“Perfect no matter what size you are!!”

By momma_2_four on February 12, 2016

Awesome product!! It installs very quickly and there are tons of videos online to help with routines.

  “Buy It! Highly Recommend!”

By RSLyn on February 7, 2016

I have waited almost a year to review this, frankly because I was concerned that it wouldn’t hold up. It has held up beautifully! I use it frequently and the workouts are the best– especially to do inversions. It is built well and is comfortable. I started unable to do very much due to my physical challenges. Now I can do a great deal more and part of it is the trapeze itself. I am particularly grateful for the ability to do inversions which help my neck and back issues. This is an excellent tool to use for many reasons– including as a hammock to rest in under the trees! ­čÖé