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Handstand Canes
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Do you love handstands and bodyweight training, but you feel you’ve reached a plateau? No need to spend an entire day in the garage messing around with 2x4s and plumbing supplies with homemade canes. We offer a beautiful, polished wood solution that is affordable, portable, and simple.

Great Yoga & Gymnastics Training: Whether you’re into yoga, gymnastics, calisthenics, or CrossFit, these Handstand Canes will help you with grip strength, L-sits, plank, planche, handstand and more.

Super Fast Setup: Screw the handles to their cane base, insert both canes into the base board, and you’re ready to practice in minutes. While most canes are clunky and huge, these come apart and fold flat in seconds for easy storage and transportation.

Max Strength: The YOGABODY® Handstand Canes are used in our professional studios so they are weight-tested for quality and safety. Practice with confidence.

Specs: 23.4″ x 15.5″ / 59.5cm x 39.5cm, pine wood, non-slip rubber bottom, easy-carry handle.

Handstand Blocks
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Our students love the Handstand Blocks as a way to supplemental arm balance training, more specifically, they train with blocks to improve their handstands. Other students use the blocks to heal and strengthen their wrists during a vinyasa yoga practice. It’s your practice, so try them out and decide what’s right for you.

Better Handstands: You can do classic handstand, lotus legs, handstand splits, handstand roll-overs and so much more. When you add Handstand Blocks into the mix, your pose potential immediately doubles.

Reduce Wrist Pain: The blocks will reduce pain in the short term, and prevent and heal your joints in the long term so it’s no longer a problem. Use during Up Dog, Down Dog, Chaturanga, and more.

Hop-Up/Press-Up Booster: These force you to “over jump” which gives you a bigger range for building strength. This exaggerated hop builds the strength and muscle-memory to make your non-block handstands easier.

Specs: 3mm (0.11”) non-slip rubber on the bottom. 5.12 in / 13 cm (long) x 3.5 in / 8.8 cm (wide) x 8.8 cm (tall).

Birch Wood Parallettes
Normal price: $79.95
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A beautiful birchwood (set of 2) anti-slip yoga & gymnastic training tool with an anti-slip grip that keeps you safe in all poses. These paralletes are perfect for L-Sits, Lolasana, Handstand Pushups, Jump Backs and more.

Great Yoga & Gymnastics Training: Use them during L-sits, V-sits, tuck planche, planche, straddle press handstands, handstand push-ups, dips, push-ups, Lolasana, jumpbacks, jump throughs, Bakasana, and more.

Grip & Upper Body Strength: Stabilize your wrists, shoulders, and elbows while building functional grip strength that carries over into most yoga classes, gymnastics, movement practices, and functional fitness.

Non-slip: Industrial-grade, non-slip rubber bottoms keep your safe in all poses including inversions. Made of beautiful birch wood, polished smooth that looks great and feels great.

Specs: 3 inch (13.5 cm) height x 15 inch (38 cm) long. Bar is 1.5 in (38 mm) diameter. Rubber base 0.016 inch (0.4 mm) thick.


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