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THE PROBLEM: When you’re trying to burn fat, get fit, increase your energy, improve your digestion and just plain feel better each day, it can be overwhelming with all the conflicting health information online. Do you start with organic food? Paleo? Raw vegan? Do you have to run marathons or is yoga a good solution? There’s just too many choices and too many opinions.

THE SOLUTION: The truth is that there are as many paths to exceptional health as there are trees in the forest, so rather than argue about which path is best, let’s just focus on elephant in the room. Medical doctors, weight loss experts, yoga teachers, and weight lifters all agree that the single biggest trouble maker in our modern diet is excessive sugar in all its forms. It causes weight gain, diabetes, hormonal problems, premature again—and just about every other health problem you can think of. So if you want to get healthy, let’s start with the one change that will give you the biggest bang for your buck. Together, let’s kick the sugar habit and start a positive spiral towards health.