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Featherweight Yoga & Sports Water Bottle, Matte Finish (16-ounce)

  • Eco-Safe: BPA-, BPB- & Phthalate-Free design in stylish matte silver color
  • Featherweight: super light design makes it easy and convenient to carry in any gym bag, purse or shoulder bag
  • Yoga & Fitness: designed for yoga studios, gyms, hiking, indoor and outdoor sports
  • Clip & Go: carabiner clip with key ring makes it easy to carry your bottle on your belt or put your keys on your bottle so you don’t lose them while exercising
  • Leak Proof: screw top black polypropylene (PP) cap lid with silicone ring, keeps your liquid inside where it belongs
  • 10-Year Warranty: plus a 1-year satisfaction guarantee, shop with confidence

This featherweight design was created for yoga students, gym goers, and outdoor enthusiasts who are sick of heavy, clunky water bottles. You’ll be amazed at just how light this bottle is; and even better, it’s eco-friendly and durable, made with aluminum and lined with a BPA-, BPB- & Phthalate-Free coating to satisfy even the most health-conscious consumers’ standards.

You already know plastic bottles are one of the biggest polluters in the world, and drinking from plastic is also not the best for your health. So we came up with a solution: the Featherweight Yoga Bottle from YOGABODY.

Need to clean it out? Simply put a drop of dish soap and warm water inside, shake it up, rinse it out —and that’s it. Recommended for use with water or electrolyte solutions only. Not intended for hot beverages, protein powders or sugary drinks.


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