“Enhancing my yoga routines.”

By Strgte54 on March 13, 2016

The item is of great quality, it is comfortable and secure. The installation instructions in the package were augmented by an email from the company with links to more detailed documents. We bolted it to the ceiling, the hardware installation (we used the Ikea Suspension Ceiling Hooks) took about 30 minutes. The installation of the product was easy, took about 10-15 minutes which included adjusting for height. Use of the product, as with any new exercise program/equipment will require the proper easing into – gradually working to where I can be as flexible and graceful as all the online videos and photos. I am looking forward to using this product!

  “Great product. Just what I expected”

By Amazon Customer on March 12, 2016

Great product. Just what I expected. It was easy to install.

  “Highly recommend”

By Amazon Customer on March 10, 2016

My back pain is gone, no exaggeration. Absolutely love it!!!!! So do the kids, so easy, so fun:)