Tabata Yoga

  • Creating a plan for success

Frequently Asked Questions

This is not about eliminating sugar—it’s just about balance. Remember, the poison is in the dose. Your body and brain need sugar each day, just not as much as most people eat. So that means you can eat cake—no problem—you just need to learn how much your body can handle.
No, during this cleanse, you’ll want to cut out all alcohol or you won’t see results. After the cleanse, many people are able to drink irregularly without any problems.
No, that is just as bad (and maybe worse) for you as regular soda.
Yes, but ideally you’ll want to cut back and wean off it as it impacts your sugar cravings.
Yes! The learning and doing part of this program is no more than 10 minute daily. The dietary aspects of this program are extremely simple and you can follow them without complex meal planning or food charts.
Yes, sure. Homemade food is always better, but if you’re too busy to cook, I’ll show you how to keep your sugar under control while eating out. It’s not as hard as you’d think.
Hungry? No. Will you crave sugar? At first, yes. But I have some tricks that will make it easier and after day three, you’ll be surprised how much your sugar cravings drop with each passing day.
No, it’s up to you. Green juices are great, but this is not a juicing program.
No, it’s up to you. Our focus here is on getting your sugar consumption under control.
No, any phone, tablet or computer will work. This is a low-tech program. If you can read emails and access Facebook, you’re all set!
This is a recorded group call that you can simply watch via any computer, tablet or phone.
No problem! Everything will be kept for life in your online member’s area. You can access it at any time.
It couldn’t be more simple. If you decide for any reason (or no reason) that this is not right for you, just send me a quick email and we’ll refund you. No catch, no fine print, nothing to send back or return.


Here’s What Customers Are Saying…

Lucas, this program has been absolutely marvelous! I’ve been trying to eat healthy for 10 years and thought there might not be a lot more to learn – boy, was I wrong! Every single daily video gave me information I hadn’t heard before, and every video showed practical and useful ways to implement better health practices. Thank you so much for doing this program!

Allyson H.

100% agree with Allyson, it definitely was not an easy thirty days but it was very interesting and I learned a lot. For me the surprising thing was the almost complete disappearance of my chronic hip pain. My favorite new food is Cashew Cheese!

Dwight W.

I wanted to say that I did enjoy the program. I have gained very interesting and useful information. During the program I also learnt new habits that helped me to go forward towards healthier me.

Egile J.

The program offers so much information on how to eat! I enjoyed the science and reasoning behind the advice. I really liked the recipes and would like more. The content was easy to understand. More yoga poses and information would be nice.

Bonnie C.

Better info on sugar/insulin/endocrine system. I liked having options of how and when to get info.

Pat A.

Very concise information from a credible source. You did not condone some people’s behavior or habits, but just encouraging in a positive way. I would have liked more recipes – the ones you gave were so easy to implement into my lifestyle! I didn’t buy the gadget to measure my insulin – but was intrigued by it. If I were to do that I would have wanted a little more explanation about it.


The general range of knowledge made it fascinating. Some things I was already familiar with and yet it was told in an interesting fashion – especially the hormones and the check your nervous system lessons! Maybe next time more info about anatomy. For your first time it was awesome!


Good health encompasses many lifestyle strategies – sleep, exercise, stress, nutrition. All of which I am working on. Trying to keep it all balanced is an ongoing process. More food suggestions, recipes and sample menus. Lucas you are awesome! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


I liked that you explained how to maintain balanced glucose levels and how good it feels to be in balance without the spikes and crashes. Really glad I took this course. I would recommend to anyone who is concerned about their health.

Dwight W.

Practical tools to implement the principles discussed – we saw Lucas do the food prep in his kitchen, he demonstrated the exercises. Everything was explained with enough science yet enough lay -person’s language, so that it made sense and was easy to understand. Sheesh, I can’t think what could be improved – this was excellent! I hope you will continue to do programs that help with cutting back on carbs. I’ll take every single one! Something that might be important to mention is that this kind of change takes a lot of ongoing support – it’s rare that someone can make the change and stick to it, when they’re surrounded by people (and customs) where crappy eating is the norm.

Allyson H.

I felt that Lucas takes care about every single person in this group…..amazing! More info … About everything…

Tatiana W.

My biggest take away was as long as you moving towards a healthier you, everything will be ok! I loved every thing about this program. If I had the chance I would do it all again!

Eunice E.

Every day was a gift of knowledge barely heard anywhere else, expressed in a simple presentation that hit the brain and stuck. Intermittent fasting was big, always thought I had to eat when hungry or within an hour of getting up. Big – there is a difference between gentle hunger and starvation. Now I love the feeling of gentle hunger, makes creative cooking juices flow. Big – alcohol is not medicine, now I know how it affects the insides. Eating out was a great segment, eat out for social and then go home and have something homemade. Recipes were Great! Love the salad dressings. Oils – I always thought I was cooking healthy with olive oil, now I know how to. And Biggest – the glucose testing, I feared lancing, now realize how close I am to pre-diabetes, most readings were 90s, 3 in 80s, and 3 readings were 107. Now I know the effects of that Apple Fritter. What a wonderful program you shared with us, 30 days of tips and more sharing on Facebook. My expectations were far exceeded, and I am grateful to have met and learned from you Lucas.

Not sure why everyone was so quiet in the Facebook group, wished there had been more interaction there. But thank you Lucas for responding to every question and comment there. No changes needed. Wish I had all 30 days of knowledge on Day 1 but the anticipation of each new day was perfect. Now the practice will continue on Day 31 as I continue practicing towards health.

Teri M.

I only knew why sugar was bad for me physically from the onset because I would never feel great after so many crashes and lack of sleep due to overeating at night. I did not really want to get into a healthy fast track program just for the sake of being told on the surface to try incorporating a healthy habit without even knowing the benefits of why it’s good to incorporate the changes into your life for the long term – overall. Your videos are easy to understand, along with the Facebook group which answered my questions on a one on one basis – that made it easier for me to transition. I imagine for anyone else looking for help in sugar detoxing- would gain a lot of knowledge using the many health tips and concepts provided in this program. It gave me personally a change to take a good look where my health was going (not just in the areas of sugar reduction) but also holistically overall. Bad sugar crashes meant bad moods and fueled greater bad habits and I couldn’t see that before the start of this program

I was contributing to a vicious sugar and caffeine crash cycle. Willpower alone just did not seem to make the idea of cutting sugary foods sound appealing to me at all! But today I am definitely confident I am making changes to my sugar intake and most importantly changes towards a healthy lifestyle for the long haul which is what I find most rewarding from completing the 30 day detox challenge. I would not change anything, it was all fantastic! I thought that I would have limited amounts of food to choose from if I cut sugary foods, but throughout the program I was given surprisingly MORE ways to eat healthier than I had thought! =)

Melissa S.

This was an eye opening experience which revealed the prevalence of sugar/carbs in my diet and also the detrimental effects of this diet. I am now moving towards better health with a natural approach. As a carb addict, it has been difficult for me to find satisfactory replacements to fill the void left by reduced carbs. This makes sticking to the plan very difficult for me. I suggest more ideas for healthy dietary replacements for carbs, especially simple grab-and-go options to fill the candy bar/chips/bread void. Consider offering an additional level of the course to help those of us who are hard-core life-long carb addicts and still need more help. I loved the course. I am nowhere near kicking my carb addiction yet, but I’m heading in the right direction.

Leland Andrew P.

Now I am noticing all the sugar in even the “healthy” organic non-GMO packaged foods. Loved it all! Please, add a lesson about HOW TO take blood-glucose…I happen to know b/c I was a paramedic, but I sensed there were many who didn’t understand the procedure THANK YOU!! My BGL went from 92 down to 77 and I feel much more resilient in daily life

Keli N.

Great knowledge from the videos! I always thought dairy products are the best food in the world, but now I know how over processed they are. Maybe you could add a list of items with good fat, and another list of items with good protein. In our corner of the world it’s not easy to find the 3 or 4 items of fat or protein you have recommended, so more options would help. A great course that has helped to understand what is good and what is bad for the body. The 30-day practice has improved my physical self and I can really feel the change I feel each day. More importantly I know I can only feel better in the long term as I continue to keep to what I’ve learnt in the 30-Day Sugar detox program.

Chris C.

Your program enforced me to be brave and argue with the doctors who don’t see anything but poisons for any problems instead of the power of nature: breathing, moving, clear foods. Your opinion about things is very important to me, as I think you are quite a relevant person. Unfortunately I have missed some lectures but I hope our web pages remain open for a while and I can complete my knowledge. THANK YOU, Lucas for you changing your life and making others’ life change! I hoped there would be more physical exercises for balancing blood glucose or what should one avoid if someone suffers from diabetes or other digestive problems. I would welcome a table of content of the 30 days at the very beginning. Anyhow, I know these basic practices more than enough, just do it! I would prefer breathing, all types first, then nutrition and exercises alternating by one day.

Etelka P.

The knowledge that you shared about our Endocrine, Nervous and Microbial Systems alongside the physiological exercises provided me with inspiration and motivation to continue to develop a healthy lifestyle. Everything was great! I could take it at my own pace and fit it in to my daily routine. I especially liked your easy approach which was non-judgmental and encouraging.





  • Quickstart Guide: Getting Started on Low-Sugar Living

  • 30 Educational Videos: Yoga, Breathing, Nutrition & Recipe. You’ll get one video per day, viewable on any phone / tablet / computer.

  • Private Facebook Group: 24/7 Q&A, Community & Support. Connect with Lucas and hundres of sugar detoxers internationally.

  • Weekly Recorded Sugar Detox Q&A Call: Get Help. Get Inspired. Watch Lucas and the group for a recorded, live conference call with latest research, success stories, trips and answers to any questions.

  • Student Library: Lifetime Access: Access every single video, download, audio and recording in a private members-only resources area you’ll have access to both during and after the course so you never miss a thing.

(Just $2.30/class) Special Launch Price: $69


100% safe & secure
Digital Program – Available Worldwide – No Shipping/Postage




If for any reason (or no reason at all) within the 30 days of the program you decide it is not right for you, just send one email and we’ll give you a prompt refund with no questions asked. This program is meant to be simple, fun, and effective. If for any reason you think otherwise, by all means, just tell me and we’ll happily refund your purchase.