“Perfect for beginners or intermediate”

By Bev832 on May 22, 2016

I bought this trapeze after finishing four weeks of beginner aerial yoga because I never wanted class to be over. This is a workout?? It’s too much fun! As far as hanging it goes, I am using the previous chin-up bar hooks, which is slightly too wide for me. Will need to move it closer together but for now when I switch to inversions I simply switch to a single hook.

The only move I can’t do in my YogaBody trapeze we do in class is savasana, but I can hook my heels in the edge of the silk and do a bent knee version. I love the handles because I can use the trapeze for other forms of isometric exercise, not simply yoga. However, it’s definitely helped my yoga because the fear of getting stuck in a position or falling limited me from fully committing to a number of positions (triangle, pigeon, camel & half-moon come to mind!) but having security of the sling allows me to trust I can do it. At the same time, it doesn’t impede my movement.

But basically? It’s a ton of fun! (It’s hanging in my home grooming studio and I was too excited to set it up to fully clean up first!)

  “This was perfect! The material was soft and the latches were …”

By deborah on May 22, 2016

This was perfect! The material was soft and the latches were heavy duty. I have also been using it as a hammock for short naps. 🙂

  “BUY THIS!!!!”

By Dawn E Sabotka on May 22, 2016

This swing has helped my back so much already! I am excited to get out of bed these days!!!