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Your teacher, Mel Campbell is a certified yoga instructor, mum of 3 daughters, and the acclaimed author of, The Yoga of Pregnancy.

Dear Expecting Mother, If you’re pregnant (or soon to be), prenatal yoga can be an extremely effective way to promote a healthy, happy birth. Yoga unites the body and mind, encourages deep relaxation, and strengthens and tones the muscles of the pelvic floor making it one of the best preparatory practices for birth. Below are just a handful of the numerous benefits experienced by expecting mothers who practice yoga during pregnancy.

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Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy

Breath Control. Your breath is the “link” between your body and mind. For expecting mothers, learning to regulate your breath and use it to contract, and more importantly, release, the pelvic floor can help you have a more comfortable pregnancy and a smoother birth.

Hormonal Balance. During pregnancy, your body’s hormones are changing constantly. This wild hormonal ride is perfectly natural, but many mothers-to-be also suffer from anxiety caused by all the changes in their personal lives, and that can trigger an unhealthy stress-hormone response that can act in counter to the natural pregnancy hormones. Yoga can act as the light that guides you back to balance during stressful periods. It lowers the stress hormone, cortisol, and calms the central nervous system.

Lessened Pain & Discomfort. There are times when being pregnant can be awkward, uncomfortable and even painful as your body changes and your baby grows. Cramping, a sore back, headaches, digestive issues, and joint pain are all common during pregnancy, and the gentle movements in yoga can often lessen your pain and discomfort and make you feel a little more at home in your ever-changing body.

Calm & Centeredness. Pregnancy is such an exciting time, but it can also be a time of great nervousness and anxiety. Will it be a girl or a boy? Will the baby be healthy? On time? A natural birth? When you combine all the hormonal changes happening internally with the massive lifestyle changes that you’re no-doubt preparing for externally, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You have so many decisions to make during pregnancy, and perhaps the most challenging thing is that so much of what will happen is yet to be known. When you begin practicing yoga regularly, it’ll help you remain calm and collected emotionally as you learn to move and breathe, engage and release the pelvis, and manage both physical and mental stress effectively.

Pelvic Floor Strength & Elasticity. Yoga is unique in that many of its practices focus on the muscles of the pelvic floor—those most important for carrying and birthing children. Due to our sedentary lives, most people have what is referred to as “low pelvic floor awareness” where the muscles of the pelvic floor become weak and uncoordinated due to lack of use. Through a regular yoga practice, you’ll learn to activate this area of your body. This muscle tone has been shown to be very helpful during birth, but also for a quicker recovery postpartum.

Meet Your Yoga Teacher, Mel Campbell

Mel Campbell began practicing yoga while pregnant with her 1st daughter, and immediately she fell in love. Yoga helped her feel youthful and limber in her body again, and it helped her deal with the stresses of parenting. It gave her a new sense of peace and centeredness she’d never experienced before.

When you love something and it’s had such a profound impact on your life (as was the case with Mel), the natural tendency is to want to teach it—and that’s exactly what she did.

Mel quickly became a dedicated student and eventually trained to teach yoga in South East Asia and the United Kingdom.

As a new teacher, Mel had the occasional pregnant student in her public classes, but it wasn’t clear to her until later that prenatal yoga would become her primary passion and area of focus, until…

A Surprise Pregnancy at Age 39…

Everything changed for Mel when she found out she was pregnant with her 3rd daughter, very much by surprise, at the age of 39. She and her husband had been enjoying the second phase of parenting with their two girls then school-age leaving her enough time to pursue her yoga teaching career full force.

When she became pregnant, everything was about to change. Soon, Mel would be thrown back into fulltime mothering again with diapers, sleepless nights, nursing, and play groups.

Living the life of a mother of a young child was second nature at this point, but the changes it would demand would mean Mel’s yoga practice and teaching would need to change right away.

At the time, Mel was enjoying the challenging physical aspects of yoga practice such as deep backbends, inversions, and pushing her own limits (in a good way). But as Mel says, “Pregnancy is not a time to push yourself physically, it’s a time to turn your focus inward and find balance…”

Mel’s Approach is Different…

There is a trend right now where new moms try to be superwoman: the business leader, the head of the household, the ultra-fit, and the social butterfly. From Mel’s personal experience and in her work with hundreds of expecting moms, pregnancy is more a time to pull back, to focus on balance and wellness, and to be gentle with yourself—it’s not a time to push for outward form. With this philosophy in mind, Mel’s teaching focuses on:

  • Breath & body connection

  • Pelvic floor awareness, strength & coordination

  • Mom & baby energetic bonding

  • Positive affirmations & mental focus

  • Balance of body, mind & spirit

Every pregnancy is different. Some women hardly change their lifestyles at all, while others have to drop everything and focus on self-care. No matter where you are now or how your pregnancy goes, one of the most important things yoga can do is to help you to stay connected to your body, your mind, and your baby. Whatever your birth experience is, it’ll be just right for you; and by using yoga, you are often able to find a greater sense of inner peace and guiding wisdom through the entire process.

What Exactly Does Prenatal Yoga Do for You?

Yoga is a holistic practice, meaning it works on many different levels. It impacts your physical body, your nervous system, your endocrine system, and even heals on a mental and emotional level. There are many wonderful types of physical fitness practices in the world, but yoga is unique in that its benefits are often far-reaching and integrative. For these reasons, many women find it an incredibly powerful tool during pregnancy. Here’s what yoga can do for you:

  • Stimulates & trains your parasympathetic nervous system (your rest & relaxation response)
  • Reduces your heart rate, slows respiration & promotes a sense of peace
  • Builds pelvic floor strength, tone, and awareness (crucial for birthing)
  • Creates long, lean muscles for hormonal health, strength & energy
  • Encourages flexibility & comfort in your changing body as your baby grows inside you

Many women take Lamaze or some type of breathing class before pregnancy—which is great. Yoga takes it a step further and teaches you how to move, breathe, and connect from head to toe with everything integrated. While this sounds complex, it’s simpler than you think and is accessible to anyone willing to learn. Even if you’re out of shape, even if you’re stiff as a board, yoga can help you to have a wonderful pregnancy experience.

Why At-Home Learning Makes Sense?

If you have a prenatal yoga teacher locally, that’s wonderful, but most women don’t have that option. Going to a normal yoga class might be something to consider, but you’ll find very few teachers are properly trained in how to deal with pregnant students. At YOGABODY, we host prenatal yoga workshops in our studios, but the problem we’ve found is that many moms-to-be are just too busy to maintain a regular practice with us at the studio. Particularly with a new baby on the way, life gets busy really quickly. Unlike the gym, at-home yoga workouts are fun and convenient. Many of our students actually prefer at-home practice, particularly as they advance in their pregnancies. You do not need any fancy gear or props. If you have a yoga mat, that’s great, but even a beach towel will work just fine too. Grab a few pillows, a belt that you can use for modifications, and you’re ready to go! While going to a group class locally can require a big commitment of time driving back and forth; with at-home practice, you can get your daily yoga in with just 30 minutes per day in the comfort of your living room.

What Students Are Saying About Mel

“Wonderful Affirmations & Intentions to Create a Strong, Loving Connection Between Mother & Baby…” …packed full of weekly exercises that perfectly complement each stage of the pregnancy and help the mother to remain supple, relaxed and happy. The Yoga of Pregnancy also contains wonderful affirmations and intentions to create a strong, loving connection between mother and baby. Highly recommended.

Martin Gill, Yoga Magazine

“…a Fantastic Way to Get to Know Your Baby” To stay healthy and aware during this miraculous process is surely an appropriate aim for every mother to be. It will be an inspiration to keep by you. Enjoy!

Bill Anderton (UK)

“A Fabulous Labor of Love & Inspiration…” The Yoga of Pregnancy Week by Week is a fabulous labor of love and inspiration to expectant women interested in starting a yoga, breathing, and/or meditation practice of their own. Likewise, it will reinforce the deepening of an advanced [student’s] practice, connecting her more fully to her prenatal experience and preparing the way for her future child.

Allyson Gracie, Yoga & Pilates Instructor

“Mel is Really Fantastic…” Since she has 3 children of her own, she knows what it’s like to be pregnant and to go through labor, and she really brings this experience to bear in her classes… Mel loves what she does. She loves teaching yoga and loves teaching prenatal yoga in particular… the support and friendship Mel provides all of her students can be tremendously encouraging during the emotional journey of pregnancy.

Laura V. (Thailand)

“I Will Highly Recommend Your Gorgeous Gift to Yoga…” I do frequently have pregnant ladies in class; one had twins. I wanted to encourage bonding with their babies this beautiful work of art has made shown these similar ways I have worked with the mums to be. I congratulate you and would love to come and learn with you… I will HIGHLY recommend your gorgeous gift to yoga.

Rose, Yoga Teacher, Yoga with Rose (UK)

The Yoga of Pregnancy
At-Home Yoga Course for Pregnancy

This comprehensive, at-home course is designed for moms-to-be, and can be used during all stages of pregnancy. The video course contains practices taught by Mel to real pregnant women (not skinny fitness models) so you can see how to do the practices with your ever-changing body.

The Yoga Practices

Each yoga class has its own theme and an affirmation that goes along with it to set the tone for the class, but also for this period of your life. Classes are deliberately created in 30-minute blocks so you can commit to a daily routine without a huge interruption in your day.

  • Introduction (8 min)
  • 1st Trimester “Honoring Change” (30 min)
  • 2nd Trimester “The Essence of Being” (30 min)
  • 3rd Trimester “Openness” (30 min)

Pose Charts x3 (pdf format)

Each trimester has its own easy-to-follow pose chart you can use in conjunction with the video program—or all on its own.

Complementary Practices

Along with the core yoga lessons, Mel has also included 2 breathing and pelvic floor tutorials that you’ll find very useful as supplemental practices—and perhaps even during your labor.

  • Birthing Breath (11 min)
  • Pelvic Prep (12 min)


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January – FREE! Added Bonuses

Bonus #1: Prenatal Yoga with a Fitness Ball

In this short (11 min) video, you’ll learn how to use an inflatable fitness ball to do yoga during your pregnancy. Particularly later in your term, most students love to use the fitness ball.

Bonus #2: Partner Support Practices

Here is another short (11-min) video tutorial where you’ll learn how to work with a birthing partner. This could be a midwife, a doula, a family member or your spouse. This is a great tutorial not just for you, but for whomever will be helping you on the day of your birth.

Bonus #3: Back Care During Pregnancy (illustrated report)

Your belly feels like a balloon ready to burst, your back hurts, and there doesn’t seem to be any more room left; and yet you have another month to go until the birth! In this photo-illustrated report, you’ll learn some tricks and tips (after 3 pregnancies!) for caring for your back and your body.

Bonus #4: Mel’s 5 Favorite Juice Recipes (pdf)

Many people don’t realize that the food you eat while pregnant can have a huge impact on the way you feel both mentally and emotionally.

As a special bonus, Mel will share with you 5 of her favorite, healing recipes that she loved during her pregnancy. These are simple, easy-to-follow PDF recipes you can view online or print out.

Bonus #5: Guided Meditation Practices (mp3 audios)

Meditation can be very intimidating if you’re new to the practice, but Mel makes it very easy with 3 guided meditations. All you do is press “play” sit down and listen.

  • Morning Meditation (8 min)
  • Evening Meditation (8 min)
  • Pre-Birth Meditation (8 min)

Frequently Asked Questions

You can begin a very gentle, restorative practice in the early stages of pregnancy with breathing exercises and reclined postures. Your body is going through significant changes during these early weeks and it advisable to be cautious until around week 16. By then, the physical makeup of your growing baby has formed; the placenta is embedded in the uterine wall and connected to the baby’s umbilical cord.
No. Beginners are welcome. Many women start yoga for the first time during pregnancy, as was the case with Mel during her first.

It’s important you listen to your body and let its wisdom guide you through your practice; after all, yoga is about awareness and there are always modifications to make poses more comfortable and accommodating. Remember, the Yoga of Pregnancy is about undoing rather than pushing, and you need to resist the temptation to strive for outward form in your practice.

In general, the poses to avoid are those that contract the abdominals and compress your belly such as: deep abdominal twists, revolved triangle, plank, and boat pose. Also, you’ll want to avoid lying on your belly for cobra, sphinx, bow, and locust poses. Avoid practicing kabalabhati (breath of fire) or any pranayama practices that require breath retention (holding of the breath). It is also advisable to omit poses such as deep backbends or inversions that can put undue stress on the placenta and might not encourage optimal fetal positioning.

Kapalabhati (breath of fire kriya) and Bhastrika (bellows breathing), or any breath practice that involves holding the breath should be avoided.
It is always advisable to inform your doctor, midwife or healthcare professional to ensure it’s the right choice for you and your baby.

You might continue with your current class, but do be sure your teachers know you’re pregnant, and be sure you are very careful to modify poses appropriately. That said, a prenatal class is a wonderful way to meet other moms-to-be and share experiences. Many of these friendships will also provide you with support after your baby is born.

Prenatal classes are specifically designed to accommodate your blossoming belly and help prepare you for each stage of your pregnancy and the birth. Attending prenatal yoga classes is a beautiful way for you to embrace your pregnancy and connect you to your growing baby through your mind, body and breath.

It is perfectly safe to continue to practice prenatal yoga throughout your pregnancy up until the birth. Your body is naturally becoming more open due to the release of several hormones, in particular the hormone, relaxin; so it’s important you honor your body and not push your limits. If you experience any discomfort or notice anything unusual in your pregnancy, stop your practice and seek the advice of a medical profession.
You can begin to practice pranayama soon after the birth of your baby and this is a wonderful way to reconnect with yourself. For your asana practice, it is usually best to wait 6 weeks following a vaginal birth and longer for a caesarean birth. Your doctor will often advise you to return to your practice after you have received your post-birth check-up. Be mindful that your postpartum body may be very different than the body you had before getting pregnant. It can take up to a year (or more) to get your practice back to where it was prior to pregnancy.


Yoga of Pregnancy – Deluxe

DVD (physical) + Digital

Get instant access to Mel Campbell’s acclaimed Yoga for Pregnancy at-home video course now plus get the physical DVD shipping to your home. Includes limited-time bonuses shown below!

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Yoga of Pregnancy – Standard

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Get instant access to Mel Campbell’s acclaimed Yoga for Pregnancy at-home video course now. Includes limited-time bonuses shown below!

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