Reviews from Our Students

YOGABODY Flexibility Kit

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"Thank you :)" I am seeing a marked difference in my flexibility with the Flexibility kit & plan in place, and the supplements are definitely working. I feel wonderful and will continue to support & recommend YB!

Sasha B.

"Great!" I can definitely notice a difference in my flexibility and fluidity of my joints when I DON'T take the YB Stretch.


"I'm a big fan!" Taking my YOGABODY supplements daily helps me recover from my daily practice quickly. I don't get very sore anymore and noticed significant improvement in my flexibility since starting the YB Stretch supplements last Summer.


"Just great!" I´ve been taking YOGABODY Stretch for almost 4 weeks. My yoga practice has become much better and even easier. I am definitely becoming more flexible. Every yoga lesson I notice how my body is more relieved and goes deeper into the positions. I was skeptical at first, but the YB Stretch works. Also my teacher noticed my new flexibility.


"Thank you!" Before finding YOGABODY I was probably practicing yoga around 3/4 times a week. After finding YOGABODY, my life has changed considerably. I now practise every day, between 1 and 2 hours a day. 45 mins warm up and gravity stretches or full practice and gravity stretches. I have two young children and work full time and used to think I didn't have time to do so much exercise, but I've found the time because it makes me feel so good about myself, my sleep, my mind and my work. Recently my children caught a really bad cold/ flu. In the past I would have caught it and it would have knocked me out. This time however it didn't even touch me. I'm not sure if this is because of my practice or because I now drink veggie juice for breakfast, raw food at lunch and take my YOGABODY supplements - perhaps a combination of the two. Whatever it is I am not going to stop doing what I am doing because it works. I do feel more supple and did my first full back bend the other day without going purple and collapsing afterwards. I'm not the most bendy of people so I am not expecting miracles but I am pleased to be enjoying my practice more and more. I was always looking for a website or book like this, so when I found YOGABODY I was more than ready to give it a go.

Jadwiga L.

"It seems to help me relax and provides a deeper sense of flexibility for me." I use the YB Stretch prior to teaching classes. It seems to help me relax and provides a deeper sense of flexibility for me. I have had the experience of almost a sense of teaching euphoria/bliss when using the product. This feeling seems to have diminished to some extent recently but I still enjoy using the product for its other benefits.

John W.

"..have more upper body strength.." I find that with the YOGABODY Stretch, I am more supple and have more upper body strength now. My body doesn't ache as much after a class. My overall health has improved with less sniffles, cough etc.

Penny L.

" is very powerful.." I usually try to get my own energy but sometimes I really need to quickly awake that energy and to be more flexible (for instance, when I am exhausted and I have to teach…or for a long workshop) The YOGABODY Stretch works well..but I have to slow down, it is very powerful.. Maybe too much.
Thanks Lucas!

Vincent H.

"I would definitely recommend Yogabody Naturals products to any of my friends..." I have purchased the Liquid Energy-B, Yoga Trapeze® and YOGABODY Stretch supplements. Of all of my purchases so far, I have only used the YOGABODY Stretch supplements. Like a lot of people, I prioritize other things over exercise and taking care of my body. I don't drink as much water as I am supposed to, and I don't eat as many leafy green vegetables as I'm supposed to, despite being a vegetarian. When I was good about drinking plenty of water, limiting my intake of dairy products, getting my dose of leafy greens with my green drink smoothie, and practicing my Gravity poses back in 2011, when I first discovered your products, I found that the YOGABODY Stretch helped me recover from soreness quicker. I'm not a very handy person, and my home has tall ceilings. I haven't even tried to figure out where the best place is to hang the yoga trapeze. It looks and sounds great, and I can't wait to start using it, but I need to set it up. I procrastinate when it comes to these things, especially when I'm juggling a busy schedule as a stay-at-home-mom of three. I have not tried the liquid energy B yet either, since I was finishing off my current B12 supplements. I look forward to trying that as well. I would definitely recommend Yogabody Naturals products to any of my friends and to anybody who is looking for alternative, safe ways of staying healthy and living life.
Thank you, Lucas, for all that you do for the worldwide yoga community and for the community at large!

Priti Sheth

"I was finally able to hook my fingers together in the gomukasana..." And here is why I'm so happy today. I've been taking the YOGABODY supplements and doing the gravity stretches for about two months now. I've been noticing improvements along the way, like being able to put my hands on the ground above my head when I lie on my back. And my back bends are going places they've never been before. But today, I was finally able to hook my fingers together in the gomukasana arms on both sides.
Thanks Lucas!

Jason Alan Griffin (yoga student)

"Gravity Poses and YOGABODY are a powerful combination" My husband was so ridiculously inflexible, I bought the Gravity Stretch book for him to take away to practice prior to Ironman New Zealand. While he was away I thought I’d also try the exercises out. Amazing! I was really surprised at the difference in hamstring length and hip openness. In a Ragdoll forward fold I was normally probably a few inches off the floor. After just a week of doing these, I easily had arms on the floor, plus a bit. Used in conjunction with the Stretch, they're a pretty powerful combination. I suffer from a sciatic problem on one side and taking Yogabody Stretch helped so much that I can now almost get into the splits on that side. What's more, I found I have extra energy to go with it.

Rom Hope (yoga student)

"My flexibility is effortless" I have been using this product to help my back bending practice. I take three capsules in the morning and repeat another three one hour before practice. My flexibility seemed to be effortless after just two or three days, since I first started using it. It has now been a year already, and I give YOGABODY a lot of the credit for my fast progress.

Ace Pittapan (yoga practitioner:

"I have finally found something that really works" I recently started taking YOGABODY, and I began with 2 tablets every day. In just one week I could touch the ground with my fingers, whereas before I could only reach my ankles. My husband was so impressed that he stated taking YOGABODY too. I'm now in my second week and am taking 3 tablets. In the last 2 days I noticed that all the stiffness upon waking up has gone. I have finally found something that really works! Thanks YOGABODY!

Mumtaz A (yoga student)

"My muscles have never been the same again" I have used this product every day for at least a month now and I am hooked. I started out with some serious flexibility issues and overall fatigue due to my crazy dance schedule and teaching. By day 3 I was ready to go and my muscles have never been the same again. My hamstrings are healing rapidly and I am able to warm up much quicker and give my all 120%. It’s so good that I recommend my dance students and fitness clientele to take it as their supplement. In fact, it’s the only pill aside from a multivitamin that I take every day consistently without forgetting about it.

Demark Manigo (dancer)

"My flexibility has gone places that 15 years of yoga couldn’t touch" I love YOGABODY Stretch and the effects it has — allowing my tissues to willingly stretch. And the Gravity Yoga is awesome. I learned the poses from the Handbook and have been practicing them and teaching them ever since. My flexibility has gone places that 15 years of yoga couldn’t touch.

Jason Alan Griffin (yoga practitioner)

"YOGABODY helps keep my body running with ease" I have used this product intermittently for 3 years. Particularly when I am working on a more intense regular schedule of pushing myself toward more challenging stretches and postures, I will pop two caps about two hours prior to class, and two more either that evening or next morning after. Also, if I am sore the next day after a deep stretchy class, I find this product helps relieve the muscle aches. Generally, I try to eat a healthy diet including lots of greens, potassium and calcium (I’m one of those vegetarians who occasionally eats fish, dairy & eggs.) When my schedule erodes my good eating habits, the YOGABODY product helps keep my machine running with ease and smoothness. I’m 63, and took my first yoga class at age 57. I am often quoted as saying, "When I started Yoga, I could barely reach the tops of my socks!” My forward bends are much better now. Thanks, Lucas! I have benefited as much from learning from you about what works as I have from the product itself! Namaste!

Eugene Lowery (yoga instructor)

"YOGABODY ROCKS!!!!!" I am on day 25 of what was to be a 30 day challenge, but now I have decided to go for 60 days straight--The recovery is so much quicker and with the additional stretching I feel like my Bikram has improved 100%--Many, many thanks!!!!!!!

Juliann Schuett (yoga student)

"I can do the splits at 47!" You'll never believe the progress in my flexibility using YOGABODY over a 2 week period. I am 47, and before now I could never do the splits. After I started using YOGABODY I am so much more flexible it's unbelievable. These two pictures speak for themselves. In the first I am 5 inches off the ground, and the second pic is after only 6 stretching sessions! I am also not as sore after workouts and my body recovers faster with YOGABODY. I am so pleased, thank you!

Angela Surajpal (yoga student)

"YOGABODY is the single best thing I have done for my body ever" I started doing the gravity stretching and using YOGABODYabout three weeks ago and my jiu jitsu game has improved to where I was two years ago before my back and knee injury. I have not been able to bend my left knee completely, three weeks later I am now able to sit on my heels and I have no more chronic knee pain throughout the day. People ask me all time where is my limp, it has been amazing in my case. This program has to be the single best thing I have done for my body ever.

Jeff Martinez (jiu jitsu practitioner)

"I no longer dread the pain of yoga" I recently started yoga again and as I was taking YOGABODY, I did 3 days in a row and my body healed so much faster than normal. I find it easier and more enjoyable to practice yoga when taking YOGABODY and I don’t dread the pain I would normally get when I stretch. YOGABODY makes me more positive during my workouts which is an added bonus because I feel awesome afterwards! This is my honest and sincere opinion about this product, yeah the green pills may look weird but they work!! So grateful I found them!

Kim Chi Kim (yoga student)

"Easily the best product out there" I’ve been through a lot. I’ve had surgery and years of therapy on my shoulders back and hips. Really NONE of it helps. I get results, but I absolutely get the most gruesomely slow progress. With these pills, I have sincerely noticed increase recovery time, less inflammation and increase in flexibility. If it weren’t for these pills, I probably wouldn’t be sitting down right now because of my severe back pain because it helps my joints. It’s really incredible. Easily the best product out there. It's not a cover of up of injury or anything. It’s a direct healing natural pill and I love that It really helps me. I do still have problems, but only because my condition is very severe from over exercise, but regardless it's amazing.

Kris Ferrell (yoga student)

"After 4 days I can't believe the difference in my body and wellbeing" I am not a yoga student, just a 63 year old that looks like he’s in good shape but had no idea how stiff he was. After only 4 days I can’t believe the difference not only in my body but my sense of well being and renewed attraction to my lovely wife (She is stretching as well). Hip pain that I have had for years and thought was something major is almost gone. Probably just stiff muscles. My body feels so erect and light. Can’t wait to feel what happens down the road. Oh, did I mention my renewed attraction to my beautiful wife? Thanks for what you do.

Jeff Camp

"YOGABODY gives you 'oomph’ in your practice" My flexibility has seen an increase. I can almost lay my torso onto my legs in a forward fold now. More important are the extras I am getting from the supplement, such as increased energy and (ahem) regularity. I am also drinking about twice as much water as I used to. Overall I have enjoyed YOGABODY Stretch, and think it would be a valuable addition to those looking to get that extra ’oomph’ into their practice.

Lauren Hughes (yoga student)

"YOGABODY is an excellent product" I’ve noticed a big difference in my practice since using the YOGABODY supplements. Much greater flexibility and I’m able to obtain almost perfect balance in my downward dog (with both head and heels touching the ground)! I subscribed to Lucas’s newsletter for a couple of years before ordering any product. I really value Lucas’s insights and generosity in sharing them with the yoga community. Because of this, I was able to trust that whatever Lucas put his YOGABODY name would be an excellent product. I was right! Just starting to do the gravity poses, and already I can see a difference in my practice. I know if I continue on this path, my limits will dissolve.

Patricia MacInnis (yoga student)

"I'm doing stretches I never believed I'd be able to do" I use YOGABODY daily and work on the Gravity Poses. I just got the laminated chart and it’s helping to remember how they are to be grouped. Almost down in splits on right side which is amazing. I wasn’t making as much progress until I started the YOAGBODY program. Actually getting closer on left side too – which I never dreamed I would be able to do!

KCSuzy (yoga student)

"YOGABODY helps me get going and stay going" I have had huge flexibility gains in the 12 weeks I have used this product and the Gravity Pose techniques. I have even been able to join a fitness center to do additional resistance training. I am 62, have had 2 serious spinal injuries at ages 16 & 28, and 7 spinal surgeries (3 lumbar, 4 cervical) in the past 44 years, along with several other invasive spinal procedures. Thanks to YOGABODY I'm doin’ better every day now!

Lulgi (yoga student)

"We love the YOGABODY caps!" Hey Lucas! We bought your $99.00 Flexibility Kit, and we love the YOGABODY caps! We were in a car accident and need our injuries healed...

Cyndi (yoga student)

"Thank you for making this great supplement..." I thought you should know that my neurologists are baffled that your supplements have "cured" my migraines. I have to take them religiously and on an empty stomach, but they really do the trick. I no longer get that extreme tingling pain in my fingers, toes and sometimes in my heels.
Thanks to you, or whoever made this great supplement!

Claire S. (yoga student)

"The supplements are making a big impact on my system..." I find your poses and supplements are making a big impact on my system. I am so glad I decided to try them... These days, when I try the wheel it feels so much better and easier than it used to...

Tulasi (yoga student)

"I am sleeping much better..." The Supplements combined with your gravity poses seem to be working... I easily held the full front splits for five minutes (both sides) the other day - I haven't done that for a while! I have also noticed that I am sleeping much better. I don't know whether this is beacause of the extra stretching or the fact that I'm eating more fruit and veg - maybe it's both.

Iain Campbell (yoga student)

"I can put my hands FLAT ON THE FLOOR!!!!" Lucas, I have to share an amazing thing I discovered this morning: When I bend at my waist and keep my legs straight, I can put my hands FLAT ON THE FLOOR!!!! You have got to understand how cool this is - I am 40 years old, and I have NEVER been able to do that in my entire LIFE! When I started YOGABODY SIX WEEKS ago, I couldn't even touch my TOES!!!!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you. This is incredible!!!

Margie Remmers (yoga student)

"Gravity poses unlock the body like no other practice" I’ve been using Lucas' Gravity Stretches and I love them. I have also passed them along to my students and friends, and told them about his other products. The gravity poses unlock the body like no other practice. I also use YOGABODY and I notice that I heal faster and have less overall "crankiness" in my 54 year old body. I generally have no pain, but with these, if I do have pain, it goes away away sooner. It also reminds me to eat my greens in the morning, so I have my green juice or smoothie more often than not.

Julie Madill (yoga instructor)

"I feel the life coming back to my body" I do my gravity stretches and take YOGABODY every morning. I love the CD as it contains plain instructions and at the same time makes me feel as if I’m taking a class in a group. I started practicing yoga about 20 years ago and I was quite flexible and bendy. Then I quit and lost a lot of movement. Some of the gravity poses help me feel like I still can move freely without feeling pain or tension. My work gives me neck, back and leg pain. After couple of weeks of YOGABODY Stretch and Gravity Yoga I felt no pain in my neck, my back hurts less, and my legs have become lighter. Before it was quite difficult for me to walk. After approximately 100 meters I wanted to stop, to sit, to have a rest. Now I’m walking at least 7 km a day and feel good. Thanks a lot! I feel the life coming back to my body.

Galina (yoga student)

"The pain in my knee miraculously vanished" I started taking the YOGABODY supplements 11 weeks ago and I've definitely noticed some differences: A slight pain in the outer ligament of my left knee that had been present for some months miraculously vanished, my yoga teacher decided to let me move on further into the second series after I´d been stuck with kapotasana for a half year, I´m not feeling as sore as I used to the morning after an evening practice, and there´s less crackling in my joints. So all in all I think there are definitely some benefits!

Christoph Helm (yoga student)

"I am amazed..." The product that you sell is worth the price itself. The information in your emails is even more worthy of the product price. I feel like I am getting such a bargain!

Lisa A. (yoga student)

"I love how I feel..." I love how I feel now that I have stepped up my practice and am using the gravity poses and YOGABODY.

James Oddie (student)

"I feel more focused and balanced." I am just on my second day taking YOGABODY, and like the many people whom you have helped, I too notice a difference. I'm not as tired, and I feel more focused and balanced. I know that there is more to expect from YOGABODY so I am excited by all the discoveries still to be had on my mat during practice. Thank you so much for being so generous with what you have learned and sharing it with people who just want to deepen their practice. May you receive a hundred fold all that you so willingly give to people.

Delamar Arias (yoga student)

"Improved my practice 100%..." I have been doing yoga daily for two years, and taking your YOGABODY for four months. The YOGABODY and your gravity stretches have improved my practice 100%, thank you so much!!

Phyllis (yoga student)

"I have lost 10kg!" I am Sanjeev Kochar from India. I want to say a bucket full of thanks to you. Why? Actually you have changed my life. Since starting your programme, my flexibility has improved a lot and I have lost 10 kilos. Thanks Lucas!

Pranaam (yoga student)

"I feel lighter, stronger and more flexible every day!" I'm a yoga teacher in Milan, Italy. I started to take your tablets one week ago, and I'm on your gravity poses right now. It works!! I really feel lighter, stronger and I'm gaining in flexibility every day!! Thank you so much, I also like to read your tips in the newsletter, simple little things but very effective!

Ingrid Pistolesi (yoga teacher)

"I feel clear-headed and energized!" I've had a daily practice for 6 years, and yet my hamstrings are still like two solid blocks of ice when I get on the mat each morning - all stiffness and pain. Two days after taking YOGABODY™ Stretch, I noticed that my hamstrings were really limber and my body felt as though I was 30 minutes into my practice. I also feel clear-headed and energized. Naturally, I was really surprised at how quickly I could feel the effects.

Daniel White (Ashtanga yoga student)

"Lucas, I don’t know how do it. But thanks!! You really have changed my life." I had to stop practicing yoga 2 years ago due to my health issue. After coming back to it last month, I really had difficulty doing ANY poses (in other words, I almost had zero flexibility). But then I started using YOGABODY, and I can’t believe it - my flexibility has improved like magic. I now can do some of the poses I couldn't even do before!!

Pavinee Chuatirarak (yoga student)

"My pain is gone within an hour!" I've had lower back pain for years... an old injury. Yoga has helped a lot, and now, YOGABODY™ is increasing the benefits. It relieves pain within about an hour and seems to be helping me heal. I don't go to the studio without it.

Karen Gamble (Hot Yoga teacher)

"I feel really loose and light!" This is going to sound weird, but I can feel YOGABODY™ working! It makes me feel really loose and light. Time will tell, of course, but I really think it's helping my practice!

Alexia Briones Van de Walle (Vinyasa yoga teacher)

"YOGABODY reduced my pain immediately" I don't like supplements usually, but since this one is all-natural, I thought I'd give it a try. My right hip was really giving me problems, and YOGABODY™ reduced the pain immediately. Within a week, I was able to stretch deeper than ever. It could have been a coincidence, but I don't think so. Thanks!

Daniel Stringer (Ashtanga yoga teacher)

"My backbends are getting much stronger and bigger" I must thank you again for the capsules. I typically take between 4 and 6 caps every day, depending on my eating schedule. I definitely have a reduction of appetite. It seems that food just does not taste as good, so I'm less tempted to eat it. As a result, though I am not more than a couple of pounds lighter, I feel much lighter. I'm more of a runner than a yoga practitioner, and I feel like I can simply bounce up the off-road trails I run on daily. And, in terms of yoga, my backbends are getting much stronger and bigger-way bigger!

Jason Polley (runner)

"I don't feel sore even after a strong practice." "I've practiced yoga for almost 3 years and Ashtanga is my favorite practice. Though I have a pretty flexible body, I will sometimes get sore or pain in my hamstring. Also, I had a hard time in doing Marichyasana D alone. But, after taking YOGABODY for a week, I can do Marichyasana D right now, and I can feel that my backbend poses can further be deepened. Yet, I don't feel sore even after a strong practice. My body can recover very soon! It's amazing!

Maisie Chan (yoga student)

"My appetite has shrunk and my digestion is a lot better." I have been taking YOGABODY for just over 3 weeks and I noticed the results immediately. I take 3 caps in the morning, about one hour before practice, and 3 caps at night. I can't quite explain it but I have been flying through practice, and as a result, have been more focused and more on the ball. My appetite has also shrunk and digestion is a lot better. For whatever reason, I feel more energized, and this all happened when I started taking YOGABODY! I love it! This extra energy helps both in my own practice and when I teach.

Tiana Harilela (yoga student)

"My body feels stronger and more elastic." I used to overstretch quite frequently when practicing, with vulnerable intercostal and upper-back muscles. Ever since taking the green supplement, my body has been feeling stronger and more elastic. Muscles have an increased safety range, and I barely experience any of the previous random discomforts.

Alex Reachi (yoga student)

"I challenge every yogi/yogini to try this product!" Right away I noticed a significant difference in the amount of energy I had: before, during, and after a yoga class when taking YOGABODY. I challenge every yogi/yogini to try this product – yes, it's THAT good!

Tunde Martinez (yoga student)

"I don't get sore when I run!" I have been taking YOGABODY for about a month, and one of the most significant effects I noticed, was when I decided to do a 6 mile run with a friend. I hadn't run 6 miles in a couple years, and my running routine had dwindled to only 4 miles, 2-3 times per week. Normally in the past if I had done a 6 mile run I would be VERY sore the next couple days, but this time, with the addition of YOGABODY, I wasn't sore AT ALL!! I couldn't believe it!

Shireen Khavari (runner)

"I can't believe the different in my strength and flexibility!" I tried YOGABODY courtesy of my yoga teacher trainer & mentor, and was amazed by the results. After just 24 hours taking the supplements, I did an advanced practice and could not believe the difference in my strength and flexibility. Whoever put this together really knows what they're doing!

Mariann Grace (certified yoga instructor)

"I have less pain..." I have been taking YOGABODY twice a day (six pills total) and I now have less pain and I feel more flexible.

Oscar Legarreta (yoga student)

"The only vitamin product I know that is dedicated to yoga" YOGABODY is more affordable compared to other similar products, and I like it because everything is in the one capsule, so you don’t have to buy loads of supplements separately. Actually, it’s the only vitamin product on the market I’ve seen that is dedicated to yoga. I’ve found with YOGABODY that, like any vitamin/supplement or health food, improvements in health/flexibility are subtle and gradual and often hard to detect/determine unless you are carefully monitoring. However, I do believe my stretching/flexibility improved when I was taking YOGABODY. I took six bottles over approx six months, and I plan to buy some more soon.

Greg (yoga student)

"I can actually feel my hamstrings" Your emails are great and YOGABODY is working wonders. I can actually feel my hamstrings, as opposed to stalling out in a forward fold.

Amanda Gooch (yoga student)

YOGABODY worked better than medicine!" The reason I am writing to you today is to tell you a pretty amazing story about how your YOGABODY product has helped my husband. He is 45 years old and has an arthritic hip, thanks to genetics and many years of playing ice hockey. It recently got so bad that he can no longer skate or tie his shoe on his right foot, not to mention the pain he is in. Eventually he decided to start taking medication, but he had terrible side-effects. After using your products myself, I convinced Jon to try YOGABODY and go off his meds, and I am happy to tell you that the YOGABODY gave him the same results as the medicine – if not better! I tell everyone about your product, but as I am sure you know, it is hard to convince some people that there are better ways to achieve health than getting a prescription from your doctor.

Rhonda Jones (yoga student)

"YOGABODY is cheaper and better than a PT!" I only started your program about two weeks ago, but I am already feeling so much better. I rode today and barely noticed my neck. I know that the shoulder exercises are making a big difference in that respect. I have been paying a PT a lot of money for fewer results than two weeks of your program.

Amy Harris (rider)

"YOGABODY cured my back pain" I really enjoy your e-mails, and find them so helpful. And what's more, YOGABODY Stretch helped my lower achy back within just a couple of days. I had this back pain for over eight weeks, which started after steam cleaning rugs for four hours followed by a plane trip and 10 days of road travel, etc. It seems the supplement has made a huge change in the ache. Thanks!

Barbie (yoga student)

"I can do the hands to feet pose now!" Just wanted to tell you I have been on your supplement for about one week and I love it. I'm new to Bikram Yoga, so my hamstrings felt so tight in the beginning. Well, tonight when I did the hands to feet pose I could easily bend over, straighten my legs and touch my shins with my face. Even the teacher said, "Very good sweetheart in the back." I'm so excited, I didn't think they would work that quickly. I just wanted to thank you so much for a wonderful product. I'm so excited about eating better and supplementing correctly. Thanks for the Food Matters DVD, it was such a big eye opener for me. I have lots of changes to make!

Gemina Kaeha (Bikram Yoga student)

"YOGABODY is the missing ingredient to health!" I love your supplement and the information on MSM - it has changed my life and my body, and it has helped my arthritic husband and my old rickety dog. These days we are all so much more comfortable, and I am thrilled. It is really the missing ingredient to the overall picture of health we are striving for.

Niedra Gabriel (yoga student)

"Everything you say is true!" Hi Lucas! I just ordered the trapeze as well as the protein and a 2nd bottle of YOGABODY. Everything you say is true! Which is really hard to find these days in products. I have about 2 inches to go for my splits, after only one bottle of YOGABODY, my yoga postures are so much improved and now I am working on backbends. Thank you so much for improving my life.

Angela (yoga student)

"I'm back to having my palms down on the floor" I just wanted to say your stuff really works. I started cycling and my muscles became so stiff that I couldn't touch my toes. But after taking YOGABODY I'm back to having my palms down on the floor. Hooray! Big thank you! Love your newsletters too.

Ezza Valdez (cyclist)

"YOGABODY is great stuff!" I have been taking your YOGABODY for about 4 months and I feel fantastic. It's great stuff!

Mandie Kemp (yoga student)

"Serious results in a short time." Hi Lucas, I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying and benefitting from your gravity stretches and supplements. Serious results in a short time, almost seems un-yoga-like. 😉

Bill Harrison (yoga student)

"I can bend into the hero position now" It's been about six days since I started taking YOGABODY and I can already bend into the hero position now. It still hurts a little, but I'm getting comfortable. Thanks for your encouragement...and I don't have to say have a blast of a day!

Gail (yoga student)

"I wasn't prepared for how flexible I'd be" I just wanted to drop you a line to say that I have been taking your YOGABODY supplements for about two months and have seen my flexibility increase while I do the stretches you recommend. But what I was not prepared for was going back to yoga classes. I went to my first class today in over a year and was amazed at how flexible I was, especially considering how long it had been since I have done an hour of yoga. Thanks again!

Andrea Reed (yoga student)

"I experience less pain" At first I was skeptical to try it, but in the end I ordered YOGABODY anyway, probably because I was motivated to receive the stretching handbook. Well, it is working for me; I feel more flexible and experience less pain. Thank you.

Oscar Legarreta (yoga student)

"I'm fitter and stronger" I'm a keen martial arts practitioner and have been following the Yoga Body handbook five day plan for the last few weeks. I've also been taking the supplements for the last two weeks and I've tuned my diet by cutting out red meat, caffeine, dairy, alcohol and most sugar.In short, I feel great. I'm much fitter and stronger and I'm sleeping better, and my recovery times are shorter.

Jason Barnett (martial arts practitioner)

"YOGABODY helps me physically and psychologically" I tried YOGABODY and I saw improvements in my stretching within a week. I get less sore after intense yoga practices and this supplement not only works for me physically but psychologically as well - since I've had better results, I want to continually do MORE yoga! Also, my dad now takes YOGABODY as well (he doesn't practice yoga at all) and it works wonders for his gout! Somehow we have found the natural formula that actually prevents his gouty arthritis attacks. Thank you, Lucas. This is indeed a wonderful product that benefits human beings, whether they practice yoga or not.

Ron Tan (yoga student)

"YOGABODY has done nothing short of transform my body" I have used the Gravity Yoga postures for about a year. From the first day I did them, I could feel a change in how my body felt after doing them. I do them immediately after I get out of bed in the morning when my body is definitely tight and these loosen me up and get me ready for my day. Yogabody Stretch has done nothing short of transform my body and flexibility. Although I regularly practice yoga, I didn’t feel like my flexibility was progressing as much as I’d hoped. Taking this supplement Lucas created changed all that. After about a week, I noticed a definite difference in my flexibility. And after taking the pills for just a few days, my Pilates teacher asked me one day, ”when did you get so bendy?”. I have never been described as bendy in my life.

Jennifer Crowl (yoga student)

"I no longer need rest days" Yogabody Stretch is a great product for speeding up recovery time. As a yoga practitioner, runner and someone with osteoarthritis in my big toe, I find the large dose of MSM in this product very beneficial. I find I can now go deeper in my yoga practice, or workout or run and still be able to practice again the very next day without really needing a rest day because the aches are minimal or non-existant.

Jennifer (yoga practitioner)

"YOGABODY cures my chronic pain" YOGABODY is truly incredible. I've never taken something that made my body recover so nicely and reduce so much pain. I have chronic pain throughout my whole body, but when I take your pills it's gone and pretty much stays that way. My body just seems to recover so quickly. I love your stuff!

Kris Ferrell (yoga student)

"Best quality protein" YOGABODY is truly incredible. I've never taken something that made my body recover so nicely and reduce so much pain. I have chronic pain throughout my whole body, but when I take your pills it's gone and pretty much stays that way. My body just seems to recover so quickly. I love your stuff!

Julian Maclulich (yoga student)

"You rock Lucas", YOGABODY has transformed my practice.

Mandy McChesney (yoga student)

"This is the best product I have ever used" Hello Lucas, just to let you know I've been using your product for the past 10 months. I had a spinal fusion from L2 to S/1, and I really feel your product has helped me regain a lot of my flexibility. I have also used your protein. I take these supplements daily and they really work as I teach Ashtanga so you know what is required with that discipline. I may never get 100% ROM again but with 2 rods, 14 screws and 12 plastic wedges in my spine, that's only to be expected. But I know I have at least 80 to 90 %. This is the best product I have ever used and I know it is safe and healthy. Namaste.

Larry Hobbs (Ashtanga yoga teacher)

"I'm practically flying through my vinyasas" Amazing pills! after just a week I felt full of energy and so light in my practice, I was practically flying through the vinyasas! Increased flexibility, so amazing, could bind and backbend without pain or struggle. Also, my right hamstring pain, left knee tendon pain and lower back feeling uncomfortable (all these due to injuries during practice), have disappeared miraculously! I am very impressed and THANK U THANK U for introducing these great products Lucas.

Maria Dieschbourg-Pappa (yoga student)

"I am delighted by how quickly YOGABODY works" I’ve just come back to a regular yoga practice after several years. YOGABODY Stretch helped me get back to, and improve upon, my former level of bendyness in record time. I am genuinely delighted at how quickly it works. Great product!

Julian Maclulich (yoga student)

"I think YOGABODY is magic" I jumped on your YOGABODY Flexibility Kit offer, even though, I have to tell you, I am generally skeptical about supplements. Somehow I am thinking there is something more to YOGABODY Stretch than you say, because I think it is magic! I have been plagued on and off with a very sore right hip. Docs say it's arthritis, but I'm not sure. Anyway, since I started taking YOGABODY regularly (and doing more yoga), I have no pain. I mean GONE. I also love the protein powder. Thanks for all that you share!

Michele D. (yoga student)

"Your supplements really work" Thank you so much for all that you are offering to us, yoga crazed freaks all over the world (and I am proud to be one of them)! The supplements work, and your e-mails are funny, clever, helpful, and inspirational!

Anonymous (yoga student)

"We are so happy doing your YOGABODY activities" every day because it is keeping us pain-free.

Vicky Jousan (yoga student)

"I've broken my plateau" YOGABODY seems to be working nicely after only 1 week. This is pretty exciting for me. I'm 30 and going on my eleventh year of practicing yoga. This is by far the most results I've seen in a long time... you're helping me break my plateau!

Ray (yoga student)

"My head touches my shins on my first forward fold" I'm a new yoga teacher and I just wanted to let you know that your YOGABODY Stretch pills are really working for me. I started to notice results in less than a week. I usually take about 3 or 4 vinyasas before I'm warm and flexible enough to touch my head to my shins effortlessly, but now it's happening for me on my first forward fold....I almost bashed my head off my shins the other day because I wasn't expecting to fold so far on my first try. Your product really seems to work!

Shawna Hayes (yoga student)

"I feel stronger and better after a few days" I always look forward to your latest thoughts and I've been following a lot of your advice. I'm a yoga teacher, vege head, take YOGABODY every day (not just because you recommend it but because I can notice a huge difference in my energy levels in particular from using it). I just received the protein powder and all I can say is thank you! I feel stronger and better after only a few days.

Tracey B (yoga student)

"I'm shocked at how bendy I am" I simply love YOGABODY! My practice is incredible and my fiancee is almost shocked how bendy I became. And, of course, gravity poses rule. Thank you!

Vesna (yoga student)

"I feel clearer mentally, and stronger physically" Lucas, you rock. Quite simply. Since I started your programme I'm definitely more flexible. Most importantly, since I just take the supplements as part of a healthy diet, rather than as a yoga student (I practice Five Tibetan Yoga, but only once or twice a week), I can tell you your YOGABODY mix does wonders: it helps my body get rid of its waste better, makes me sleep better, focus longer and generally gives me more energy in every aspect of my day. I feel clearer mentally, and stronger physically. I've taken a couple additional steps towards every good thing in my life, including eating more greens, eating more raw food, and eating even less meat (which basically means pretty much none). Your emails inspire me to do better. In every way.

Mary-Noelle Dana (health seeker)

"Your programme is a miracle" My old injury is almost pain-free, and I am super light and flexible in my weekly asana class. My body is so light that I've done a lot of postures that I didn't even dare to try before. More importantly, I can easily get connected with my energy and spiritual level during practice, cause the body part is already being taken care of. All this because of YOGABODY!! So I have to thank you, for this priceless gift...

Karen (yoga student)

"My metabolism sped up" Lucas - a big thanks to you, for your great product and your ambition in your work. It's absolutely inspiring! I started taking your supplement a month ago and I felt the effects straight away. A week later I felt fitter, looked fitter (less dark circles round the eyes, clearer skin, less puffy eyes in the morning) and my flexibility and energy increased in yoga class (I practice Bikram), plus my metabolism sped up! All in all I'm very satisfied and happy with YOGABODY!

Mara (Bikram yoga student)

"YOGABODY helps strengthen my bones" I'm a great fan of your YOGABODY supplements and I take them regularly. I have to take MSM anyway for my bones, so when I saw that your vitamins had MSM, I decided to give them a try. I've been taking them for two years now, and I really feel the difference when I don't take them. I just wanted to say thank you for making them.

Bela Lipat (yoga instructor)

"YOGABODY boosts my practice and my life in general" YOGABODY has helped so much with my, so thought, hereditary tight hips/pelvis! It’s a great supplement that I use to boost my practice and life generally. I am so grateful that it’s totally organic. My favorite way to use this supplement is mixing it in with juices and smoothies as a power boost! Thank you for creating this.

Zaza Roscoe (yoga instructor)

"This program is the most amazing thing I have ever tried" I love YOGABODY Stretch . I have been using it for four months now and doing the gravity stretches. In the past I tried taking a once-a-week one-hour yoga class. My body was very stiff and I just did not enjoy it. I discovered YOGABODY on the internet and ordered it. At that time I was having lower back problems and my body was becoming sore, stiffer and hurting considerably. This program is the most amazing thing I have ever tried. My body is much more flexible (I can reach my toes for the first time ever), very little soreness remains and I feel wonderful. I might add that next week I will be 70 years old.

Viley Reed (yoga student)

"My hip pain is disappearing" YOGABODY Stretch is fantastic!! I have used it for two days and my hip pain which I've had for the last three years is disappearing. Now I can sleep at night. I am so inspired, thank you so much.

Sissel (yoga student)

"I'm moving deeper into postures with calmness and clarity" I feel The GRAVITY YOGA Handbook is a very practical and valuable tool that has improved my practice greatly in just a few days. I noticed the positive effects of Stretch immediately. My body/muscle recovery time has improved, overall soreness of the body and knees is less and fading. I’m moving deeper into postures with calmness and clarity and a strong feeling that I can go alot deeper.

Stephen James Baker (yoga student)

"My fingers now reach inches past my toes!" I have been inflexible my entire life, and gaining flexibility is a huge goal for me. I am somewhat of an intermediate yoga student, and have been practicing ashtanga yoga 2-3 times a week for a couple months. Today I was stretching and it took me a few second to realize that, not only could I touch my toes...I was shocked to see my fingers shoot inches past my toes! My whole life, I've never been able to even come close to touching my toes!. My inflexibility has worsened and plagued me year after year - until now that is! THANK YOU for an amazing product, a phenomenal program, and for making my day!

Erin Harrison (Yoga Student)

"I recovered very quickly from injury!" I noticed a big difference in my flexibility. Another thing that makes me appreciate YOGABODY Stretch even more was that last week while doing Shoulder Pow pose, I felt an intense pain at my right arm between biceps and triceps near the shoulder. Two days later i was completely recovered. Three years ago, during weight lifting training, I got exactly the same problem which persisted for months. I am sure that Stretch has reduced my back pain too. I am convinced that both YOGABODY Stretch and GRAVITY POSES will help me even more in the future. My yoga teacher loved the GRAVITY POSES so much that she included 10 -15 minutes of them in her daily class schedule just before relaxation.

Konstantinos Spanos (Yoga Student)

"I am more bendy and flexible" Since I started using YOGABODY I have noticed I am more "bendy" and flexible and I don't wake up achy like I used to. I will continue with this product as it is the only thing I have found thus far that truly works... and with the YOGABODY handbook, it's a terrific combination to be able to move again...

Bobbi Baskerville (yoga student)

"This is the real deal!" I have started using the full dose (6 capsules) for the past few days and am amazed at the difference I feel. A hamstring pull I sustained 6 months ago during 'standing separate leg stretching pose' is rapidly easing up and allowing me to do all the poses with more ease. I keep wondering if I am just imagining it, because I am usually pretty skeptical about products that I see advertised, but this seems like the real deal! I love that you're sharing all your wonderful discoveries with the world, and that you're concerned about our planet as well. You rock, Lucas!

Diane Volkart (yoga student)

"I pushed my body further than I'd ever gone.." I'm very inflexible and found hot yoga to be the best fit for my lack of bendy-ness. I was looking for ways to better my practice and stumbled upon YogaBody Stretch. I decided to give it a try and Boy!, am I thankful I did. This may not sound like the most glowing review on its face but it is: After taking Stretch I almost got sick after my next yoga class. The reason? I was able to do so much more (bend deeper, hold poses longer, etc) that I pushed my body further than I'd ever gone in my life. Believe or not, that moment defined that I'd be a student of yoga for life. And YogaBody Stretch helped me arrive at that decision. So thank you!

Nikki Ragsac (yoga student)

"Immediately started gaining extra flexibility.." I started with this product and it convinced me to go onto raw foods, and along with the handbook I immediately started gaining extra flexibility in the joints and muscles, which I notice not only in yoga but also in ballet class. I even managed to grab my hand on both sides in Shoulder Pow! OK with the help of a friend, but at least I know what it feels like to do it.

Nickolas Woods (Yoga Student)

"I am much more flexible.." I was amazed and thankful to have found your product. I must let you know that I have been doing yoga 2 times daily for 10 years and my body was still stiff. Now with Yogabody I am much more flexible than I have ever been. Since I received Yogabody on 19 Aug 2011, I have been taking it daily. I am very happy and I can stretch much more now. I would recommend to my yoga friends. A big THANK YOU to LUCAS. Plese keep up with your good work. Cheers.

Loke Sen Liew (Yoga Student)

"10 pounds disappeared into thin air.." I love Yogabody Stretch. I'm all kinds of flexible already but at my age, I appreciate the joint benefits and the recovery benefits. I've been teaching Yoga for 30+ years and I teach about 20 classes a week. Last but not least, 10 pounds disappeared into thin air after I had been taking Yogabody Stretch for about 2 months!!! I'm very pleased with all the Yogabody products I've used and I recommend them to my Yoga students and Yoga Therapy clients. I've been a Yoga teacher for a long time, and I don't recommend products lightly.

Kate Stevely (Yoga Teacher)

" far more flexible than I´ve ever been since my childhood" I am a 31 year old social ballroom dancer. I started doing Lucas' gravity stretches and taking the YogaBody Stretch formula about a month ago to increase flexibility for some of the more intense tricks in my routines. Since starting on the tablets, I've found that my muscles recover more quickly, and am far more flexible than I've been since my childhood. Thank you Lucas, you & your team´s hard work is fantastic!

Stepth Emmott (Yoga Student)

"I am more Flexible now than when I was 18." Well, I am 30 years old, I used to breakdance from the age of 14 till 21,I used to stretch every day and exercise the whole day. I stopped doing it and became super stiff. Now I am a tattoo artist, so my back always hurts. I decided to get back into breakdancing again about 4 weeks ago. I have been a vegetarian for 3 years so the Yogabody diet was not too hard to follow, been doing the gravity poses and taking the Stretch supplements for 3 weeks and the results are crazy. I am more flexible now than when I was 18. I have more energy, my back pain from work is going away and many other benefits. This stuff really works and the best part of it is that it is not that hard at all, just 15 minutes per day. thanks Lucas, thanks a lot.

Carlos Lopez (Yoga Student)

"...have more flexibility in my back" I've used this for about 3 months. I've been pretty stiff and have specific problems with my knees and back bends. It took about a month for me to notice consistent difference - I definitely have more flexibility in my back and I am gradually improving with my knees. I also find that if I follow the food recommendations, everything improves. Another thing I'd really like to say is that I appreciate your candor and the follow up , care that you put into keeping open lines with your public. I feel like you are really there and accessible. I feel like I am part of a group even though I am out in the wilderness with the internet as my string. This may not seem like much but being a certified health coach I get piles and piles of programs and solicitations and your emails and programs are some of the few that I actually get to and follow. There is a real effort to put full, thorough info out there and a lack of BS which I fully appreciate! Thanks for doing what you do.

Jayne Kraman (Yoga Student)

"....don´t feel sore after practice." I've been taking the YogaBody Stretch and doing the gravity poses for 3 weeks and I can really feel a difference. My flexibility is increasing everyday and I don't feel very sore after practice. Thank you for a great product.

Jerome Pierce (Yoga Student)

".... very calming and meditative." I really love the gravity poses that you teach. Not only am I creating openings in my body, but they are also very calming and meditative as well. They are the perfect segway into my pranayama and meditation practice! As for the pills, I feel way less sore after stretching than I would if I hadn't been taking them. Sweet! Thanks Lucas!

Kevin Lopez (Yoga Student)

"My skin has cleared up..." I have been taking this product for two weeks now along with the Micro-Mineral green tablets, and I am amazed how light I feel. I am still working on the gravity poses, sometimes its hard to hold on to a pose for more than a minute, but I am very sure I will get there in the coming days. As an added bonus, friends and family have told me that my skin has cleared up, for someone who had lots of breakouts, this is a big compliment, this product works!

Veera Raghavan (Yoga Student)

"All I can say is THANK YOU!" I have only been taking this product for two weeks and have been doing the gravity yoga routines for 3 weeks. All I can say is THANK YOU!. I have never done yoga, but realize that I need to for health purposes. Flexibility does not come easily to me but gravity yoga along with the yogabody stretch has really helped me. In less than 3 weeks, I have been able to make headway on my piriformis syndrome, something that a year of physical therapy and some medical procedures could not do. In just this short time my intense pain is gone and I am feeling fluid and smooth internally, something that is foreign but very welcome. While I am feeling intense stretching, I am able to do them again the next day without much soreness. I feel I can contribute that to the Yogabody Stretch. I cannot wait to see where I can get after more time. Again thanks for doing what you do and sharing it.

Laurie Menyo (Yoga Student)


Want to learn more about the YOGABODY Handbook?


"I love your podcasts!" I love your podcasts, and wonderful yoga videos. I am 70 and teaching. I am a retired Nutrition Consultant and Colon therapist, and can commend you with the great accuracy and valuable info you provide! GREAT SERVICE I always recommend Absolute Yoga for anyone who wants to teach. Wish it had been available when I was totally focused on learning. Now I keep refreshed with your materials! Many Blessings

Alana (yoga teacher)

"I can feel a huge difference!" Thank you for all your mails and for the YOGABODY Handbook...the Gravity Poses are amazing. After just two days of doing them, I can feel a huge difference! Can't wait for day three today... 🙂

Vesna Bacic (yoga student)

"I am now more flexible than I ever dreamed I would be" The YOGABODY Handbook totally changed my attitude and practice. I was amazed at how up-front Lucas was and found that he is absolutely right. Flexibility is not gained in yoga classes but by doing gravity poses…yin style. I am more flexible now than I ever dreamed I would be. The combo of gravity poses and an alkalizing diet (once vegan…now mostly raw) is life changing.

Mike Fox (yoga student)

"Your eating plan cured my anemia!" For four years my blood tests showed I suffered from anemia. I took iron supplements, but the test results stayed the same. After 2 months of eating lots of dark green veg as you recommended, my anemia is gone. Really amazing results and it also indicates that artificial and processed foods and nutrients cannot compare with real, fresh food.

Richard Sandler (yoga student)

"Able to sit in lotus pose for about 1 hour now..." I have been using your "gravity" poses to loosen my hips and they have done wonders for me. I can sit in lotus pose for about 1 hour now without tremendous discomfort.

Stephen McConnell (yoga student)

"Scientific and logical approach..." I love this scientific and logical approach. I am taking a print out of the YOGABODY Handbook and starting to practice from today.

Debapriya (hot yoga student)

"I'm starting to notice the benefits after just one week!" I've already added these stretches into my practice. Thanks so much to both of you for sharing this valuable information. I'm starting to notice the benefits after just one week!

Jule (hot yoga student)

"This is a fabulous resource..." I am so thankful for the YOGABODY Handbook. It will surely deepen the benefits of my Bikram practice. Again many thanks and Namaste

Barbara (Bikram Yoga student)

"I tried Lucas' method, and I was really surprised..." Before, when I was stretching my body, I would only feel flexible for a short time. Two weeks ago I tried Lucas' method, and I was really surprised. Now, when I stretch in the morning, I feel flexible almost until evening.

Stefan (Bikram Yoga student)

"Great stretching guide..." Hello, I really want to thank you for this great stretching guide. My boyfriend who never had done Bikram before could enjoy this without any stiffness...

Anne-Li (yoga student)

"It helps me a lot to see and hear you do them step by step..." I love watching your clips.. I really enjoying learning and practicing the correct yoga poses and it helps me a lot to see and hear you do them step by step. Thank you!

Denise (yoga student)

"They really work..." I'm practicing the stretching exercises you sent me and they really work, the movement in my hips has improved a lot, and this was my primary concern...I hope one day I can go to Thailand and meet you in person, that's going to be really something ejejejeje. Keep practicing!

Milagros Capriles (yoga student)

"My bad hamstring is improving" The stretches you laid out in your manual do wonders. Lately I've found that if I bike my butt off and break a good sweat then do your long holds, my bad hamstring seems to improve much faster.

Kris Waldron (Bikram Yoga teacher)

"I am regaining my quality of life" Dear Lucas, in 2009 I fell off of a 12-foot ladder and hurt myself severely! I started yoga on the advice of my daughter, Sam, who happens to be a student studying Physical Therapy. She thought it might be a gentle way to stimulate and relax my muscles. It has been a blessing in my life, along with your stretches! The Rag Doll and Forward Standing Bend actually relieve the excruciating pain that I have been in and I am regaining my quality of life! Thank you for all you do!

Linda Faz (yoga student)

"I feel your program is valid and valuable." I am a registered nurse and wellness educator who is a medical yoga therapy teacher and Ayurvedic educator. I've been doing yoga for 40 years myself, and feel your program is very valid and valuable.

Annette Tersigni (registered nurse)

"I lost 10kg in a month!" I am 30 years old, and since I was 16 I have belonged to the Yog Sadhan Ashram. I am also a Yoga Coach and have used the Ashram for my daily yoga practice, since I was 12 years old. I used to be very healthy naturally, but when I turned 23, I became very busy and concentrated on my studies, marriage and career. I stopped practicing every day, until I could not even do PAAD HAST AASAN. My weight jumped to 83kg and I was very stiff. One day I found your site and read all your articles. It took two days, but I was convinced and changed my diet. I bought Spirulina, MSM, Chlorella, stopped eating fast food and started eating more raw vegetables like spinach, cabbage and also some plant foods. I was also a coffee boy before, but I cut it out. In one month I lost 10kg and now I can also do CHAKRA ASAN - can you believe it? Thank you so much!

Sanjeev (yoga student)

"I can't believe the progress in my flexibility" I am nearly 44 years old and have recently made a breakthrough in my fat burn journey. I have actually burned 65 lbs of fat since May 2010! I am really happy with my progress, even though I still have another 40 to 50 to go. However, I found that even though I burned all this fat off, and was exercising every day, I was still having trouble with stretching and my flexibility and had to rely on my stretching strap. I couldn’t even cross my leg to put my foot on top of my knee! Once I started using Gravity Yoga from YOGABODY and following all Lucas' instructions and tips, you would never believe the progress in my flexibility. After just 3 ½ short weeks, I could cross my leg, placing my foot on my knee. For my hamstring stretch, I can now actually grab my foot, putting my hand halfway down my foot with my legs straight! Ragdoll - I am just a few inches off the floor now when before I was about a good 2 feet from the floor. I can honestly say I have seen tremendous results in just a short time using this program. I highly recommend this program to everyone. I have officially stopped using my stretching strap! And what's more, I also find that since I've been doing gravity yoga, I don't get so sore after my strength training anymore.

Marilyn Sanchez (yoga student and body sculptress)

"My back pain has almost vanished" Lucas, you have helped me change my life by making daily yoga easily accessible. I've been following your guidebook and I love it. To warm up, I do salutation de soleil, either ashtanga or hatha style, depending on my mood and the time I have available. Since I started, the pain in my lower back has almost vanished! Thank you!

Katarina Bastos (yoga student)

"The gravity poses work like magic" I have been doing your at-home stretching guide and it works like magic. I'm a fan of Bikram Yoga and your guide really improves and deepens my practice.

Sophie Commandeur (yoga student)

"A kind of miracle is starting to happen" I received the YOGABODY Handbook about ten days ago, and I have been using the gravity poses every day (sometimes twice a day) since then. I have to admit that this program greatly exceeds my expectations! I am 56 and I have been practicing yoga since I was 14. The problem is that I am (was) as stiff as a board and that yoga was always a struggle for me because I was always so far from the posture that I could not relax and benefit from it. I therefore had long periods of discouragement and I felt like I got nowhere, even after so many years. At least, that's until I tried your gravity poses. I think that a kind of a miracle is starting to happen! Gravity poses work - and damn well! For the first time in my life I see and feel progress! I obviously have to put in the work and allow time for more progress, but I trust the method and I know it is going to work wonders with a little patience, because I already feel quite different, I would say more "free". Great product, Lucas, God bless you!

Paul Belizere (yoga student)

Gravity Yoga

Want to learn more about the Gravity Yoga?


"Great Videos!" Great Gravity Yoga Videos! Clear and informed instructions given in a calming yet engaging manner. Pace of activities is perfect – really like the delivery style and the stretches. You feel great after each 15 minute session. Perfect before bed or a gentle way to start the day.


"Amazing!" The Gravity Poses are powerful and challenging. I enjoy them as a great addition to a balanced routine. They are also a great way to identify where you're holding tension.

Cole B.

"Great product!" Gravity Yoga has helped me gain more flexibility but also improved my ability to truly get my muscles to fully release. Great product!

Stephanie H.

"Gravity Yoga got me started again..." Gravity Yoga got me started again and into my practice. Normally, I am interested in yoga poses and related info but Lucas´ health and well being topics have been great!


"Worth the cost!" After practicing the Gravity Yoga series for four weeks, I see some improvement in my flexibility, posture, and mental calmness (I think from the focus on deep breathing) which carries into my everyday life. I plan to continue practicing Gravity Yoga daily until I reach my flexibility goals and then continue less frequently just for the health benefits of stretching. My main purpose for purchasing Gravity Yoga was to help with my posture and flexibility to make yoga poses easier for me. Tight hips, shoulders, and hamstrings hold me back from doing some poses as well as I would like to do them. Gravity Yoga includes some poses/stretches that I have seen before, but it also adds several new ones. The biggest benefit of the videos is that they help remind me to breathe deeply and stay focused in my stretches. The stretches are a real challenge, but my body feels good afterwards. I put the videos and mp3s on my iPad for easy access and use.

James S.

"I think that this product is a gift..." The science behind these poses have helped to get my hamstrings and hips much looser. I still need to do them more regularly. I am doing 3 or 4x a week. I have damage to my hip and right leg that makes easy seat and lotus difficult without props. I think that this product is a gift for anyone looking to improve flexibility and are self motivated. I tell anyone who asks about how I got my heels down in down dog…."Gravity Yoga."

Vincent (yoga student)

"After just 1 week I feel a difference!" Great advice and responses. The Gravity poses are amazingly effective, after just one week I feel a difference! The YOGABODY Stretch supplements also seem to help me in kicking my coffee to the curb!

Marianne Huus Mjøen (yoga student)

"It's so simple and easy" I love being able to put the Gravity Yoga tutorials on my iPod. I find I am more consistent about using these tools because it is now so simple and easy for me to do. These poses in conjunction with the YOGABODY Stretch supplement have helped me reach levels in my yoga practice I thought would take me MUCH longer. I was surprised to notice a difference in my flexibility within 1 week of starting the YOGABODY Stretch supplement. There I was in yoga class, moving into downward facing dog and to my astonishment my heels were touching my mat! To me this is what yoga is all about – reaching new levels of understanding about what you are actually capable of and letting go of labels and limitations (You know, like ”I’m not flexible” or ”I can’t do that”). I am looking forward to more. Thanks Lucas and YOGABODY Gang!

Lindsay Fields (yoga student)

"YOGABODY Gravity is a no-nonsense strength and flexibility program" The Gravity Yoga offer has been great. YOGABODY gravity brings a no nonsense way of strength and flexibility training into a home practice. It is helpful in that it opens up communication with others for sharing knowledge and asking questions. I have tried most of the products, YOGABODY stretch, Liquid Energy – B, Yoga Protein, Yoga Seeds (Chia), etc., and have not been disappointed yet. Posture Clinic Bootcamp (DVD) and Gravity Yoga are excellent instructional tools. Will be following YOGABODY concepts for years to come.

Jeanette Pierson (yoga student)

"YOGABODY Gravity Yoga is awesome!" Since starting the YOGABODY Gravity poses, my flexibility has improved greatly and I feel better, which has led me to make healthier decisions in my eating and lose weight. It is also a great quiet time for me in the mornings and sets me for the day. I watch my 2 year old son move and want to be able to squat and bend that way again and YOGABODY Gravity is helping me get there.

Paul Byrd (yoga student)

"You've got me doing yoga much more regularly!" The gravity poses really do make a difference, and the dynamic Vinyasa practice is really great to do as a timed sweaty session! You’ve got me doing yoga much more regularly! I have found some of the discussions on the forum interesting too. It’s nice to feel a part of a ’global’ yoga community. I think you offer a really unique, friendly service.

Sarah (yoga student)

"there is now space for energy to flow." I have had chronic back pain for over 25 years and have been practicing Yoga for 21 years. By the second day of ingesting the yogabody capsules and doing the gravity poses I had no pain upon waking in the morning. Today is day 16 of waking up with no pain and very little stiffness. I've also had an awakening of ”space” inside. where stuck energy flows once resided there is now space for energy to flow. I continue my "new" journey in a body that is growing more youthful daily. I am also noticing the ease in which my knees are working. Seems like every day brings newness as I continue with the yogabody "stretch" and the gravity poses. The most significant response however has been the renewed functioning of my back and the goodness I feel in it's healing every day. Pain free is the way to go!!

Kia Kalil-Gibran (Yoga Student)

"I love this product!" YOGABODY Stretch has helped me tremendously in regards to my recovery. I used to be plagued by soreness and fatigued muscles, but with YOGABODY Stretch I feel that I am not overworking my muscles, and when I do stretch them intensely, I know that they are stabilized by having the proper nutrients for stretching. I love this product!

Anna Katsman (Yoga Student)

"Learnt so much from this DVD" I bought the Yogabody Gravity Yoga DVD a few weeks ago and I love it. I've been stretching extensively for over 20 years to manage my back pain and I thought I knew all there was to know about stretching! But I have learnt so much from this DVD. Unique and effective poses, breathing techniques and timing instructions . I had no idea it made such a difference when you hold a stretch for 3-5min. HUGE difference! I'm very happy to have found Yogabody!

Tami Wolf (Yoga Student)

"I am finding more strength, flexibility and pain relief...." I use the gravity yoga DVD every day and am finding more strength, flexibility and pain relief in my hips, shoulders and upper back. It's making me also just feel so much better in my Yoga practice and daily movement in general. Finally, I'm experiencing physical progress / healing that I haven't seemed to be able to do up till now.

Jim Werner (Yoga Student)

"... easy to understand and practice" I am a beginner and new to yoga practice. I´ve used the Gravity Yoga DVD for about 3 weeks and I love this DVD because it is easy to understand and practice. And also this video shows how to practice the exercises when you increase your flexibility. Everybody who is interested in becoming flexible should watch it.

Bernd Guenter (Yoga Student)

"I absolutely cannot believe what an improvement in my hamstrings/quads..." I'm doing the gravity yoga, and I absolutely cannot believe what an improvement in my hamstrings/quads. It's like walking around in a different... I have never been able to step into a pair of jeans with my left leg very easily, having to move my knee out from my body and manipulating my foot into my pants... after doing the gravity exercises, I can step right into my jeans without any problem at all. (At my age, 57, that's huge!). Thanks Bunches!

Trish Thompson (Yoga Student)

Yoga Trapeze®

Want to learn more about the Yoga Trapeze®?


"Best purchase ever!" I have spinal injuries (compression fractures in my thoracic) and have noticed a significant decrease in pain after hanging upside down in the Trapeze. There is literally nothing like it. Inversion tables are NOT the same as this. My mobility is also increased. Besides that I have learned other exercises to do so I am working on my spinal health as well as total body fitness.


"Helped me lose weight!" The Yoga Trapeze® has helped me lose weight and gain flexibility, it has also helped my husband with severe back pain and my daughter loves to use it as a swing.

Markisha S.

"Love!" The Yoga Trapeze® has helped increase flexibility in my back and hip which I have struggled with for many years!

Karen E.

"Love, love, love" I bought several Yoga Trapeze®s and handed them out to friends and family. I love the trapeze for as a Personal Trainer it does help with the spine . I also have an Inversion Table but have found the table is NOT as good as the trapeze for many reasons. Thank you guys SO very much for all that you are and do each day, this does make a difference for any body and EVERY body !


"I absolutely love my yoga trapeze.." I absolutely love my yoga trapeze, it has added a new facet to my workouts in the morning. I was getting very bored of doing the same workouts over and over again, and the yoga trapeze has given me some variety. I also find the yoga trapeze to not just be a healthy way to exercise but also a much more enjoyable and entertaining way. I also really enjoy the relaxation that the cradling position gives. It took me a while to find someone to securely fasten it to the ceiling in my bedroom but was absolutely worth it once I got to start playing with it. I have already recommended too many of my friends to get the Yoga Trapeze® even if they could only get it in their doorway or possibly hanging from a tree outside. I would love to purchase one if you have it available in the future a portable stand that you can use to take your yoga trapeze wherever you go.

Autumn W.

"I would recommend this to anyone, it's been a lifesaver!" I saw the Yoga Trapeze® advertised as helping back pain and so I decided to try it. I have been struggling with extreme back and shoulder pain and have been going to physical therapy and chiropractors. Last year I had surgery which has helped. The Yoga Trapeze® has been amazing to use. I'm in the middle of moving right now and I feel my back and shoulders starting to tense and hurt. If I stop and take just a few minutes to invert I feel MUCH better. I would recommend this to anyone, it's been a lifesaver!


"...the Yogabody Trapeze helped me.." Practicing Yoga and practicing with the Yogabody Trapeze helped me to heal a pain in the neck and right shoulder and arm that I had for several years.


"Love the yoga trapeze" Love the Trapeze! It's been great for deepening my practice. It's also fun. I've enjoyed teaching my nieces ( 4 and 6) how to do inversions. I look forward to their new favorite request, "auntie… can we play on the yoga swing with you today" 🙂

Shannon M.

"I love the yoga trapeze" I got the yoga trapeze after a recommendation from a friend (Amanda of Fit and Chips), as I've had a prolapsed disc in my back and I wanted to try the inversion. This actually didn't work to well for me as I have had muscle spasms and trying the inversion cause the muscle in my lower back to spasm. However, I love the yoga trapeze for doing lots of other positions and use it daily just to hang and stretch. I hope when my back is better I can do inversions. Just using it daily to do deeper stretch has really helped my health and recovery and I would recommend it to anyone. I also use it for TRX type sets of squat and pull-ups!


"I enjoy it mostly for hanging upside down..." The Yoga Trapeze® has been a new fun way to practice yoga at home. I've also enjoyed introducing it to my Goddaughter who found Vinyasa a bit boring because of her age. I think she spends more time on the trapeze than I do, always looking up new moves and positions. I enjoy it mostly for hanging upside down; it's great for decompressing my back after a long day.

Julia M.

" really is a great product!" The Yoga Trapeze® brought relief to my back and helped me work on my back flexibility and used gravity as a passive advantage! I love it and already see improvements in my flexibility. Thanks to you guys!!

Kim A.

"Thank you!" The Trapeze has taken my yoga experience to a new level. I can now do poses that I couldn't easily do on the mat. The lower back pain I used to experience (from too much yoga!) has just about vanished. The Yoga Trapeze® is also fun to use and it provides a bit of entertainment for the family to watch mom swinging around like a circus star – it really is a great product!!


"Thank you for your great products!" I would like to start off with the Yoga Trapeze®. It is by far my favorite product I have purchased this year. I also purchased your door mount bar and installed it between the exposed beams and it worked perfectly! Pretty awesome, it has greatly enhanced my practice but I would imagine the hassle of hunting down hardware would be discouraging for the average consumer. I also am a huge fan of the Yogabody Stretch AND you Gravity Yoga. I have noticed a drastic improvement with my flexibility after about a month of using the Stretch along with your Gravity Yoga digital videos. My body feels more "free" and less tensed. I am an overall extremely satisfied customer. I recommend your products to all of my friends and family. Thank you for your great products!


"Amazing!" The Trapeze offers amazing support and strength building; definitely has strengthened core and back muscles after sitting at desk/commute each day!


"Awesome..." The Trapeze motivates me to do yoga…feels like I'm an acrobat in a circus.


"The results are awesome..." In my lifestyle as a dog musher and fisherman and ak, I just don't have time or set up to get on the floor and do traditional yoga. With the Yoga Trapeze® I stretch for 5-10 min multiple times each day. The results are awesome, more strength and less soreness overall!

Monica Z.

"I will keep recommending it to others!" The Yoga Trapeze® has helped with my anxiety, I feel safer being Up than on the ground at times, the confidence I get just from pulling myself into a position I thought I couldn't do is absolutely worth it. It helps my mind to still and my breathing to deepen, especially when I have creative music playing in the background. I've recommended this product through my social media and have had requests for where I've gotten the Trapeze as well as for me to make videos on how in the world I do it. I push them all to this website and even became bold enough to make a video of my own. All in all, I'm glad I stumbled upon the Yoga Trapeze® and will keep recommending it to others!

Kasha R.

"I have 2!" I bought two yoga trapezes. One for me and one for my 7 year old daughter. She's been doing yoga since preschool. We love it! The yoga trapeze makes yoga even more fun and engaging. I can try poses I couldn't do before.

Rita R.

"Back pain is gone!" I've always had back pain. Using the Trapeze once a day before bed to get a nice stretch has helped relieve that pain! Love my trapeze!

Alma G.

"...helps my lower back tremendously!" The Yoga Trapeze® helps my lower back tremendously! I am also getting stronger from using the low impact system of the trapeze.

Reanna H.

"Increases flexibility" The Trapeze has definitely helped me with my flexibility issues. My back has not bothered me as much! I love the podcasts and all the information and suggestions you give.

Christene S.

"So much FUN" Yes, I would always recommend YOGABODY! I have 2 of the Yoga Trapeze®s! One at home and one in my car! I have arthritis in my lower back and this takes the pressure off immediately! Not to mention it's a great workout for the whole body 🙂 Oh and fun!

Sharon L.

"Helps with back pain" The yoga trapeze works great for me to stretch my back. After a few times going upside down I barely have any back pain anymore!

Melissa G.

"Helps with back pain" The yoga trapeze has really helped some nagging back pain following the birth of my son 5 months ago.

Jessica R.

"Helps with recovery" I recently had knee surgery and was having difficulty exercising due to pain and swelling – the Yoga Trapeze® helped me gain flexibility and range of motion back without bearing weight on the knee while recovering.

Pam S.

"Great Product!" I have bad knees and I´m overweight, so the normal classes are impossible. Using a ball was downright scary for someone my age (66). Chair yoga was good but not much out there on it. I use the Yoga Trapeze® for stabilization during the poses as well as taking the pressure off my knees. I use it for my arms as well. I've only had it a few months, but since it hangs there calling to me, I use it more often than other products.

Carlyn T.

"I love my Yoga Trapeze®!" I LOVE Aerial yoga and now I have my own Yoga Trapeze® to take to class with me. I love it so much!

Tina J.

"I love my Yoga Trapeze®!" The Yoga Trapeze® is so easy to use. It has helped me do more back bends and stretches to alleviate back pain. I love my Yoga Trapeze®!

Angela H.

"Thank you!" I love my Yoga Trapeze®. My Inner Child loves hanging out in it exploring, experimenting, playing. I end up holding postures longer with more comfort. Thank you!

Bonnie D.

"Helps with back pain!" The Yoga Trapeze® has helped my back problems tremendously. I also find it very stress relieving. I have SI joint and L4 & L5 injury, so it helps with the pain!

Holly W.

"Amazing!" I need something that allows me to stretch places I can't stretch alone. I bartend, and I deal with an excess amount of lateral movement. To come home and just grab my Yoga Trapeze®. Stretch out my sides, and pull myself up to do a backbend real quick feels amazing. I've always wanted Aerial yoga equipment, YOGABODY products are quality and I love mine so much.

Sierra G.

"It´s really fun!" I feel taller and able to stretch my entire shoulder girdle for the first time in years. I have RA and it's really bad in my wrists and hands. It has been completely impossible to do downward dog in the past, so I have avoided doing yoga all together. Now I'm doing yoga daily on the yoga trapeze, feeling more flexible, having fun. That's the other thing about the trapeze, it's really fun! :).

Jude S.

"Helped me decompress my spine!" The Yoga Trapeze® has helped me decompress my spine and relieve some pain from my sciatica.I haven't had it very long and need to explore more poses with it.

Barbara J.

"Increased flexibility!" I feel like the Trapeze has made flexibility more accessible. I'm working on bringing my toes to my head in scorpion and getting my straddle split and think this will help. I showed it to one friend, who ended up buying the trapeze. And another is in the process of deciding whether or not she wants to buy one, too!

Teresa M.

"Thank you!" The Yoga Trapeze® has most definitely helped out w/my lower back & hips. I have degenerative disc disease,arthritis in my spine,sciatica so I was desperate to try anything because I don't like to take medicine. It would help a little more if I knew what I was doing

Brandy M.

"Thank you!" I enjoy the back stretch from hanging in the Trapeze. I also enjoy the versatility of the Trapeze to work on core, upper body, flexibility and balance. I play roller derby and the yoga trapeze really helps with the stretching and the toe spreaders (Awesome Toes) really help with the impact on my feet (we use or run on our toe stops a lot). I have posted pics on my facebook and instagram accounts. My friends always have questions and one of my teammates just purchased her own Yoga Trapeze®. So I am very pleased so far. Thank you.


"Great product!" I combined the Trapeze with a hand-held electronic TENS unit, and have seen VAST improvements in the neck pain I was having, to the point I've been able to eliminate costly chiropractor visits. Additionally, just a few minutes a day spent in the trapeze has helped to improve my upper body strength and stability more quickly than weight lifting for longer periods of time. I absolutely love this product and will continue to recommend it others.

Chelsea S.

"I love my Trapeze." I use it almost daily. It was super easy to set up in my house and to use. It has helped with my strength, back issues, and overall flexibility. It's well worth the cost and I feel like I have already earned my money back with how much I use it. I can't imagine not having this in my house.

Rachel M.

"New level of fun" The Yoga Trapeze® has added a new level of fun to my practice. It's more like playing on the playground than exercising. As a workout tool it provides non-parallel stretching and body strength work.

Beverly S.

"Great!" I have scoliosis in the form of a slight rotation of the spine to the left. As I have gotten older (62), and although yoga has helped, my back gets very tight with strenuous exercise and also just the opposite; sitting at a desk all day. I feel the Yoga Trapeze® is helping my back relax and decompress without the discomfort of those inversion table shoe things. The fabric is soft and holds me securely by my hips. I haven't been using it for very long and I am still working on staying in the upside down position for more than 2 minutes. Takes some getting used to. 🙂

Crystal E.

"Great!" The Yoga Trapeze® has helped me to open up more and practice more freely in any place that I want to. Also it has helped me to maintain a regular practice.

Allexa A.

"The Yoga Trapeze® is lots of FUN!" I've been having a lot of fun trying new poses with the Yoga Trapeze® and trying to create a flow sequence. My 7 year old granddaughter is also having a lot of fun with it and gives us quality time together.

Teresa R.

"The Yoga Trapeze® is wonderful...." I like to hang upside down to stretch my spine. My 9 year old daughter likes to play around on it too – it's a fun way for her to work on her strength, without realizing she's working.

Brenda E.

"The Yoga Trapeze® has helped me with my lower back pain and mental clarity..." The Yoga Trapeze® has helped me with my lower back pain and mental clarity. It's also helped me set some time aside to do something for myself which is awesome. Thank you guys!! Also, thank you so much for being understanding about the late payment. My mom is about to order herself one and my family is interested!

Gussie C.

"Thank you YogaBody!!" I suffer from many ailments from neck pain, numbness between my shoulder blades & upper back, hip pain & sciatica. My body, due to a car accident many years ago, was squished like an accordion along with being tumbled around when my mom & I got T- boned from an uninsured drunk driver. Not having enough money to cover doctor bills, therapy etc. for both my mom & I. I felt the money we did have should be for my mom. So I've dealt with this pain for about 15 yrs now, getting adjustments when I could, here & there. Then recently I saw an ad from Yogabody about the yoga trapeze on facebook & thought "why not, what else do I have to lose"… So I ordered it. It's been almost a month now using the trapeze & let me say that it's brought tons of relief. Hanging upside down for a min a day has helped me a lot! I also feel a difference in my core, arms & balance. I am getting better and stronger overall. I have a long way to go before I can say I'm ok. But your product has helped me in more ways than one in getting me closer to feeling better.

Alexandra F.

"I love it.." The Yoga Trapeze® has made my arms and core so much stronger.

Robin P.

"I love it.." The Yoga Trapeze® makes me feel great, relaxes me, relieves stress, makes me smile, but it also works my body in a more intense way overall than my regular yoga practice on my mat. I love it and wish I had a place in my home to hang it. For now, I have it hanging from a tree outside, so I haven't had enough good weather to get into a regular practice with it. I think it's a great product, though, and I really appreciate the tutorial videos - they are very helpful!

Kristin B.

"AWESOME" The Yoga Trapeze® is fun, helps with backends and is AWESOME for traction type help on my neck!

Teresa P.

"...the Yoga Trapeze® has really helped me relieve my back pain.." I have scoliosis and the Yoga Trapeze® has really helped me relieve my back pain, and improved my balance and flexibility. I love it! P.S. So do my children!

Shawna M.

"...has helped my back feel so much better!!" The Yoga Trapeze® is great and fun! I recommended it to my sister and it has helped my back feel so much better!!


"THANK YOU!" SO grateful to have the Yoga Trapeze®, have wanted to try it for years and was so excited when I got it. I can already feel the benefits in my low back and rejuvenated fun practice!

Julie R.

"...I'm loving it!" Although it's been a bit tricky to find a good place to hang my Yoga Trapeze®, I'm loving it! I'm new to it but I can't wait to keep practicing and get better.

Eve L.

"Improved my mindset.." With the Yoga Trapeze® the flexibility in my back has improved tremendously as well as my posture, and it has lessened the pain in my hips from playing roller derby. It also improved my mindset, I feel more grounded and at ease in general.


"The Yoga Trapeze® is fun.." The Yoga Trapeze® is fun and has relieved my former back pains. It's helping me gain flexibility and strength.

Alyssa S.

"I love it!" I have not used the Yoga Trapeze® a lot yet but I do love it!! It will definitely enhance my practice. And I very much appreciate your Podcast, Lucas. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!


"I love it!" The Yoga Trapeze® has allowed me to enter into poses that I wouldn't normally try in a traditional class. My flexibility has improved by using the trapeze. I love it!


"I love the Yoga Trapeze®!" I love the Yoga Trapeze®, it keeps me limber and stretched without the conflict of ground. I have scoliosis and this has done wonders for my back pain!

Jacinda P.

"Thank you" The Yoga Trapeze® has allowed me to practice yoga without additional stress on my body.

Jessica A.

"The Yoga Trapeze® is Awesome!" I use it for spinal decompression. My c6, c7, L4/5 and everywhere inbetween were damaged in an auto injury in 2012, and this feels so good. I am so glad that I bought it!

Brenna N.

"I feel so free and loose using the Trapeze." The Yoga Trapeze® is helping me to do backbends I normally can't achieve. It's also helping my back, neck and spine health.

Christine D.

"Love it!" The Trapeze has allowed me to do inversion poses comfortably while working on my upper body strength! I absolutely love having it, and makes yoga more integrated into my everyday routine 🙂

Julia K.

"Happy Lower Back" As yoga has always helped in my focus, stress management and flexibility, it didn't give me the core strengthening needed to maintain a happy lower back. I have been battling lower back pain for years. Since I started using the Yoga Trapeze®, in moments, I can find relief.


"I love it!" The Trapeze is helpful to my back post surgery. I love it!


"LOVE hanging upside down…" ...nothing gives me back joy like this! Great supplement to my practice. Also LOVE the benefits to my skin from the Trapeze inversion. So good!


"I love the support.." I love the support the Yoga Trapeze® gives me in a few poses, I have difficulty with and the way it allows me to release into a pose and build strength without fear of injury.

Laura D.

"The Yoga Trapeze® is Amazing!" It's amazing!! I love to hang from Trapeze and feel the release happen within my body!


"Great quality!" I can see that the Yoga Trapeze® will last a long time because of its quality. I'm very happy with the quality of the material. Hanging upside down is now an everyday routine!

Isabela G.

"It is so much fun!" I have been using the yoga trapeze for less than two months and i really enjoy it. Right from the start, as soon as it arrived I told the teachers at the yoga studio and some of my friends about it. Recently I have had a little discomfort with sciatica and the trapeze is a good way to move without causing more pain. As the weather gets warmer we will be hanging the trapeze out on the back porch and there will be more room to get creative with my yoga moves. For now, I have to say that getting the trapeze in the dark days of winter and hanging it in the living room where the afternoon sun shines in has been a most pleasant way to enjoy my yoga practice. Aerial yoga, the feeling of floating, swinging, hanging upside down, all of these things give me the feeling of carefree childhood and so I would say that the yoga trapeze is great for my health, because it's fun!!

Tricia P.

"..the Yoga Trapeze® has helped me heal so wonderfully..." I injured my lower back badly last year (twice!). Having the ability to do easy, comfortable daily inversions with the Yoga Trapeze® has helped me heal so wonderfully and I suspect that it will help me prevent future injuries. It's also been instrumental in improving my balance and core strength which supports my back as well!

Jessica B.

"I love it!" I use this yoga trapeze daily for stretching and inversions. I love it! It has helped relieve lower back pains.


"Improved Flexibility and Range of Motion" Still learning how to use the Trapeze, but flexibility and range of motion have improved in just a few months.

Lisa J.

"Thank God for the Yoga Trapeze®!" I haven't been able to fully use the Yoga Trapeze® as my back went out literally right before I received it. However, Thank God I have it as I can hang with hips down to alleviate my disc compression.


"Everybody loves the Yoga Trapeze®!" The Yoga Trapeze® has given me more focus and motivation to be healthy. I Invite friends over to do it with me, my children do it, it's hanging in the doorway of my living room and it's just perfect.


"...the Yoga Trapeze® has been phenomenal!" The Yoga Trapeze® has been very good, when I need to relax, the Yoga Trapeze® has been phenomenal!


"I felt 10 years younger!" I have a bad back and with the first use of the Yoga Trapeze®, my back cracked in many places. I felt 10 years younger!

Angela E.

"Practice any time you want!" The Yoga Trapeze® is a fun reminder to practice at home and at anytime! I find myself walking by it and the pull to practice works every time!

Kristin T.

"A lot of FUN!" The Yoga Trapeze® is another outlet to practice yoga and it is a great way to get your fix of inversions. I think it is so easy to assemble and it´s great that it packs up into a small carry bag! So far my time spent on the trapeze has been fun and still have lots to practice and poses to create on it. I have shared with my family members and they have enjoyed it also:)


"I love having the support of the Yoga Trapeze® in my practice" I love having the support of the Yoga Trapeze® in my practice - I love being off the ground! – especially with little kids in the house – so I can enjoy an awesome stretch without worrying about getting jumped upon by the kids. The kids love the Trapeze too - a great place to hang and swing for them in the winter.


"..great stuff!!" The Yoga Trapeze® helped me to be more flexible in my back bends and I feel like a being a child again .....great stuff!!!

Vincent H.

" form of Yoga to me..." The Yoga Trapeze® has introduced a completely new form of yoga to me and helped with variety as well as poses that I was unable to achieve in my traditional practice.

Bonnie C.

"I love being able to do safe inversions..." The yoga trapeze allows me to extend my practice immeasurably. I love being able to do safe inversions at home and not just in class.

Pat A.

"I love the yoga trapeze!" It has helped me with my backbends - I 'warm' up with the trapeze and then do similar postures on the floor. Using the trapeze eases my mind and body into postures that I avoid normally since those are the most challenging for me.


"Thank You!!!" The Yoga Trapeze® has greatly helped with lower back pain!

Amanda P.

"My back loves me and I have a blast using the Trapeze!" I suffer from back pain due to osteoarthritis in my neck and buying the yoga trapeze was the best thing I've done for my back in ages. My back loves me and I have a blast using it! I'm so glad I bought it and highly recommend it! I'm also loving getting more flexible!


"It´s Fun! It´s Challenging" The trapeze has definitely helped add a renewed interest to yoga. It's fun. It's challenging. Which yoga is already both of those but the trapeze has a definite ease and appeal that makes it an accessible tool to add to my practice. I still do mat work, but the trapeze is nice when I'm having trouble with some positions or areas of tightness that I'm having trouble targeting on the mat. Being in the air is also a good change for the meditating piece of yoga – not being grounded on the floor changes how you mentally body scan, for instance. Your mind is getting input in a different way and being able to think different and be mindful differently is always a good thing! It's also helped with low back trouble I've always addressed on the mat, now I have new ways to improve it and it has. It's also helped my children become more interested in yoga, new way to be aware of their body and their abilities and a fun way to balance! I love that!


"The yoga trapeze makes my back feel spacious...." The yoga trapeze makes my back feel spacious after long days sitting at my desk. I am more able, and more likely, to practice my backbends – something I've been trying to improve for a long time. After 2 months of using the yoga trapeze (not daily), I am not sure if my backbends are improving, but I think they are. It would be good to have some longer yoga trapeze videos – say 15 or 20 minutes of flow. The variety of things I can do with my yoga trapeze seems limited. Some playful videos (or something) may spark the creativity of us users so that we keep feeling like we are learning new things.


" glad I found it!" I purchased the yoga trapeze because I love yoga and I have 3 discs with degenerative disc disease. I have felt immediate relief from some of the pain and have been talking about the product nonstop to friends and coworkers and even have convinced at least one person to purchase one. Not only has it been amazingly helpful, but the price point is amazing and I feel it was one of my best purchases ever in regards to fitness. I have gained a lot of weight in dealing with my spinal problems and another disorder I have, and at 255, the door bar and yoga trapeze hold me with no difficulty at all. Amazing product, so glad I found it!

Natalie Long

"Best price for best trapeze!" I did a lot of research for a yoga trapeze and discovered this is a company that cares about people & life! They have the best price because they want to help people heal. I could not justify spending close to $500 for very similar products. Purchasers have to realize the instructions and videos are on the seller's website so there is no waste of paper. The company has everything you need for free on their website! I had several questions and the company responded quickly and with detailed answers. The product is well constructed with solid seams & hardware. The installation was a little challenging with my plaster ceilings but the trapeze is up and it's solid!! Use a battery operated stud finder to be absolutely sure. The product is easy to use so buy one, have fun and heal!

Yoga Goddess

"Yoga trapeze for all ages and skill levels" I was very excited to get the Yoga Trapeze® and so were the other members of my family. Don’t let the small package fool you the parachute type material compresses quite a bit. I’ll explain how we installed ours and how three different fitness levels can enjoy this Yoga Trapeze®. The trapeze comes with the ropes for mounting, the main sling, handles and all the appropriate carabineers. If you are familiar with mountain climbing you will realize the equipment provided is more than adequate to support a lot of weight. I believe the trapeze is rated for 600 lbs. If you have a swing set or branch the trapeze will mount instantly by looping the ropes over the bar, branch or whatever. If you don’t have a bar like structure in your house there are hardware suggestions and other apparatus you can acquire. I simply tapped on my ceiling hearing for the trusses of the roof behind the ceiling material and made a hole on both sides of two trusses. I fished the ropes in one hole, over the truss of our roof and out the other hole to loop around the truss for maximum structural integrity. The space of two feet between the trusses worked well for me also. Once the ropes were looped around and tied/adjusted I simply squirted expanding foam in the holes, let dry, cut excess and then dabbed with white silicone caulking to match my ceiling. Some paraffin was applied to the rope to prevent friction wearing on the rope prior to the finishing work, but likely an unnecessary step. It looks good hanging in the living room. The colors are attractive. My only negative critique I could mention, is wishing there were more color options. We did have a stitching error on one of the handles but they replaced it immediately so that is good to know if there were any problems with manufacturing when you buy one. There are three handles you can configure in different ways. The two longer handles can be used similar to the TRX exercise equipment and you can copy their exercises. There are comfortable dense foam over rugged plastic handles you can use or slide to the side, as well as sliding adjusters to control the bunching of the fabric as desired. We put the small handles way up high so my husband with a bad back, desperately needing spinal decompression, could just grab with his hands and hang by his hands. He also lets the main swing hold him up by his arms and lets his lower body hang down that way. There are many easy and for anyone ways he uses the trapeze with out hanging upside down. Being heavy he also felt very safe in the triple stitched and over built Yoga Trapeze®. In this simple way it can be used by the elderly as well as the infirmed. My daughter uses it similar to what you might see in the Cirque Du Soleil, where as I use it for building muscle in my less than strong upper body. You can grab two handles and just use your body weight to do pull up similar exercises for strength. The stretching applications are many and quite instantly obvious. The exercises you can use on this trapeze are so varied they are quite infinite. There have been definite results from the use of this apparatus. My husbands back feels better, I feel stronger and our daughter uses it for a couple hours every day. She has been using it like a hammock lately as the fabric can be positioned in a stretched out manner as well as like a sling. It is nice to have it in the living room and use it for a few minutes here and there through out the day, especially for something like spinal decompression. I also think one of the benefits of hanging upside down is that it can counteract the aging appearance the effects of gravity have on the human body. There are lots of videos online to get ideas if you need them. Basically the whole devise can unclip from the ropes by the carabineers and be tucked away with only two short pieces of rope left hanging from the ceiling. There is a bag included with the trapeze for just this application. So it is much less obtrusive than most exercise equipment you could have. We have even used the ropes for other purposes like hanging a bike to work on it and such things. When the kids go to bed you could explore candle lit lingerie trapeze and other such ideas… This is truly a exercise devise to be enjoyed by every one in your family, its uses limited only by your imagination


"The trapeze gets used daily..." We have the yoga trapeze hanging from the roof rafters above our deck. The trapeze gets used daily by my two sons and their friends whom have all been impressed by it. I believe they receive multiple benefits from the trapeze – strength, flexibility, confidence building through encouraging each other in the poses, and relaxation and meditation

Deborah Sands

"I LOVE IT!" I really enjoy the yoga swing. I had taken a "Ropes" yoga class when living in Dallas and wanted to continue practicing yoga that way but could not find a class or practice anywhere. The yoga swing allows me to do a "ropes" yoga class by utilizing the yoga swing. I LOVE it! I can get complete traction and stretch in ways I'm unable to in a standard yoga class.

Elizabeth Carrere

"I find it immensely helpful before meditating..." 1.As I am a beginner, I cannot get the benefit of headstand. Using the trapeze I have all the benefit of a complete inversion. I find it immensely helpful before meditating, as it physically quietens the mind, and I am able to find effortlessly the expansive focus on the pituitary gland region. 2. As a beginner my back muscles were not developed enough to do back bends without hurting my lower back regions. With the help of the trapeze I can slowly increase by back bends without the help of an expensive private teacher.


"Thank you" I can practice efficient inversions at home.

Sylvia Freeman

"People fall in love with the trapezes" I have 6 trapezes and have turned on a lot of folks to YOGABODY´s website to purchase one for themselves after taking a class at my studio, they fall in love with them.

Julie Funke

"The Yoga Trapeze® offers tremendous relief" I really appreciate the traction benefits of the yoga swing. I have disc compression and this offers tremendous relief

Karen Oakes

"I have toned up all over by using the Yoga Trapeze®" I love my YOGABODY Trapeze and I have recommended it to all my friends and family. I have toned up all over by using it. Additionally. I feel I have cured a tendency for vertigo. After turning upside down on an amusement park ride and once on a traction bed I had terrible vertigo that lasted for days and I even had to go to my doctor and a physical therapist for treatment both times I wanted to use the yoga body swing but was really afraid of getting vertigo. So I very gradually turned upside down on my yoga swing taking a week to make the full translation to upside down. It worked! I usually flip upside down now about 20 times during a single workout and have no vertigo issues at all and am able to enjoy the most fun exercise I've ever done.


"The Yoga Trapeze® helps me find balance" As I've gotten older and more out of shape I find my balance is not so great. When I practice yoga poses using the Yoga Trapeze® I find it helps me keep my balance.

Sarah Macutkiewicz

"My daughter uses it to strengthen her core" I use the Yoga Trapeze® mainly for my lower back to give it some relief. My daughter uses it to strengthen her core.

Judelka Espinal

"I actually crave my Yoga Trapeze® everyday" My Yoga Trapeze® has helped me tremendously in many ways, starting with my back. I injured my back and the trapeze not only helped with my pain and flexibility, but has given me the motivation, balance and energy to enjoy my other fitness routines. I actually crave my Yoga Trapeze® everyday. I am so thankful for my Trapeze! Thanks again! Have a great day and enjoy your life.


"Thank you" Has helped stretch my back so my pain doesn't become chronic.

Kimbelry Lutz

"Can't begin to tell you how much better I feel when I use it" I have been a massage therapist for 9 years and the trapeze has helped tremendously in keeping my chest muscles opened. Can't begin to tell you how much better I feel when I use it.

Cynthia Johnson

"I love the traction..." Absolutely! I love the traction which was my main purpose for buying the trapeze, but I also like the many strengthening poses and exercises that you can do, especially for upper body. It is such a versatile product. Thank you!

Sherry Calahan

"Thank you" The Yoga Trapeze® helped mom with her Parkinson symptoms.

Heather McPherson

"Thank you" Before the Yoga Trapeze® I had chronic back and neck pain, now I do not


"I will be a customer for LIFE" I've recently purchased the YOGABODY Trapeze so I do not have a testimony yet. I've used the YOGABODY Stretch consistently and I've definitely noticed increased energy and flexibility. GREAT products!!! Awesome company!!! I will be a customer for LIFE. Thank you Lucas!

Ayana Johnson

"Thank you Yogabody" It has made my back feel SOOOOO MUCH better!!!

Jayme Browning

"Thank you Yogabody" Trapeze and tutorials are amazing and really help with tension and flexibility. Pills for flexibility are great too. I love the podcast, a lot of jewels in there. Thank you Yogabody 🙂


"Keeps me flexible" I'm 64 years young it's keeping me flexible and building strength

Elizabeth Codd

"Love the inverted poses!" Love the education and support emails. Love the podcast. Also just love the swing 🙂

Carla Gottlieb

"I'm excited about it and I hope to get much stronger using it" I just started using the trapeze. I love it. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be. At first I couldn't even pull myself up onto it, I had to use a yoga block for assistance. I use it for stretching and for inversions. I'm excited about it and I hope to get much stronger using it. I'm 52, I started doing yoga just before I turned 49.

Pam Calabrese

"Love the upside down hanging" Made it easier for me to get the feel of postures I am still working on. Love the upside down hanging. Purchased for use in managing pain of scoliosis.

Ron Clark

"The Yoga Trapeze® is amazing" Like many others I started yoga as a treatment for a back injury and fell in love with it. When I moved to another town I continued classes but really missed hanging upside down. So I just had to have the Yoga Trapeze®. I use it whenever my back becomes too painful to enjoy life. I have found an added bonus from hanging in the trapeze that I don’t get from other inversions. It completely stills my mind for hours afterwards. So now if the busy-ness in my head gets beyond control, upside down I go. It’s amazing.

Heather (yoga student)

"The Yoga Trapeze® helps my flexibility" My wife has a back problem and we have been using the Yoga Trapeze® for 2 weeks and the decompression for the back is working. I have used it also for stretching and have noticed that my shoulder flexibility is improving. The best part of your program is consistency and with your weekly mails I remember to do it on a daily basis and that has been a fundamental part of the results. Thank you and never stop writing, so we can stay bendy.

Omar Carrum (professional dancer)

"The Yoga Trapeze® Offers Great Back Pain Relief" I bought the Yoga Trapeze® for my wife who doesn’t practice yoga but has had slipped discs since adolescence. She gets relief from doing a simple inversion in this for seven minutes each morning

Jeremy Johnson (yoga student)

"I can't describe how happy I am about my trapeze..." My Yoga Trapeze® is here! Thanks for your invention, dedication, and passion for yoga, Lucas! This Trapeze is going to rock my world, my back and my body... I don't have the words to describe how happy I am about my trapeze.

Julian (yoga student)

"I could use the Yoga Trapeze® for hours" I borrowed a friend’s Yoga Trapeze® and it was an awesome experience. It gave me such a feeling of lightness without being dizzy. Almost instant relief from backache and a feeling of the spine decompressing. I just wanted to stay upside down for hours it was so relaxing.

Bryan Bender (yoga student)

"I absolutely love the yoga trapeze" I built a frame for it myself and I’m not all that handy so it had to be easy. I use it for inversions and I’ve been working on pulls up. I’ve really noticed a difference in wheel and bow-pulling pose now.

Jennifer Martsolf (yoga student)

"Wonderful for practicing backbends!" I (easily) installed the yoga trapeze in my studio and it's so great for practicing inverted postures to release the spine. It allows me to stay longer in inverted postures than on the floor. It's also been really wonderful for practicing supported backbends, and strength building for the upper body. And just plain fun to use!

Ruth B (yoga instructor)

"....helps unwind and relieve lower back pain" I'm finding it VERY useful. Having a twisted hip as diagnosed by the chiropractor, I'm finding it to help unwind and relieve lower back pain and left food numbness. I also just like how easy it is to get a certain areas that I can't do so easily on the floor.

Jim Werner (yoga student)

"I highly recommend the yoga trapeze" This product is really well made and worth the cost. It is not only fun to use, but very safe and effective to go deep into an asana. I highly recommend it.

Stephen Jen (yoga student)

"I recommend the Yoga Trapeze® for anyone for active pain relief" It was awkward at first getting in and out of my trapeze but it got comfortable quickly and I was able to relax into my poses and get some relief from my sciatica instantly. I have a herniated disc and my problem is stubborn and seems to change daily with all my other therapies as the disc shifts, but the yoga trapeze is definitely worth it. I recommend it to anyone for active pain relief and maintaining back health.

Jehan Strouse (yoga student)

"… highly recommend it for anyone with back pain and/or scoliosis." I have used this product for 2 weeks. I bought it to relieve sciatic pain. I had relief after hanging for 10 minutes. I use the trapeze 3 times a day. My back is 80% better. I also do ab exercises, without any back or neck pain. I love this product, and would highly recommend it for anyone with back pain and/or scoliosis. Also great for people that sit at work or car for long periods of time.

Cym Warkov (Yoga Student)

"I have a new love in my life" Having finally installed my yoga trapeze, I have a new love in my life. I love looking at it, hanging in it and doing the great stretching poses that you have so generously uploaded to Youtube. I daydream about my trapeze! Thank you!

Tana Vaughan (yoga student)

"…beautiful tool that all three generations will enjoy healthfully!" My son just set up the one I ordered for his home, as I know inversions help my hip condition and my granddaughter loves trapeze tricks being a natural gymnast. After my first session my hips feel way more open and the pain is lessened...maybe from laughing so hard I cried watching my 12 yr old granddaughter do a backbend with the cloth wrapped around her thighs. She leaned forward and could touch her feet to her hands! Thanks for a beautiful tool that all three generations will enjoy healthfully!

Janine Gibson (Yoga Student)

"Brings me to an instant "happy-place" Had it a little over 2 weeks and love it! It inspired me to get into an early a.m. sadhana routine. I have highly recommended it to several friends. Thank you for the trial and abundance of supportive information. Peace, Love and Prana

Lisa Nuttall (Yoga Student)

"My neck and shoulder pain had almost recovered" I had used yoga trapeze for 2 weeks. I still feel giddy if I hold the Traction Jackson pose longer than 3 minutes. And most of the poses are still difficult for me to perform. I love the yoga trapeze pose chart you sent me today and I hope you can create more poses which are easier to do for the beginner.

Rachel Wong (Yoga Student)

"I love the trapeze!" It allows me to try things I've always wanted to do, but lack the upper arm strength to try, and it feels great to just hand upside down. I'm looking forward to using it more and more in my home practice.

Wendy Simmons-Taylor (Yoga Student)

"I feel safe using it!" I have used this for two days, I have had it installed for two days and so far so good! I have a prolapsed disc and it feels so much better when I'm hanging upside down and afterwards. I have added hanging in the trapeze to the end of my daily yoga practice. Its made very well and I feel safe using it.

Justine Johnson (Yoga Student)

"I go to chiropractor way less!" I have been using it for about six months. I go to chiropractor for about half as many adjustments now!

Michael McArdle (Yoga Student)

"I love the fact that I feel less lower back pain" I've been using the yoga trapeze for over 6 months now and I love the fact that I feel less lower back pain since using it. I also find that it helps me in my own home yoga practice.

Nicole Pedersen (Yoga Student)

"It has always been one of my favorite yoga tools!" I've used a yoga trapeze or inversion swing for about 25 years. Putting my spine "in traction" is one of the best things I do to keep my spine healthy, strong, and flexible--and free of back pain as well. I've recommended it over the years to countless people. I still get strange looks from those unfamiliar with its purpose, but I don't care a bit. It has always been one of my favorite yoga tools, and will continue to be as long as I can "hang out"!

Helle Stier (Yoga Student)

"With only 5 minutes of inversion, my back stiffness is 100% gone!" I’ve been using the yoga trapeze about 2 weeks now. I am a massage therapist that makes house calls. After a long day of hauling a table from site to site my back is very stiff. With only 5 minutes of inversion, my back stiffness is 100% gone. I also plan to take the trapeze with me on camping trips over the summer and on a white water rafting trip in June.

I like the fact that it packs down so small and is so easy to set up. I think there will be a lot of people asking me about this product and wanting to try it out over the summer.

Kenneth Veale (Yoga Student)

"It does relieve my back pain immediately!" I received my trapeze a 5 days ago. The first thing I do when I got home after a long day at the office is hang down. It does relieve my back pain immediately. It is a challenge to get up, but I’ll keep practicing.

Britta Brand (Yoga Student)

"Look forward to using it more!" Just started using it in last week but already starting to feel the benefits. Helping my back, which usually inhibits my practice, following years of injury and different forms of rehabilitation and treatment. Look forward to using it more to really see how it benefits me!

Liz Young (Yoga Student)

"I am very happy to recommended this product... " I’ve hooked my yoga trapeze to my ab tower until I get an old swing frame it hang it from outside. I am loving being able to come home from work and hang upside down for a little while to relieve my lower back tightness! I am also using it in my strength program for pull ups and suspended push ups, the possibilities are endless. It is beautifully made! I am very happy to recommended this product to anyone who is interested, take the plunge you’ll be so thankful you did!

Carmel Taylor (Yoga Student)

"Trapeze has helped with my core strength" I have had the trapeze for almost a year. The trapeze has helped with my core strength and helps releasing my back after a full day at the desk and computer. I have taken it on holiday and practicing under a tree canopy was an amazing experience, both physically and from a meditation point of view. During the summer I install it in the garage where rafters make a good hanging option. Winter is tricky, I have installed it in a door frame hanging from a chin-up bar, but the door width restricts a lot of movements.

Simone (Yoga Student)

"Thank you for this lovely offer of fun, healing and movement!" I’ve had my trapeze about three weeks. I love it every time I get a chance to use it. As soon as it went up on the beams in the dining room and every day, my 14 year old daughter loves to live in it. She is a ballerina and an aerialist on silks. She does amazing stunts on the trapeze, or sits perched there as if she was sitting on a sliver of the moon. She loves making video clips and asking me, ”mom” to watch her…just as she did when she was little. Warms my heart. For me, I am working out twisted hips from metal braces I wore at 2 to 20 months of age. The hips are actually untwisting. It has not been an easy road, as the twist has affected digestion and elimination, but I am so much better…and hanging upside down is such childlike pleasure that others witnessing me have been affected by my giggles. Thank you for this lovely offer of fun, healing and movement. I loved the ”bars” when I was little and this reminds of being that young again, reversing my 57 years.

Kirsten Allen (Yoga Student)

"Absolutely love it!" Haven’t taken it down, absolutely love it. I use it at least twice a day, when I get up and before I go to bed. If my back is bothering me at all ( I babysit my grandson and carry him on my hip) after hanging it does not hurt and I sleep well. I also love the one that stretches out your shoulders. Great deal, glad I came across it!

Gala Fagerness (Yoga Student)

"My whole body is saying thank you!" I’ve been using the yoga trapeze for 3 weeks now and it has been an AMAZING addition to my practice. Durring the first week I became sore (in the best way possible) from the effortless way the yoga trapeze allowed me access to muscles ive never been able to reach and the rapid, ner noticable improvement in my pisture. My spine is straighter and stronger, the pain is gone in my neck, and my core has gotten a jump start. My whole body is saying thank you! Thanks for allowing me to try it for a month, for a dollar, and thanks for making such and awesome product!

Justin Palentchar (Yoga Student)

"It seems to be helping my chronic back pain." I have used this device for a couple weeks now, starting with just a few minutes a day to now twice a day for 3-5 minutes each time. It seems to be helping my chronic back pain. I hung it in my office so when I need a quick break, I hang loose for a few minutes. Maybe someday I will get fancy with it but for now I’m just stretching and twisting with it.

Martha P Rose (Yoga Student)

"I would buy them for EVERYONE!!" I just installed my trapeze last week – I’ve had it for three weeks. I was definitely both excited AND nervous to use it. I have had chronic back pain for over 20 years. I have been working in the food service industry for all of my life – the strain and imbalance used to carry 50-100 plates at a time on a tray is pretty ridiculous and as woman who is 5’1 – it really took it’s tole on my spine. When I was 18 – who cared???- I thought – I was strong and liked being able to carry all of those things. When I was 28 having my third son, and my third back labor, I thought – WHY did I torture my back so?? About 9 years ago I started my yoga practice. I am a naturally flexible person which gave me leeway NOT to really strengthen my core and at the time, that was ”ok” – however, little by little, my flexible little body was saying ”oh no you don’t” and I was saying ”oh yes I will” and then that pain came back with a vengeance. At 38 I decided to open my own cafe and now 2 yrs later – my yoga practice has taken a back seat to my kitchen and my spine has decided to retire. I am on my feet 10-12 hours a day – loving my life and I mean truly blissfully loving my life – and this early retirement my spine had planned is not in my business model. I see an acupuncturist, a chiropractor, rekei, massage therapist…..and I still feel as though my sacrum is vice gripped to my mattress in the morning. As if I am that woman getting cut in half at the magic show – because I can truly only move one half of my body. I went ”back” to yoga – and my back was having none of it. Even Child’s Pose was painful. I went to my GP – he said – we could do an MRI – maybe some shots and then surgery. I said no thank you. I bought the trapeze. I looked at it for 3 weeks. I installed it – inside so fearful that at 40 I had done so much damage to my back that I might not be able to EVEN DO IT. Given how short I am, I climbed on my little painted stool, leaned back – and finally was able to breathe. I felt my circulation in my body. I felt my neck let go. I could look around – ALL around. My legs get a little numb from wrapping them to tight in the swing – so I have been working on that. But in the morning and evening, I swing, for 7-10 minutes. Then I rest in the swing, fully open, and it feels like a cradle. I love this product. I cried after my first use – because it was the first time I could move freely in almost a year. I have 2 sisters who have the VERY same back issues. I have sent them your link – if I could afford to buy them for them I would – I would buy them for EVERYONE!!

Katrin Haldeman (Yoga Student)

"We have been having so much fun using the Yoga Trapeze®!" We have been having so much fun using the Yoga Trapeze®! I easily installed the trapeze in the house and got started immediately. I am very new to yoga but I am quickly realizing the benefits. The kids and I are having a great time experimenting with our new trapeze and we have even hung ropes over the tree branch outside to relax with the trapeze when the weather gets nicer.

Tara Martin (Yoga Student)

"I find it safe & fun!" I found that immediately it awoke my body from a slumber it has been in for over a year. I had a baby 17 months ago and haven't practiced too much, I have noticed I am super stiff (and getting older – 33). The trapeze is a fun way to re-awaken my body and get me to think about those places I haven't moved in a long time. I find it safe, fun and low impact.

Sarah Hladek (Yoga Student)

"I love it!!!" I have had this product for less than a month & I am still getting to know it… I love it!!! I have finally found a way to relax, stretch & meditate while my body is supported. I have a very active almost 6 year old boy who is amazing on The Yoga Trapeze®. It's been a great bonding activity for the two of us.

Marlena Emery (Yoga Student)

"my back pain has decreased a great deal!" I have used Yoga Trapeze® for 2 weeks and my back pain has decreased a great deal. The only reason I got the trapeze was to see if it would help my back pain and it did. It took some getting used to but now it is quick and easy. I hang around for about 2-3 minutes whenever I think about it and although it's not completely gone it's much better.

Rick Bradshaw (Yoga Student)

"BIG fun!" Very good quality lightweight material. Easy carrying. Handy handles, helpful with all kind of postures. The nylon can be tiny slippery but no worries of falling out. The trapeze is a great "hangout", makes you feel like flying. Very helpful with distressing lower back issues. And BIG fun!

Johan van den Oever (Yoga Student)

"feeling great" For about two months, it has helped to give me a wider range of pose options. I like being suspended in the air and letting gravity naturally help me stretch. I always walk away from the yoga trapeze feeling great.

Ally Middleton (Yoga Student)

"LOVE this product!" LOVE this product! I love the healing that inversion has brought to my lower back/ sacrum decompression. I really don't know what I did before (ok, yoga, but this gets accomplished what even regular yoga practice couldn't). My kids love to swing in it and even my husband can use it (he is 6'5"). We returned out inversion table when we found the trapeze, it takes up way less space, has several more uses, and doesn't put the pressure on the knees, ankles and feet that the table did. I also was one of the people that got pretty severe "motion sickness" on the table, that is not an issue at all with the trapeze! I can't say enough good things about this! I have had it for about 3 weeks on the "try it for $1" promotion. I am soooo glad, I use it almost every day.

Carly Aden (Yoga Student)

"This has really made a HUGE difference in my day to day life!" I've had this a couple of weeks now. I ordered this to help alleviate back and neck pain. It took a few days to get past some trepidation I was experiencing due to a negative event with an inversion table. (Got stuck hanging upside down for 17 minutes until someone could help me) Once past that feeling, I have really taken to hanging upside down and use it several times a day. In terms of pain relief…. this has really made a HUGE difference in my day to day life. I have much more movement and am able to do exercises and stretches now which I was unable to do prior to using the trapeze. I also find that if I hang out for a bit before going to bed, my body is much more relaxed and I fall asleep faster and my sleep seems to be "deeper". I rent a house where there are no exposed beams and putting holes in a doorway is not an option so ended up using a pull up bar that I have in a doorway. It utilizes a clip that tucks in behind the upper door jamb to keep it in place so there are no holes. I've had to shorten the knotted rope in order to make it high enough off the ground for me to fully extend when I invert. It would be nice if you could develop an appliance like this to sell with your trapeze for renters to use. Being in a very narrow doorway, I am limited to the moves I can make, but am trying to find creative ways to circumvent this issue to widen my range of stretches, etc. I highly recommend this product!

Andrea Christman (Yoga Student)

"helping me regain the flexibility in my back" I have used this product about two weeks and it has helped my spinal alignment tremendously! I have had back and neck pains for the past five years, sometimes severe enough to cause dizziness and collapse. Using traction Jackson has been a complete lifesaver! Plus it's helping me regain the flexibility in my back that I haven't had since I was ten!

Allison Barker (Yoga Student)

"I'm doing inversion poses I would never try on the ground" If you want to make your yoga practice fun, try this. I'm still acclimating to my aerial yoga workout, but it definitely adds a new, fun dimension to my practice. I'm doing inversion poses I would never try on the ground. I love it!

R. Evans (Yoga Student)

"The Yoga Trapeze® relieves any kinks / tightness" The Yoga Trapeze® is well built and the set-up video is well done. This takes up much less space than an inversion table and is not as expensive. At 64, I run, lift weights, stretch, garden, carpentry, photography, etc. Two minutes of hanging upside down in the Yoga Trapeze® toward the end of the day relieves any kinks / tightness that I typically could not have worked without a visit to my physical therapist.

Amazon buyer

"It's so easy to find positions that are just precisely what my body needs" This is one of the best things my family has bought in a while. And I love having it just a few steps away from my desk, so that I can hang upside down and release my tension throughout the day. It's amazing to be able to do inversions without worrying about neck strain, and it's so easy to find positions that are just precisely what my body needs. Twisting and bending and it's really perfect. We love, love, love this. So much. THANK you.

Amazon buyer

"I have not felt this good in a long time" This product is amazing. So well made, colors are awesome, easy to hang and SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT… The Yoga Trapeze® also works for improving your yoga and helping back issues. I love it and swear by it. The workouts on line are fun and easy and well taught. The individual poses do what they say they will do especially for your spine. I have not felt this good in a long time.

Lorraine Pfaff (Yoga Student)

"I'm no longer waking up with excruciating back pain" I've had my Yoga Trapeze® for a couple of weeks, and I LOVE it. I have chronic lower back pain, and I had yet to try inversion therapy of any kind. This looked fun, and simple so I ordered it and I have no regrets! I use it daily, and I'm no longer waking up with excruciating back pain, so I have much hope. I had no problems learning the basics, and there is still so much room for improvement and building my upper body strength and flexibility while I heal my lower back!

Rachel Finnemore (Yoga Student)

"Your body will thank you!" I am sooooo happy I made this purchase, and only wish I'd bought it much much sooner. I hesitated because of the price, but it is well worth it! My hip and lower back pain have eased up tremendously since getting this product. I am able to stretch more than I thought I could. This is just a wonderful product to have and use. If you use it, your body will thank you!

H. Valliere (Yoga Student)

"I just bought a second trapeze!" Love the Yoga Trapeze®, it has been a great addition to my training whether for workout or stretch. Thinking I need one for home just so I can practice before I have my clients try it. The response so far from my clients and myself is it is well worth it. Excellent!!! I just bought a second trapeze!

Shannon Rose (Yoga Student)

"I love this and would highly recommend it!!" Absolutely fabulous to stretch and lengthen through my spine each morning! I love this and would highly recommend it!!

Mary E. McKee

"I've been doing the Traction pose almost everyday" I bought 2, one for me and one for my wife. I bought it because she saw the traction aspect of it, and we didn't want to spend a lot of money on an Inversion Table. She has wanted an ariel silk to have to help with stretching and working out. Since we've received our yoga trapezes I've been doing the Traction pose almost everyday and it has helped out tremendously. And we both are started to work out together with them!!

Roger Minton (Yoga Student)

"It has almost eliminated my low back pain" It has almost eliminated my low back pain. I only say "almost " because I can feel it in my back when I haven't used my trapeze that day. I love it!

Christina Escobar (Yoga Student)

"Everything up to this point has been outstanding" I just received the package a week ago. I've found just the place to set it up, a beam in the garage. I've watched the helpful youtube videos, and I'm extremely impressed with the daily email tips. Honestly, the emails have surpassed my expectations. Everything up to this point has been outstanding.

Laura Smith (Yoga Student)

"The yoga trapeze has helped me to be able to do more challenging poses" I have to stick to gentle yoga sequences because I had surgery on my leg to remove a tumor and haven't made a full recovery yet. The yoga trapeze has helped me to be able to do more challenging poses and really stretch out while also being super low impact. I LOVE it! Thank you. Also, you guys are very good about answering emails and following through on your promises. Kudos! I have nothing but great things to say 🙂

Dennae Russell (Yoga Student)

"The yoga trapeze is perfect for anyone who is looking to spice up their yoga practice or workout routine" It is fairly easy to install, whether it is on hooks or a workout bar. I have not had it for long, but so far the durability is great. If you have any questions regarding the product, YOGABODY is very willing to directly answer them for you. I'm saying this because I have had a good experience with their customer service. Also, if you are unsure of how to install the trapeze, Youtube has some helpful tutorial videos!

D. Santamaria

"Yoga Trapeze® to the rescue" I have a pinched sciatic nerve from years of wrestling and abuse to my body. I always wanted a inversion board so I could hang upside down and relieve the tension buildup in my lower back but never had the money or space (400sqft apartment). Yoga Trapeze® to the rescue. I love this thing. I can do so much with it and I know that I haven't even scratched the surface. I currently have a gym membership, but with the trapeze I don't see a point in keeping it. I get an incredible workout with the Yoga Trapeze®. I do flys, pushups, and dips…all in my own living room. I hang upside down…then get a few crunches in. It also serve as a seat/chair for when I have company. GREAT IDEA AND PRODUCT…THE SUPPORT IS PHENOMNOM.

Christopher Beasley (Yoga Student)

"I love how the product is helping me with my at home studio" I love how the product is helping me with my at home studio & with my practitioners. I really feel that the inversions are the best not only for my practice but also for those that I'm teaching.

Nena Lyons

Awesome Toes

Want to learn more about the Awesome Toes?


"Awesome Toes are better than others tried" Good instruction on postures, help on suggestions for problem areas, Awesome Toes are better than others tried (can use in shoes). Lots of good yoga and health related knowledge on web talks. Got me interested and going again with yoga.


"Tried a few toe spreaders. Like these best. Fit in my wide toe shoes" These are far more comfortable than the “Correct Toes” that I tried before, and much cheaper. My advice, wear these for yoga or something that last around an hour, and slowly add time.


"Love them!" I’ve been using these daily and my toes love them. My husband and I can both see a difference in the space between my toes.


"Very pleased with this product" Very pleased with this product. They are quite comfortable and I put them on after my dinner when I’m relaxing and watching a movie. I’m satisfied with this purchase.


"These work for me!" I previously purchased a different brand and style of gel toe spreaders. They were firmer and I like them, but could not walk in them or wear in shoes. These are perfect. They are quite soft and stretchy and low profile so I can wear them in shoes. I need to be careful putting my socks on because they will flip over on the sides but it can be done. They have a nice separation between the toes. Enough to make a difference, but not so much that they are very uncomfortable. They come in a very nice box with 2 sizes so you will be able to choose the one that works best. I wash them in the sink with hand soap after I wear them, let them dry and store them is a Baggie with talcum power in it to keep them fresh and easy to put on. I am very glad I bought them. I am trying to heal ball of foot pain and I know I am more comfortable when I wear these.


"Great!" Soft and comfortable and sent in a convenient wooden box. The two sizes are a nice option for subtle or more sharp toe separation, without being severe. Excellent to help balance during yoga.


"Love, love!" Love, love, love! Work great. So comfortable!


"Customer Service and Product Quality both get 5 stars!" Absolutely love them! I compared every brand I could find and poured over reviews. Went with these and. couldnt be happier! The are soft, stretchy, and very comfortable. One reviewer mentioned them being straight and not fitting the curve of the foot well and therefore not staying in place. I haven’t had this problem at all, and I have a pretty tiny pinky toe and wide feet. It wasn’t clear to me that these were size small and medium- but you will receive one of each size in this beautiful box (that has enough room for three pairs). I originally purchased these for my partner and he felt like he wanted more stretch than the medium offered. So I took both of these 🙂 I wear the size small in my Altra running shoes and the mediums around the house. Love that they stay on while walking and sleeping. I contacted the company to inquire about larger sizes and they sent a large for my partner! Amazing customer service! He loves them but wowza they are BIG. We both see a noticeable difference from wearing them. He likes the extra balance he sees in his yoga practice and I am pleased with decreased foot pain.


"Fantastic!" Soft flexable silicone. Comes with 2 sizes which is great! Gorgeous bamboo box!

Keira C.

"Feels Great!" Awesome Toes is a new product and I’ve only had them for a month……but I wear them faithfully 4 or 5 times a week and they make my feet feel great. I highly recommend them to stretch your feet and counteract the damage done when wearing shoes.

Deb D.

"Worth the Money" So far, love it. Can really tell the change of spacing in my toes. I wear them overnight or sometimes during the day, 8-9 hours at a time.

Y. Li

"They Do the Job the Best…" These toe spreaders are super. I wear them at night when I am sleeping. These are the right size. I have others that were too large for my toes. These are very comfortable. They do the job the best


"Happy Feet!" Love the Awesome Toes. Very easy to put on and keep clean. They feel a little akward at first but then they are barely noticeable. I saw results after the first use.

Jeannine L. Whitaker

"Start Slowly…" Item exactly as described by seller. It fits perfectly and helps to relax my feet and toes after standing on them all day at work. It is definitely an investment in yourself. It is a good idea to start out slowly by wearing them for a short time and working your way up to longer periods.


"It’s Working…" The important thing for me is that it’s working. The first time I can only use them for 1 hour now I can have them on for 4 hours, my goal is to sleep with them all night.

Ramades V.

"Good for Yoga Practice" Awesome product and they are everything they were reported to be. Easy enough to use, and I have been able to get used to them with wearing them several hours each day to break myself in. Great for standing yoga practice as they seem to give me a great grip on old tierra firma.


"Comfortable Toe Spreaders. Top Grade" My toes are a mess. These are easy to wear with shoes etc. Came in a lovely wooden box which I will use forever.

B. Callahan

Liquid Energy-B

Want to learn more about the Liquid Energy-B?


"I really like the Liquid Energy-B.." I really like the Liquid Energy-B as I prefer the liquid delivery instead of a pill form. And Yogabody Stretch which came along with the Gravity Yoga Poses has helped to gain flexibility.

Leanne W.

"I LOVE the Liquid B12." After my first bottle, I ordered 2 more because I know that I would want to keep taking it. I absolutely hate taking pills, so I have always been pretty inconsistent and non-compliant with taking vitamins even though I've known how important they are. The eye dropper squirt-full of red deliciousness under the tongue is easy, tasty, and so far something I have been able to do every day!

Jamie L.

"Methylcobalamin is the form that exists in nature and has increased absorption and better retention in tissues" It's hard to find a high quality liquid B12 methylcobalamin such as this. The most common form of vitamin b12 that you see is cyanocobalamin which is a low-grade and low-quality form that many believe to be slightly toxic. Methylcobalamin is the form that exists in nature and has increased absorption and better retention in tissues. There are mixed studies about the best route of absorption but I believe sublingual absorption to be the best route (besides B-12 injections).

Steve H.

"I love this product!" I love this product! It takes great and helps keep my energy up and nervous system smoothed out. Yogabody Naturals has never let me down. They have excellent products & fast service, and you can sense the dedication of the people behind the products. I actually really enjoy their daily emails which are full of thoughtful musings on health and wellness, and some great podcasts & videos of interviews with fascinating guests.

Isabel Allison

"Another great product from YOGABODY Naturals!" This mets my needs for B12 and tastes great. Thanks so much for your quick service too

Kirsten Rumpler

"The cinnamon flavor tastes really good" This supplement really works for energy. I have taken it daily for a while and really can feel a difference. The cinnamon flavor tastes really good too, not like you are taking a liquid herb. I recommend this to people even if they think they are getting enough b12, if you run out, bad things can happen.


"Great boost of energy" The liquid B12 tastes great and gives me the boost I need as a vegetarian and the yoga talk show has become my favorite podcast to listen to. I learn something new with every episode. Lucas is so knowledgeable and inspiring. Thanks for all that you do!

Hollie Piccirilli

"Great boost of energy" YOGABODY Stretch and Liquid Energy B - I've noticed a great increase in my flexibility during my yoga stretching exercises as well as a boost of energy.

Khalifath Vann

"Best liquid B12 that I have ever experienced" Best liquid B12 that I have ever experienced – both in usability, flavor, and effectiveness! I was amazed at the effectiveness and the flavor. Use it every day and will continue to order at less than a dollar a day!

Antoinette Kunda

"Had an instant neurological boost with the B12 supplement" I only take it once a week and only in the morning now, because the first dose I took in the evening I received the package kept me awake all night. It's a little too early to tell with the Fleximine, but the severe pain I was experiencing from doing the gravity stretches before using the Fleximine has gone since I reduced the holding time to 4 minutes maximum and after eating about 50 passionfruit which was a gift from my neighbour. Then I started taking the Fleximine and the pain has not returned since. I only take one capsule a day and the B12 supplement once a week because I'm sensitive to dietary changes and it seems to be causing flatulence and a mild acne outbreak. I am likely to continue using the product for a time, but adjusting the dose to suit my sensitive body systems. B12 is an excellent product. I would prefer it in a larger volume bottle with a nossle cap that can drip one drop at a time out and just use a few drops, as even though this is a less accurate measuring system it reduces contamination from putting the dropper back into the product.


"Liquid B gives me energy" I use Liquid Energy-B and I feel that it gives me a burst of energy. It tastes good and is easy to take. I don't know if I can feel or notice the effects of the B vitamins, but I know how important they are so I want to supplement.

Jason Alan Griffin (yoga practitioner)

"Liquid Energy-B is a cleverly formulated and clean product" I work in the supplement and natural health industry so I'm REALLY picky about my supplements. However, I found Liquid Energy-B to be cleverly formulated and a "clean” product that I can use - not to mention that it's tasty, too!

Jehan Strouse (yoga student)

"I highly recommend Liquid Energy-B" Liquid Energy-B has definitely helped in my mental clarity and energy levels. I highly recommend it. It’s also Vegan, which I love. The Yoga protein is also a great product! A good way to get all the essential amino acids we need while being environmentally friendly.

Brianna Goldenstein (yoga student)

"I just stopped drinking coffee!" On using Liquid Energy-B i just stopped drinking coffee, and believe me i was taking a lot , not less then 10 cups a day , and i just stop! ….a powerful help that keeps my mind clear in the morning to start my day . and the taste is really good too.

Julien Moretto (Yoga Student)

"I love this stuff!!!" I love this stuff!!! I just wanted a high quality B but I never expected to feel this good! This is the only change I've made to my already healthy vegetarian diet so I know my mental clarity and energy can be attributed to this! Thanks!

Sherry Warner (yoga student)

"I used to drink 4 cups of strong coffee a day. I tried to cut down but always failed..." I got this product when I order the yoga trapeze, I started to use it 2 weeks ago. Now I had cut down my coffee intake from 4 to 1 cup a day. I still can't 100% quit the coffee because I would feel very uncomfortable and frustrated if I didn't take my coffee in the morning. I hope Liquid Energy B will continue to work for me till I can totally quit the coffee.

Rachel Wong (Yoga Student)

"Tastes awesome" First of all it tastes awesome, secondly it gives me a little boost, which I'm grateful for since I stopped drinking coffee. I take it every morning.

Wendy Simmons-Taylor (Yoga Student)

"Lovely taste" I have been using it for a month now. Lovely taste, I think it has helped me be less stressed.

Justine Johnson (Yoga Student)

"It is great!" Great! this has also helped me when I have felt flat as a tack before doing a class. It seems to stop you from stressing!! Another fabulous product - thanks!

Raewyn Cardew (Yoga Student)

"Amazing" I use it every morning for about the past 9 months. Amazing for focus and energy. Drink less coffee than ever!

Michael McArdle (Yoga Student)

"Amazing how much energy I have!" Been using this for 1 month and it's amazing how much energy I have after just a drop in the morning, without any coffee to help me wake up. Its taste is yummy, I like cinnamon. My morning work out is never the same, I just love it!

Cemara Merah (Yoga Student)

"Love this!" Love this. As a person who suffers with a B12 deficiency, this is a wonderful fast acting B complex that I can feel immediately.

Candria Eddinger (Yoga Student)

"It gives me refreshing energy..." I have used B vitamins in many forms and have found the liquid the easiest to assimilate. It gives me refreshing energy, especially after any stress, it is very revitalizing

Helle Stier (Yoga Student)

"I love this" I love this, coffee cravings gone and a nice way to increase your Vit B. your tired, possibly overloaded nervous will love it’s soothing and re-balancing benefits. I referred a friend who was drinking energy drinks like they were going out of fashion, he ran over 2 months later, gave me a huge hug to say thank you, he was so so appreciative. It has radically changed his health and mental well-being. Prior to starting Liquid energy B, he was getting a lot of stomach prob;ems and his NS was in shut down. The new blend is kick ass with the added cinnamon!

Becky Bell (Yoga Student)

"What a great product!" Definitely noticing a difference in my energy levels and clarity in thinking, stress levels have even lowered – I’m doing more and stressing less – what a great product!

Carmel Taylor (Yoga Student)

"Love this product!" Have been taking it about 2 weeks on the days I have been doing a yoga class and find it has given me so much more energy and it’s yummy and easy to take too! Love this product.

Ange Cammell

"Love this product!" Love this product! I add it to my smoothies for an amazing nutritional boost!

Kylan Fischer

30 Day Sugar Detox Program

Want to learn more about the 30 Day Sugar Detox Program?


"Thank you for the program!" The information in the 30 Day Detox Program is very informative, as I am in the process of trying to better my health. It's a long, hard highway. Lol. I, too, worked in numerous restaurants, and until now never really thought too much about the way they prep food, and see now all the salmonella outbreaks. Alot has to do with training staff and I have seen some nightmares . As I am more aware, I shall move on in the direction of home cooked meals, I was served a salad once, when I had mostly finished it, had found nice big chunks of black dirt on the bottom of the bowl, obviously the greens weren't washed thoroughly. Thank you for the program!

Mary C.

"...very accessible knowledge.." The 30 day detox has been extremely informative and given me very accessible knowledge about how to change my diet for the better.


"Thank you!" The 30 Day Sugar Detox Program shared a great deal of very useful information in a simple format and helped me refine some of my dietary habits and gain insight into other aspects of health. As a result I have sought out additional info on the endocrine system, among other topics. I like feeling a better sense of control and management of my own health.

Pat A.

"I'm more in tune with my body and how I treat it!" I love essentially everything from YOGABODY has created a healthier ME 🙂 I'm more in tune with my body and how I treat it!

Keli D.

"Thanks for the authenticity!!!" The 30 Day Detox is simple and practical product with a common sense, middle of the road approach to wellness. It's clear to follow Lucas that he listens to his gut and inner guidance, and always shares his truth with others. What you see is what you get with him.

Russ S.

"Thank you!" The 30 Day Sugar Detox information is invaluable!

Bonnie C.

"Open source, sharing and collaborative formats..." I find the open and friendly and not too high tech format of the 30 Day Sugar Detox Program very pleasant. Open source, sharing and collaborative formats are very needed today particularly in education. It seems that – though you are clearly commercial – you are also interested in sharing your knowledge and not setting all on earning more. I also appreciate how you break down the information.

Julie H.

"The Sugar Detox Program is beyond my expectations!" I am learning so much, each day is a gift of more knowledge, and now I find I am ignoring all the other hype out there, I already know so much and it is all so simple. This program should be taught in grade schools, should be a prerequisite for parenthood and doctors should prescribe this class, HA! they would be out of business. I thank you Lucas for this wonderful perfectly timed opportunity to hear you share your knowledge with us.

Teri M.

"Thank you, Lucas!!" I loved the Juice Fasting book. It reiterated a lot of information I've learned and heard over the years. I've also learned a lot more about my body, juicing and yoga. What I like most and what have helped me the most so far is the information I am receiving from the 30 Day Sugar Detox. I have already made a difference in my glucose levels, have identified foods that elevate my levels, have more energy, and have dropped 4 pounds without even trying. That was just being aware of what I eat and when. I was so excited I have already told a friend of mine about the program and of course she wants more information.

Jackie C.

"The 30 Day Sugar Detox information is excellent!" It will make a huge positive and permanent difference in my health, which was already pretty good but this will take it to an entirely new level. I would say that about all the products I've tried by YOGABODY so far. Lucas Rockwood has great information and a great communication style that's easy to understand. So far the Yogabody products I've tried have been excellent, and I have plans to try "Green Me Up" because Lucas talked about it on one of his videos.

Allyson H.

"The 30-Day Sugar Detox has opened my eyes...." the dangerous conditions that my high-carb lifestyle is inflicting on my body, mind, energy level ….. The ideas presented are simple enough to understand, but the implementation and follow-through are tough so the daily information and inspiration provided by the program are very helpful.


Corky the Block

Want to learn more about the Corky the Block?


"Love it!! Thank you !!" Corky Yoga Block – At first, I didn't think I should order because of the printing on the block, Wrong! the block looks beautiful sitting on my hardwood floor, beautiful on my mat, solid used as a prop and the best: YOGABODY (my ultimate goal) and Practice is Everything (my new mantra).

Teri M.


Want to learn more about the YOGABODY Stretch?


"Lucas, thanks a lot !!!" I definitely know when I've not been taking my Yogabody Stretch… Usually because it's at a time I get overburdened with work/travel, slip up nutritionally, miss my practice and forget to take my supplements. Prone to osteoarthritis, Yogabody Stretch has been a great 'find' for me.. And I'm SO pleased I can get it in the UK now too 🙂 !!

SJ Gilmour

"Lucas thanks a lot !!!" Green Me Up gives me a wonderful energy and power boost, and supports my immune system. My friends now also drink Green Me Up! YB Stretch ( flexamine ) makes a great work to support my muscles. It helps to stay bendy/flexible 🙂 Lucas thanks a lot !!!


"Improved flexibility!" The supplements have helped me improve my flexibility, strength and confidence, and for sure I am going to order my Yoga Trapeze® soon!!! I cannot wait to give it a try. Thank you guys for all the videos, tips and great teaching!!!

Ivana F.

"I am pretty amazed..." I have to admit there is some new feeling in my stretching progress due to the use of YB Stretch. I really feel my muscles loosen up! First Time in my life I feel this instead of tight glutes and hamstrings! I am pretty amazed even if I am not reaching my split goal yet! Did not give up on coffee


"I enjoy holding the poses for a longer period of time" I have never been particularly flexible, but I find that with a mixture of the Yoga Gravity poses and the supplements, it does help. I enjoy holding the poses for a longer period of time. I had some hormonal issues and gained some weight recently, so some of the Yoga Trapeze® poses are tricky. But, I still enjoy stretching my back. I have only been taking the YOGABODY Stretch for a few weeks, so would have to have a little more experience to absolutely recommend them. But, so far they seem to be helping.


"I have ordered your supplements and will do so again" My flexibility is improving as time goes on. I have ordered your supplements and will do so again. They seem to be working for me, but since I am 67 the process is slow but worth it, really worth it to work myself back to better health and flexibility.

Clay Carter

"I even feel my hamstrings fully release sometimes" I have only been using the YOGABODY Stretch for a short period of time so I cannot say that my flexibility has increased a lot. But I am much more comfortable when I do stretch. When I am at my edge in a pose, rather than counting the seconds until a pose is over, I am actually comfortable in the pose. I even feel my hamstrings fully release sometimes. That for me is pretty awesome as I haven't been able to do that in all my 15 years of practicing.

Jennifer Ihrig

"I'm noticing small gains in my flexibility" I can get my knee on top of my shoulder in long lunge, and I can get my foot to the top of my head (but not behind yet). I can do front splits, but not straddle, however my straddle has improved marginally so that at least now I can get as wide as the length of my yoga mat. I've never been able to do straddle even as a toddler. My strength is definitely improved, I can do one-handed handstands and lift up into them now still using the wall for support, and can do two-handed stands on my fingertips. I think given more time and practice, I will see further improvements. It's been a long recovery from several significant injuries and internal scars from the past.


"I wish I had found this years ago!" I found YOGABODY Naturals after searching for something to help me stretch further, as a Yoga teacher I am always looking to expand my practice and get deeper into backbends, so I gradually changed my diet cutting out caffeine, refined sugar etc...... I finally decided to go ahead and get YOGABODY Stretch after reading about what supplements were best for flexibility and finding YOGABODY Naturals contained everything you need (also cheaper than buying each supplement from health food stores) plus a lot of information, tips & support included. I have only been taking YOGABODY Stretch for a couple of weeks but already I have noticed the difference in how much deeper my back bends are and I can touch my nose to my knee in forward bends, but also after teaching a couple of classes a day (sometimes back to back) I have less muscle soreness. Thank you YOGABODY Naturals, I'm glad I found you!

Emma Greenaway (Yoga Student)

"…I do not have to suffer from any muscle and back pain." I've used Yogabody for two weeks now. I am happy about the purchase. Within days of using yogabody Stretch, I was able to achieve some of the yoga poses without being sore all over afterwards. I've been on and off my yoga practices because of the muscle and back pain caused by the practice. Now, I'm able to work on my yoga poses each and every day thanks to yogabody. I could never image that I could be as flexible as I want to be and the better part is I do not have to suffer from any muscle and back pain. I also have more energy nowadays. Thank you once again for the wonderful product.

Vicky Chan (Yoga Student)

"…always have an amazing Practice afterwards." This product is super, I really like it… I take three yogabody Stetch Pills in a day in the morning and always have an amazing Practice afterwards. Before I took yogabody Stretch I used to feel like I was forcing myself to breathe too hard, and you could hear a gasping sound in my breath, now I just sail through my practice.

Joanna Eccleston (Yoga Student)

"Buy it, you will love it!" I have been using this product for only a month and have noticed a significant difference in my flexibility. Oh and did I mention that I am 71 years young? Buy it, you will love it.

Elizabeth Erwin (Yoga Student)

"I was so stiff and my hand can't even touch my toes when doing forward bend..." I start to use this 3 weeks ago. The first difference I noticed is the numbness on my hand had gone. I used to wake up in the middle of the night due to the serious numbness on my hand but now I can sleep through the night. Of course, my forward bend had also improve a lot. I stop practicing yoga for a year after my 3rd child born, I start to practice yoga again 2 months ago. After taking this supplement for 3 weeks, I can now easily touch my toes and my head also can almost touch my shin.

Rachel Wong (Yoga Student)

"I feel amazing and so much energized" It has been three weeks since I have been taking YOGABODY and I feel amazing. I do not take any medication and so I was a bit skeptical and just took one capsule in the morning and then started with 2 capsules after lunch and I practice yoga 7 days a week. I have an acidity body and after taking YOGABODY, I have absolutely no acidity and feel so much energized and my practice has become really strong. Thank you so much Lucas!

Yash Pandit (Yoga Student)

"... even after a week I feel very different" I have been using Stretch for one week. I have noticed a massive improvement in my flexibility. I can now get my hands flat on the floor and legs straight in forward bend, and I can do the splits both ways. I have also noticed increased strength in Chaturanga. The main reason I ordered it was that I experience very slow recovery after any exercise, even gentle yoga practice, and very low energy levels. It has fixed that. too! I am doing an Ashtanga yoga teacher training course and I was worried I would not be able to keep up with my personal practice, but even after a week I feel very different-I have more energy and my recovery time has improved. I am not feeling so sore for so long. This stuff is amazing and I recommend it to everyone! I won't practice without it.

Joanna Breeze (Yoga Student)

"This is the only supplement i cannot do without now!" I've used this product for 4 months now, when i started practicing yoga my muscles were in awful condition and chronically tight with adhesions everywhere from sport at a high level for 15 years without stretching and even after four months of physio and massage. Using this product almost instantly increased my flexibility more and after only one serving. This is the only supplement i cannot do without now!!!

Adam Freeman (Yoga Student)

"Thanks!" I'm 56 years old been very tight. I've been trying to loosen up for 3 years thought I would try yogabody. only taking 2 weeks and I think its making a noticeable difference as I get towards my hips and lower back. Thanks.

Gerard Gunn (Yoga Student)

"It also helps my arthritis" I have used YOGABODY Stretch over 3 years. I am 63 and it has improved my flexibility in my yoga practice to surpass people half my age. It also helps my arthritis in my fingers far better than any other product I have tried.

Tarja (Yoga Student)

"Can't say enough good things about it" I have been using them for 4 weeks, 6 pills a day (3/2x a day), and I LOVE them. I truly noticed a difference in my flexibility. I've told several people that I love YOGABODY. Can't say enough good things about it. I think my skin looks better as well. Have not stopped drinking coffee, and even still, can see a difference. I wonder what it will be like when I do stop with the coffee (Latte's... every day) but, I'm not ready for that yet.

Julie Mitchell Fisch (Yoga Student)

"I will never stop" When I started with your teaching I could not touch my knees, or even sit cross legged. My yoga teacher called me an over muscled brick, when she would correct my posture she said I felt like a stone. Many people think that a muscled physique looks good or even that it is healthy. The problem with that was I could not move, and I had severe back pain all the day. I’ve been training with Lucas’ DVD’s and using the YOGABODY Naturals supplements for about two years now and I will never stop. I now have flexibility (I can sit in the splits or sit cross legged and kiss the earth), I have movement, and very little pain (sometimes zero pain). I’m 41 and my back feels better than when I was 21. I sacrificed very little muscular development in the shift, I still lift weights and I'm still as muscular as I was before, but I can MOVE! Few of the men (or women) In my gym even try to stretch, but they all tell me they wish they could do what I do. I think they think I was some sort of gymnast when I was a kid. I wish they knew they could do it to. Thank you Lucas!

Chris Roberts (Yoga Student)

"Thanks so much Lucas!" I have used YOGABODY Stretch for 2-3 weeks. I am quite flexible naturally and taking some vitamins plus minerals and the only spirulina for last few years. So I can not say that I feel massive difference just in 2 weeks. But YOGABODY Stretch is not a painkiller with the immediate effect. I am a professional in a medical field and know that as all supplements needs longer time to support flexibility. I am absolutely excited about the Gravity stretches and the whole Handbook. It makes really deep sense to keep a stretch for 5 minutes. I strongly believe that YOGABODY Stretch for a minimum 1-2 months together with the Gravity postures (but everyday for 30minut at least) and the proper diet will improve flexibility significantly. I am going to have a yoga teacher course soon and planning to change my life in the next few years so I extremely enthusiastic about your website and your real involvement in yoga.Thanks so much Lucas!

Beata Dziekan (Yoga Student)

"Fabulous product!" It has helped considerably but I think these with diet would impact on practice significantly! I'm still getting there with the diet....... Fabulous product!

Raewyn Cardew (Yoga Student)

"I never EVER considered myself as being flexible" I have only been practicing yoga for around 7 weeks. I never EVER considered myself as being flexible - not even as a child. The first classes of yoga almost made me cry from pain in my stiff joints and an all over discomfort. I searched the net for a solution and found I have now taken YOGABODY Stretch for 2 weeks and done the gravity poses (not every day, though!) and today I did the wheel...just lifted myself off the floor. How cool is that? My yoga teacher was amazed. I also lost 6 pounds and my complexion has cleared too. I managed to skip coffee, sugar, wine and starches - and it really wasn´t that difficult. By the way I´m 42 years old and on my way to be in the best shape ever. Thank you Lucas!

Katrine Nielsen (Yoga Student)

"My recovery time is faster too!" Using this product together with the gravity poses has helped increase my flexibility in a really small space of time. I've only been using YOGABODY Stretch for 2 weeks

Melloney Brown (Yoga Student)

"I have made significant progress" I believe that this product has given me the ability to gain access to some of those deeper and more troubling spots of muscular tightness guarding my spine in the low and mid back. Already, I have made significant progress with the combination of YOGABODY Stretch and daily gravity poses.

Christopher Morin (Yoga Student)

"Definitely helped my practice" I have been using it for 7 months. Definitely helped my practice. I'm a hairdresser and am on my feet a lot. I truly think that YOGABODY Stretch not only helps recover from intense stretches but aids in daily relief from so much standing.

Michael McArdle (Yoga Student)

"I recommend it to anyone and everyone!" I have used YOGABODY Stretch for about two years. It is the singlemost BEST resource I have to manage the migratory arthritis condition that I suffer from. Combined with yoga and green tea it is better than any medicine that a doctor could prescribe. My joints are definitely more flexible and less painful when I use YOGABODY Stretch. I recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Donna Heaney (Yoga Student)

"I will never be without this product!" The sciatica I've been struggling with for an eternity is gone. It had been improving slowly with regular practice, but the stretch formula seems to have made it suddenly disappear within about a week to ten days. This product has definitely made me more limber, really fast. "Effortless" is a word I notice in many of the other reviews, and it fits. I was quite flexible before, but I can stretch more deeply now. With the sciatica gone, I can stretch evenly on both sides, which hasn't been the case for a long time. I'm also ancient (well, middle aged), so I'm dealing with the impact of that on my skin and hair. The MSM is really working on those, to good effect. I will never be without this product.

Renee (Yoga Student)

"...I feel more active mentally and physically." I have been using it for 6 Months. I cannot say that has helped my practice, but I can say it does help with my stamina. When I take YOGABODY Stretch regularly I feel more active mentally and physically.

Candria Eddinger (Yoga Student)

"I would definitely recommend the product" I began using YOGABODY Stretch for about a month now. I have noticed a change in my practice in my ability to flex on poses a bit further than I would have before. I also feel now a sense of more energy behind my practice while using this product. I would definitely recommend the product to anyone considering using it

Nicole Pedersen (Yoga Student)

"it keeps me bendy!" Just using it for the first time, but have used similar products in the past. Contains an amazing synergetic blend of herbs and nutrients specifically designed to keep me "bendy". At age 60 now, I am still able to do many yoga poses that I was doing in my 20's.

Helle Stier (Yoga Student)

"...extremely useful for energy boost..." I have been using this product for 3 years sporadically. Helps with yoga and extremely useful for energy boost and quick recovery when training for long distance endurance runs like half marathon.

Penny Campbell (Yoga Student)

"IT’S AN EXCELLENT PRODUCT!!" I have used this for few weeks. Still not enough time to practice with it more often. IT’S AN EXCELLENT PRODUCT!! I AM QUITE PLEASE WITH QUALITY OF THIS PRODUCT.

German Parente (Yoga Student)

"...that extra flex..." I take this product approximately 20 minutes before a yoga class. I find my body is not as ”bendy” as I would like it to be in an early morning class, YOGABODY Stretch helps to give me that extra flex especially in the hamstrings which is fantastic.

Lee Zivanovic (Yoga Student)

"Speeds up recovery..." I used to take the components individually. Love the convenience of it all in a capsule. Yes I find It speeds up recovery of aches and pain and enhances flexibility.

Jim Smith (Yoga Student)

"I have plenty of energy!" After only two weeks of using the YOGABODY Stretch and doing daily gravity yoga poses my nose is definitely getting closer to my legs in the forward bend. The back of my legs and buttocks don’t ache any more after doing these stretches. My shoulders are more opened allowing for an easier Sunwheel pose and I have plenty of energy.

Denise Feeney (Yoga Student)

"Helped Tremendously!" It has helped tremendously. I especially feel the difference if I don’t take them one day. I feel like the stretch is less painful and more alleviating.

Brigitte Girard (Yoga Student)

"’ve made a difference in my life!" I’ve used YOGABODY Stretch for about two weeks now, and it certainly seems to make a difference. Honestly, I don’t know whether it’s those AMAZING GRAVITY POSES or the YOGABODY Stretch!! I live in my car, could barely afford the Flexibility Kit, and you couldn’t pay me enough to give it back to you! My hips are starting to really open (my goal for the next year, along with opening my spine more fully), and I feel great! I certainly recover pretty quickly, so I would definitely attribute THAT to the Stretch formula. Thank you for sharing your knowledge Lucas; you’ve made a difference in my life.

S.A. (Yoga Student)

"Helps me to recover quicker..." I used it now for about 3 weeks. It helps me to recover quicker and become more flexible. I still have a long way to go, but I just started and set my goal that I will be able to do the Hangman on the wall for 4 minutes and straight up with my arms.

Britta Brand (Yoga Student)

"...can already feel the benefits" I have only recently begun using YOGABODY Stretch but I can already feel the benefits. I have really quite arthritic hips and take no pain medication at all, so on bad days movement is usually quite restricted but those bad days are being squeezed out and this is inspiring more frequent yoga practice, which can only be a good thing!

SJ Gilmour (Yoga Student)

"The arthritis in my knee has gone!" I have been using it for almost 2 years. I absolutely love it, the arthritis in my knee has gone, my yoga practice has gone to the next level. An added bonus is that my skin is more toned, clearer and younger looking- a big plus. There are no hidden nastiest in this product and the formula works, I refer it to my clients and if a client chooses to train with me it is a supplement that I recommend.

Becky Bell (Yoga Student)

"LOVE YogaBody products!" I’ve been using this for more than 2 years and it definitely helps the body recover better than without. Have also been using Green Me Up for a week now and my energy has increased pretty dramatically. Much less sluggish. It also seems to help mitigate sugar cravings! Bonus. LOVE YogaBody products and philosophy. Inspiring me to be a better yogi!

Patricia MacInnis (Yoga Student)

"Definitely helped my flexibility!" I have used the product intermittently for 2 years. The product definitely helped my flexibility, especially the ability to go deeper in a stretch. It also helps recover muscle fatigue much faster.

Simone (Yoga Student)

" I can easily touch my toes, for the first time in my life!" I started using this a couple of weeks ago. I break open the caps and take the powder with water. I was warned that it tastes bitter, but it actually tastes pleasant with a slice of lemon in the water. I do feel that it benefits my stretching and boosts my feeling of wellness. This and the Yogabody handbook are a powerful combination. I can easily touch my toes, for the first time in my life, and things are sure to get better and better in the coming months.

Steve Szubert (Yoga Student)

"Thank you!" I have been using YOGABODY Stretch for three months and I have to say it is actually the only way I can continue to practice, as it helps massively with healing and the arthritic pain I used to experience all the time has completely gone! So thank you!

Nina Cadzow (Yoga Student)

"Able to go further in poses" 2-months on the supplements combined with Green Powder and stretches and finally eased my chronic ache in the top attachment of my left hamstring. Plus noticed lengthening in hamstrings and opening of the hips – able to go further in poses during class. Feels like a real positive process to be adding to my repertoire with extra stretching outside of class. Thanks so much!

Wenders (Yoga Student)

"Yogabody DOES work and has really helped to decrease my pain and stiffness" I was a little skeptical to even try it because there are so many products out there that claim great results but do not work. Yogabody DOES work and has really helped to decrease my pain and stiffness.

Gail Symes (Yoga Student)