“Excellent, except for some comfort issues”

By Eric Bergfieldon September 11, 2015

This is my first Yoga Trapeze®, it is built very well, strong material, and no loose or stray strands of string anywhere. My only complaint is it isn’t totally comfortable to use – probably not a fault on the design, but a bit of cushion would go a long way to make it more enjoyable to use.


By D. Tartaglia on September 11, 2015

So far it’s great. I got the Yoga Trapeze® to be able to hang upside down and stretch out and relieve my back kinks and stiff muscles. It has done the trick after a couple of times. One painful area that 3 Chiropractors couldn’t help was amazingly better after my first time on the trapeze. I hope to strengthen my upper body with it.

  “Happy I finally got the item I wanted”

By noel on September 5, 2015

Twice the mailman delivered to the wrong address. Got package via UPS. Happy I finally got the item I wanted.

  “Great for computer relief.”

By DCon September 3, 2015

It’s in the doorway of my home office and I take short ‘upside down’ breaks throughout the day. Have had fewer neck, back and even carpal tunnel issues since using it.