Discover How You Can Give Yourself a
Deep Tissue Massage – at Home!

Hurts So GoodTM – Self-Massage Balls

Relieve Stress, Tension & Soreness

Amazing, All-Natural Self-Massage Balls

  • Relieve tight muscles knots, aches and pains any time, on your own
  • Improve blood flow to targeted areas for nourishment and elimination of waste
  • Release and relieve compressed nerves such as carpel tunnel and sciatica
  • Assist in scar tissue elasticity and correct healing

Why Flexibility Matters?

Hurts So Good Massage Balls allow you to release tension, break up sliding surface dysfunctions, and improve circulation in and around your muscles and tendons, ligaments, and fascia. In our modern lives, our movement patterns tend to be very habitual. We sit, stand, drive, and walk; but we often lack the dynamic range of motion that our bodies are designed for.

And the result? You end up stiff and sore…

I’m a huge fan of all types of bodywork including massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic care; but realistically, this is not something you can do every day or even every week. Due financial and time limitations, most people can only meet one-on-one with a body worker a few times per year, and that’s rarely enough to really affect change.

The solution? Self-massage.

Hurts So Good Massage Balls are designed to empower yoga students, office workers, and athletes at all levels to do profound deep tissue work on their own as needed, as often as every day. These balls are named, Hurts So Good for a reason. Most people immediately find them intense in a wonderful, tension-relieving way.

Life Stress = Muscle Tension & Pain

Your body holds a tremendous amount of tension in its soft tissues as emotional stress accumulates in your body. You’ve probably experienced firsthand where the stress of your day get stuck in your shoulders, your hips, your lower back and hamstrings. Yoga and other forms of exercise are a huge help, of course, but sometimes you just need as good massage.

If you’re like most people, you love getting massages, but it’s just not practical or affordable to get body work done weekly and certainly not daily. So what do you do? With Hurts So Good Massage Balls, you have the all the tools needed to relieve stress and tension in minutes, often with just as profound a release as you’d get from an in-person treatment.

Benefits of Self-Massage:

  • Relieve tight muscles knots, aches and pains any time, on your own
  • Break up sliding surface disorders (stuck areas) in minutes
  • Improve blood flow to targeted areas for nourishment and elimination of waste
  • Release and relieve compressed nerves such as carpel tunnel and sciatica
  • Assist in scar tissue elasticity and correct healing
  • Unlock trigger points and tension areas
  • Take control and take care of your soft tissue health

Do You Get Sore After Yoga or Exercise?

If you never get sore from your yoga or fitness routine, you’re probably not working hard enough. It’s beneficial for both your muscles and hormonal system to get sore sometimes, but you can speed up recovery and reduce your discomfort through self massage on affected areas.

Common Uses of Hurts So Good Massage Balls:

  • Roll out your hamstrings after hard practice or long run
  • Massage deep into your piriformis (deep butt muscle) to relieve tension on your sciatic nerve
  • Unlock your spine with 2-ball, full-back rolls (feels amazing)
  • Work your psoas and quads when they’re feeling stiff and sore after a day of sitting at the desk
  • Gently relieve tension in your neck and shoulders after a stressful week

Does it Really Hurt?

We call them Hurts So Good Massage Balls because the most common thing our students say after using them is: “Aww, that hurts so good.” You’re in control of the pressure at all times which means you can apply more or less pressure as you like. You’ll find your body’s tolerance for pressure is very light initially, but as you become accustomed to palpating and massaging your entire body, you’ll be able to work deeper and deeper, safely and comfortably, and it feels amazing.

These massage balls are made of firm, all-natural rubber that is designed to mimic the pressure and grip of a massage therapists hands, fingers, and elbows. Sports therapists have used baseballs, lacrosse balls, and tennis balls for decades, but you cannot compare the function and feel to these new, Hurts So Good Massage Balls. The allow you to work deeper, grip superficial tissues separately from deep tissues, slide, press, and release in dozens of exercises.

The Hurts So Good Difference

You’ll never want to use small, awkward lacrosse balls or plastic balls to administer self-massage ever again. Once you experience the function and feel of Hurts So Good balls with their jumbo, soft-yet-firm design, you’ll never go back.

Hurts So Good balls are made of all-natural rubber, and are designed to mimic the feel of a human hand or elbow for applying pressure to sore muscles and connective tissues. They feel amazing on bare skin or outside clothing on all tissues and body surfaces.

Traditional Massage Balls vs Hurts So Good Balls



The Hurts So Good Difference

If you’re new to self-massage, don’t worry! We make it simple and easy to get started with a complete step-by-step video tutorial series included at no cost with every order. You’ll learn how to target your spine, your hips, your calves, your hamstrings, your neck, your IT band, and so much more. In a matter of minutes, you’ll learn how to give yourself an amazing, deep tissue massage that will leave you feeling like a new person.

Watch & Learn These Massage Techniques

  • Cervical Spine Massage
  • One-Ball Shoulder Massage
  • Shrug Massage
  • Thoracic Massage
  • Lumbar Massage
  • One-Ball Glute Massage
  • Two-Ball Glute Massage
  • Hamstrings
  • Calf Massage
  • Foot Stretch
  • Hip Flexor Roll
  • IT Band Roll

Hurts So Good Massage Balls

Most people who try Hurts So Good Massage Balls become instant addicts—it just feels so good to roll out your muscle tension each day. Each purchase comes with two balls, a canvas carrying back, pose chats, and an at-home video series that you can access immediately online (or download for viewing on any device). Like everything at YOGABODY, Hurts So Good Massage Balls are backed by our unconditional, 365-day satisfaction guarantee.

2 Hurts So Good Massage Balls · All-natural canvas carry bag


If for any reason (or no reason at all) you’re unhappy with your purchase, simply send it back for a full and complete refund any time within the first year. No questions, no hassles, no fine print. We absolutely insist on customer satisfaction.