Stress Can Kill You

Dear Yoga Student,

One of the most challenging things we all face in our lives is stress.

It might be workplace stress, home life stress, or even emotional challenges that trouble you, but almost all of us need tools and techniques to stay balanced and rejuvenate.

Why is this so important?

In our modern world, there are less saber tooth tiger attacks(phew) but the onslaught of stress is much for vicious than any predator of the past.

Stress is associated with pretty much everything from premature aging to heart disease to cancer. In a nutshell, stress is a huge downer. It takes your life and health and dims the lights, grays it out, and closes doors that would otherwise open.

So what’s a yoga guy so stressed out about?

I first started practicing yoga in my early 20’s, and my life was really pretty chilled out then. I had very few responsibilities, I was broke but didn’t mind, and mostly I just hung around (sounds glamorous, but it was pretty dull, I assure you).

Today, with 2 kids, 30+ employees, a hectic travel schedule, and so many things going on, sometimes I can feel stress eating me from the inside out.

Viscerally, I can feel it chewing me up.

So what to do? Maybe your life is super stressful too, or maybe it’s just the occasional work or family drama. Regardless, I’m learning more and more that if you don’t develop effective stress management practices, you’re sunk.

Personally, I manage stress with my yoga, breathing and meditation practices along with my somewhat psycho eating habits (loads of plants and weird tropical oils). I can’t say I’m always balanced, but I can say that I’m getting better and better, and I’ve never been more effective and productive in life.

In recent years, one of the biggest things that has helped me manage stress is to talk about it, read about it, and consciously work to reverse and channel it into positive ways.

So my question for you is this: “What causes stress in your life?” and “What techniques do you have to deal with stress?”

Stay bendy,