Recommended Products, Services & Vendors

YOGABODY subscribers often ask for recommendations on books, nutritional products, and even techy stuff like websites and design services. Whenever possible, we’re happy to help. Below you’ll find a list of our recommended network providers and Yoga Talk Show sponsors. We hope you find this useful.



Web Hosting for WordPress Sites > LEARN MORE

Over 20% of the websites on the internet are powered by the open-source content management system, WordPress. It’s free, and for bloggers, yoga teachers, and businesses of all sizes, it’s a really incredible tool. But where do you host your website? Most people end up buying cheap hosting from the same company they buy their domain name from—but this is a huge mistake.

If your site goes down for a day or even an hour or two, your “cheap” hosting suddenly become a huge expense in lost time, business, and visitors. Cheap hosting will make you cry, trust me I’ve been there.

WP Engine is a new hosting company dedicated specifically to WordPress. WordPress is awesome, but it does have unique database needs that not all hosting companies are good at. WP Engine does it like a champ. For that reason, I’d recommend them for anyone starting any site.

Key Benefits:

  • Great service
  • Competitive pricing (for this level of service, it’s a great deal)
  • WordPress optimized everything (that’s all they do)
  • Small business friendly
  • (bloggers, ecommerce startups, everyone welcome)
  • Scalable options, you can grow as big as you like without having to switch companies (I’ve had to switch many times… really a pain)




Expert-Level Design (for small businesses) > LEARN MORE

If you need a logo, postcard, website or any other type of design—and you don’t have a designer—then I always recommend 99designs.

I’m have a terrible sense of design, and I really struggle with the aesthetics of everything in my life (this site is no exception), so when I want something that looks really professionally, and even more importantly, when I need something to really last the test of time (like a brand logo or corporate image), I use 99designs.

Within a day of posting your job, you’ll get expert-quality designers creating mockups for you to choose from. You only pay if you find one you like, and in most cases, the hardest thing is choosing just one because you get exceptionally high quality work back. It’s a reverse auction system—the designers are there to impress you. It’s a really cool concept, and it’s used by top authors, big publishers, and product and brand creators at the highest levels of business. And so you should consider it too.

Key Benefits:

  • You only pay if you like the work samples
  • Designers are trying to impress you (this is fun!)
  • The level of the work you’ll get is exceptionally high
  • You don’t have to “settle” for the work from just one designer
  • It’s cost-effective




Send Email Newsletters, Manage Your Contacts > LEARN MORE

If you have more than 100 people on your email list, you absolutely need to have a 3rd party management software otherwise your email provider (gmail, yahoo, etc) will block your account.

For yoga teachers and most small businesses online, your email list is the “heart” of your business. There are a handful of good email management companies out there, but I usually refer people to Aweber for lists that are less than 100,000 subscribers (after 100K subscribers, you might consider other options – contact me!). I’ve built very large and successful business with Aweber as my email engine. Their service is absolutely amazing, they have been around for nearly 2 decades, and you can feel 100% secure with them as your provider.

Key Benefits:

  • Extremely well-trusted name in the industry
  • Highest deliverability (emails get to inbox, not spam) in the industry
  • Amazing customer support
  • Affordable plans based on your list size




Get Unlimited WordPress “Fixes” for one Low Rate > LEARN MORE

20% of the internet is powered by the open-source content management system (CMS) WordPress—and for good reasons! It’s free, it’s really easy-to-use, and it works.

If you’re a yoga studio owner, a teacher, a blogger, or anyone else with a WordPress site, chances are good that you love it. Chances are also good that you have times when you hate it too. When you need to update your plugins, when a page is loading strangely on mobile, or when you simply cannot figure out how to add a paypal link to your page, who do you call?

Sure, you can sue freelance sites (I love those), but when a little issue comes up at 10 pm, it’s better if you can just send off an email and wake up to have it fixed. This is where WPCurve comes in. This simple service gives you 24/7 support and “fixes” for your WordPress site. Just send an email, it gets fixed.

Key Benefits:

  • 24/7 support for your WordPress site
  • No more hassle and expense hiring by-the-hour coders
  • Save time and money
  • Proactively maintain your website
  • Did I mention you save money?




Become a 200-500hr Certified Yoga Teacher > LEARN MORE

If you’re a passionate yoga student and interested in becoming a qualified, professional yoga teacher, YOGABODY’s sister company, Absolute Yoga Academy, can help. Since 2006, Absolute has trained over 2,000 teachers now working in 50+ countries.

With a home base in Thailand, and courses throughout Europe and Asia, Absolute Yoga is known for rigorous standards, extremely successful graduates, and its focus on real-world skills.

Key Benefits:

  • 200-500hr Level Yoga Alliance certifications
  • Practical, real-world skills taught (no holiday courses or vacations)
  • Super success alumni teaching in 50+ countries, many with their own studios
  • World-famous teachers, huge teaching teams, extremely qualified staff
  • Dedicated, purpose-built facilities to make the training experience the best it can possibly be