Lori Capra

Graduate Success Story

Lori Capra (RYT 200 & Yoga Trapeze® Certified Teacher)

Lori completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in 2015 with Great Heart Yoga in Olympia, WA. In 2016, she complemented her certification with Yoga Trapeze® Teacher Training with YOGABODY in Barcelona Spain. After her initial training, Lori began teaching in a small studio in partnership with a Massage Therapy Center. And within one week of completing Yoga Trapeze® teacher training the studio mounted hooks so she could start offering Trapeze right away.

Lori now teaches in four different venues in two different counties, holding over 16 public & private traditional & Yoga trapeze sessions per week. She is holding classes 2x per week a local middle school and at the local Intercity Transit office 2x per month. Many of her students have been beginners & she is inspired to make yoga and yoga trapeze accessible to anyone who wants to try.

In the warmer weather Lori teaches Stand Up Paddle yoga lessons as well. At age of 19 Lori began her own yoga practice. At that same time she began her carpentry career. After over 30 years of each she has managed to keep herself flexible, strong and healthy, mitigating many of the typical construction injuries.

Lori is the mother of twins who are equally drawn to yoga. She considers them her Yin Yang twins. Lori brings a wealth of experience, compassion, and knowledge to her students. She would say that the most important aspect of her work is to inspire her students to be conscious in their body, connected to their breathing, & to have compasion for themselves. Simple tools for a fun, energized, healthy life.

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