Never Stop Stretching – Secret #7 of 7

Once, a yoga teacher really hurt me.

I used to practice at this dingy old studio in the East Village in New York City where the head teacher was known for his strong adjustments. If I was a more experienced student, I would have known better; but as a newbie, I made the mistake of thinking that him pushing was somehow going to help.

The day it happened, I was in cobra pose at the wall. The teacher came up behind me, stuck his knee right between my shoulders, and “knee-ed” me into a really deep backbend. And that’s when I heard a POP!

Ever torn an intercostal muscle?

Let me tell you, it’s not fun. Just a deep breath or light laughter would send knife-blade pain down my entire left side. It’s muscular, not a bone break, but certainly feels like your rib is cracked.

Yoga’s not supposed to hurt, but hey, sometimes it does.

In theory, there’s nothing you can do for a torn intercostal except wait out the healing process. Since I didn’t like that option, I started treating myself naturally. I knew all about sulfur from my research into raw food. It’s arguably the most important mineral for tissue health and regeneration in the body, and I learned that MSM is the best source for it. MSM is an organic form of sulfur derived from pine trees.

But here’s the problem: I wasn’t taking nearly enough.

Most MSM supplements contain just 500-1000 mg which isn’t even an ‘active dose.’ I discovered that supplement companies save money by giving consumers mini-doses which don’t actually do anything.

(When I found this out, I got really irritated, and it drove me to research and discover that many so-called supplements are inactive at best and harmful at worst… more on this later.)

After the initial injury subsided (after 3 days), I discovered that I could practice at 80% of my max with really great results. For nutrition, I focused on raw foods as we’ve discussed, and my health coach at the time suggested I take about 2 grams of MSM combined with Vitamin C instead of the mini-dose I’d been taking before.

I’m always open to experiments, especially with all-natural, water soluble nutrients, so I gave it a shot. And you know what? It worked.

Within 5 weeks, I was as good as new, just strong and limber as before. The supplementation clearly helped, and it sparked an interest in micro-nutrients that has led me to develop over a dozen nutritional formulas today, starting with my best-selling YOGABODY Stretch, created specifically for yoga students.

The takeaway from today’s lesson is this. If you’re achy and sore from yoga, and worst-case scenario, if you get an injury like I did, here’s what you do.

#1. Don’t stop stretching. Remember, if you want to heal limber and strong, you must keep moving, just work at 80% of your maximum as you recover.

#2. Take MSM with Vitamin C. MSM is one of the most pure, bio-available sources for sulfur in nature, and when combined with the free radical scavenger, Vitamin C, you then have the beginnings of the prefect stretching formula (I prefer Vit C buffered with magnesium).

#3. Listen to your body first, and your doctor and health care providers second. You can’t outsource your recovery.

#4. Consider using YOGABODY Stretch, my proprietary formula specifically for yoga students. It nourishes and heals the body’s connective tissues, and is designed for the bendy-bodied needs of yoga students. I should mention, we have a buy 2 get 1 free special at the moment here:
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IMPORTANT NOTE: Most MSM on the market is created through crystallization, a very sloppy manufacturing process that reduces purity and should be avoided. At YOGABODY, we use only distilled-MSM (it’s hard to find), and the result is 99+% pure methylsulfonylmethane similar to that found in cruciferous veggies. When taken in combination with my Triple Green Blend, Vit C, and trace minerals, it’s a really powerful stack.