“We have this hanging and I love hanging from it”

By Scott Wagner on February 2, 2016

We have this hanging and I love hanging from it. I did a couple years of trapeze and miss the hanging (I am 50 now) and all the good it did my spine and neck. This addresses that and so much more!

  “Wonderful for stretches to help aleviate pain, but be aware you can get motion sick in some positions”

By Thea on January 21, 2016

I purchased this to help with stretching and flexing, and to hopefully ease Fibromyalgia pain, which is severe. The swing was fairly easy to install and setup; for a semi-permanent setup to the ceiling requires two large eye hooks (or a swing hook) that needs to be attached to a ceiling joist (for upstairs) or floor joist (if you are downstairs)…make sure the hooks are attached securely. Using the swing takes some time to learn and you build up your routine from there. I love everything about the swing itself. However, I was surprised to discover that using the swing in some positions can cause extreme motion sickness. It may just be my body chemistry, but moving from deep back stretches to an upright position brings motion sickness on. So, I’m working on ways not to get motion sick; wrist buttons, soothing essential oils behind the ears and Dramamine. We’ll see how these hold up over time…if all goes well or not well, I’ll try to update my review later.