Experience Deeper Backbends,
Better Balance & Build Core Strength
with the Yoga Wonder WheelTM!

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Why the Wonder Wheel? Challenge yourself and advance your practice with this new yoga prop.

Yoga mats and blocks have been around for decades, but the Yoga Wonder Wheel™ by YOGABODY is a new and exciting addition to your at-home practice room or yoga studio, which will take your postures to the next level. Deep, awe-inspiring backbends initially draw most people to the Wonder Wheel, but backbends are just the beginning. You’ll also increase balance, build core strength, release tension, and explore ways to practice challenging poses that are otherwise inaccessible.

+FREE! DVD & Pose Chart

Normal Price: $69.95 (SAVE $20!)
Just $49.95 + S&H Today


Top Benefits of the Wonder WheelTM

DEEPER BACKBENDS – Most yoga students have a love-hate relationship with backbends. We need them, we want them, and yet they are extremely challenging. Using the Wonder Wheel, you can practice passive backbends, particularly in your ‘tight spots,’ such as the middle and upper back, that are difficult to access using traditional poses.

Of all the postures we teach, Fish Pose on the Wonder Wheel is the most popular. Most yoga backbends require strength to hold yourself up, so it’s difficult to release tightness; using the Wonder Wheel, you can relax completely and practice long-hold, passive backbends, which will improve your overall practice.


BETTER BALANCE – Using the Wonder Wheel in classic standing poses, such as Warrior I, Warrior II, Side Angle, and Crescent Lunge, challenges you in new and different ways. You’ll feel your legs burn (in a good way) as you work new muscles to find balance. Simple-looking poses immediately become more challenging and you’ll be able to feel the benefits of training with the Wonder Wheel in all your other movement practices.

BUILD YOUR CORE – Yoga teachers constantly talk about core strength, but the truth is that most mat-based classes are very gentle when it comes to abdominal workouts. Using the Wonder Wheel, you can blast your core safely and effectively in a matter of minutes while having fun balancing on your arms and learning useful poses. Forget about boring sit-ups or crunches. Flying Crunches or Pike Crunches on the wheel will rock your core. You’ll be a convert in no time.


INCREASE FLEXIBILITY – By rolling your tight and stiff areas, you ‘turn off’ your stretch reflex and tell your nervous system it’s safe to go deeper. This press-to-release principle is called autogenic inhibition and it is particularly useful for stiff backs, shoulders, psoas, and hip flexors.

How to Practice?

FULL CLASS PRACTICE – We teach full, 60-minute Wonder Wheel classes that are comprehensive, challenging, and fun. You’ll experience standing poses, Moon Squats, twists, lunges, Warrior poses, backbends, and more. Students are surprised by how many poses can be practiced with the wheel—and it’s not easy!

NOTE: Currently, all Wonder Wheel orders include a FREE! DVD for beginners.

SUPPLEMENT YOUR CURRENT PRACTICE – Most Wonder Wheel students use the wheel in conjunction with a regular yoga practice, CrossFit program, or other fitness regime. They roll for 15 to 20 minutes per day—before bed, while watching TV, or after a hard workout. This is a great way to use the wheel and you’ll experience amazing benefits right away.

TROUBLESHOOT YOUR STIFF AREAS – Many students use the Wonder Wheel to target stiff areas, especially their back, psoas, hip flexors, and glutes. When you press, roll, and release tight spots, your body naturally turns off its stretch reflex and allows you to increase your mobility safely.

Why Choose YOGABODY?

The Wonder Wheel was designed for use in YOGABODY’s professional yoga studios and training centers in Barcelona, Spain, so it’s bigger, stronger, lighter, and backed by an unmatched warranty compared with any other yoga wheel on the market. On top of that, it’s less expensive and comes with a complete at-home DVD so you can get rolling right away.

The Wonder WheelTM

TECHNICAL SPECS – Diameter: 15 inches (jumbo size), Width: 5.9 inches, ABS Plastic Wheel (thickness: 0.39 inches, black TPE mat cover: 0.23 inches)

Since 2007, YOGABODY has been a leader in at-home practice tools, yoga props, education, and nutrition. We make amazing products and stand behind our brand with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee (one year) and unrestricted parts warranty (10 years).

Too Old? Too Young? Too Big? Too Small?
  • AGES: 7 to 75 recommended
  • WEIGHT LIMIT: No minimum / 250 lbs (113kg) max
  • USE: Indoors or outdoors (do not leave in sun/rain)
  • SETUP: Ready to use immediately, with or without mat, hard surface preferable

Remember, how you use the Wonder Wheel is up to you. Some people use it as a troubleshooting tool to fix stiff areas, others use the wheel to supplement other yoga or exercise routines, and many of our students practice full classes. It’s your practice, you get to decide what’s right for you.

A word of warning: If you’re new to the Wonder Wheel, start slowly and cautiously. Even simple-looking postures can be very challenging when the instability and varying surface of the wheel is introduced. It’s easy to push too hard, slip, or even fall if you’re not careful—so build your practice and confidence in a steady progression.

Frequently Asked Questions
It’s bigger. A 15-inch design means you can do dozens of standing poses that are otherwise impossible with the standard yoga wheel.
It’s lighter. The Wonder Wheel is lighter than nearly every other wheel on the market, meaning it’s easier to carry to and from the studio.
It’s a great value. The price tag on some wheels is downright ridiculous. The Wonder Wheel is affordable and includes a free practice DVD, making it the best priced wheel on the market—trusted and used by yoga studios as well as gyms.
No problem! Use the DVD included in your package and you’ll be rollin’ in minutes.
Yes. Start with Fish Pose, holding it for one to two minutes per day. You’ll feel amazing.
The danger of slipping and falling when your whole body is balanced on top of the wheel outweighs any benefits that may be derived from these poses, so we do not teach them. If you’d like to try them, please do so at your own risk.
Yes, with a minimum order of 10 units. Please contact us for details.
No. It’s for all levels, and many beginners actually feel the Wonder Wheel is a great tool to help them in basic poses.
We ship to 81 countries, so almost certainly the answer is yes!
Blocks are great, but the Wonder Wheel is bigger, it rolls, and it enables you to do dozens of new and different poses. It’s a different thing. You’ll feel the difference right away.


+FREE! DVD & Pose Chart

Normal Price: $69.95 (SAVE $20!)
Just $49.95 + S&H Today


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365-Day Satisfaction Guarantee + 10-Year Warranty


365-DAY HAPPINESS GUARANTEE – If for any reason (or no reason at all), you’re not happy with your Wonder Wheel, just send it back for a no-questions-asked refund anytime within the first year.

10-YEAR WARRANTY – The Wonder Wheel was originally designed for our professional yoga studios in Barcelona and is built to last. Its lightweight, rock-solid design can support up to 250 lbs and will offer you years of fun and practice. With all that said, if by some fluke your Wonder Wheel breaks, it’s 100 percent covered for 10 full years. Just send it back and we’ll replace it. No hassle. No questions asked.