“Does Raw Food Cure Diabetes?”

An Open Letter to Diabetics & Anyone
Who is Addicted to Sugar…

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Dear Yoga Student,

If you or anyone you love has diabetes—or if you have a sugar addiction—then stop what you’d doing, sit down, and read every word on this page (and watch the video above too). No kidding, what you’re about to learn about raw food is THAT powerful.

Here’s my story:

In 2002, I had this major life shift happen (it’s a long story) and I decided to become a raw foodist overnight (not recommended for sane people). I didn’t exactly know what I was doing at first, but I figured it out—fast!

I lost 41 lbs., most of that in period of about 6 weeks. None of my clothes fit anymore, and my boss ran into me on the street one afternoon—and she and didn’t recognize me! It was THAT big of a change.

I didn’t need a medical doctor to tell me that raw food was good for me… I FELT it and I SAW it. But eventually, I DID find a medical doctor using raw food, and I went to study at his health center in Arizona. Those days, with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, were the foundation for much of my work today.

Why I’m telling you all this?

Because there’s a new film called, SIMPLY RAW: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days, and if you do nothing else productive for the rest of the week, make sure you order this DVD today so by next week, you can watch it (at least 2x).

Here’s why I LOVE this film:

  • It’s about REAL people (no hippy dippy yoga people)
  • It’s disarmingly real and honest
  • It will kill any doubts you’ve EVER had about the power of food

You’ll be shocked… what raw food does for the participants in just 30 days is nothing short of amazing. The transformation is so profound, so emotionally charged, that I got choked up 3 different times watching this (and my wife has been teasing me about that ever since).

Honestly though, this movie floored me. I love it.

So watch the trailer (hit “play” above), order the DVD, and then send me an email or post your thoughts below to let me know what you think. You are what you eat. Food is powerful. I love this stuff…

Stay Bendy,


p.s. Are you one of those people that learn powerful information and then NEVER do anything about it? If so… all the more reason to watch this film. Everyone I know who has seen it—literally everyone—has cut their sugar intake at least by 50%. That’s a big change, and it could change your life too.


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