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Become a Yoga Teacher Trainer
Junior Trainer Program | Yoga Teachers College


Minimum 300 Classes Taught

Get Invited to the Program


Assist 3 Courses
(within an 18-month period)


Receive Trainer Diploma

Begin Teaching/Co-Teaching Courses

STEP 1. You’re required to have at least 300 classes teaching experience before applying. The program is invite-only, so you also need a formal invitation from YOGABODY HQ.

STEP 2. Course assistants join the teaching team and help with administrative tasks, teaching tasks, organization, and student services. You’ll be an active member of the instructor team, and this is where you’ll learn the most.

STEP 3. After completing 3 successful courses as an assistant, you’ll be granted a trainer diploma and can teach or co-teach courses.

  • There is no fee for this program, but you will need to pay for your personal travel and accommodation costs (varies depending on course location and duration).

  • Invitation and acceptance does not guarantee successful graduation. Some trainers in training may not be granted a diploma depending on your performance, level of commitment, and your skills acquired (or not).

  • To qualify as an “educator”, most registries (Yoga Alliance, ACE, etc) require a minimum of 1,000 hours taught. We accept teachers with 300 hours experience, but you’ll need to plan for your additional teaching hours (to reach the 1,000-hour minimum) before completion of the program.

  • Diploma-holding graduates will be qualified to teach or co-teach Yoga Alliance continuing education and teacher training courses.

  • While opportunities to work for YOGABODY HQ might arise, we cannot guarantee it and all participants should assume they will need to explore opportunities outside of our school.