PHOTO: giving up dairy (instead of meat) can be a powerful first step toward optimal health

Reverse Vegetarianism 101

Today’s nutritional tip is about reverse vegetarianism. Reverse vegetarianism is a term I coined back in 2007, to talk about people who are moving towards a plant-based diet. They’re focusing most of their energy needs from the plant kingdom and they’re doing it in reverse vegetarianism way. What that means is rather than giving up meat and eating lots of inflammatory, hormonally polluted, gross dairy, they’re focusing on eating ethically raised and slaughtered animal products. This is really, really controversial. People get very angry at me, but you need to take a look at the facts.

The moral and ethical implications of eating dairy products, for me, are a lot more disturbing than eating ethically raised and slaughtered meat. A dairy cow spends its entire life in misery, doped up on antibiotics and hormones, sitting in a small cage. At least a beef cow lives a short and more pleasant life. The reverse vegetarianism movement is a very significant step towards better agriculture. Reverse vegetarians, people call them Paleos or Primals are some of the more conscious consumers. They’re helping to change the animal husbandry rules and regulations and the way animals are being raised.

Dairy is not the answer. Eating milk and cheese and, aside from being a health disaster or an environmental disaster, is unsustainable. We always will need some kind of animals that are grass fed roaming the hills that we’re not able to cultivate for plant-based nutrition, so animals will always be part of a food ecosystem, but dairy-based animals will not.

So if you’re looking to move towards a plant-based diet, give up dairy first. Call yourself a reverse vegetarian. I’ll support you. I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments and questions, be sure to leave them at the bottom and I’ll respond.