Listen to this weekly yoga talk show where Lucas Rockwood share flexibility and nutritional information for yoga students.

Finding the Body-Positive, Sex-Positive You

EPISODE 373: Finding the Body-Positive, Sex-Positive You One in five women and one in 16 men are sexually assaulted in college in America*, so there are literally tens of millions of victims living every day with guilt, shame, pain, trauma, and baggage.

The Sexy Brain – Intimacy & Health

EPISODE 372: The Sexy Brain – Intimacy & Health Just as an infant requires physical touch to ensure healthy development, every adult requires intimacy and connection to be mentally and physically healthy… and yet many of us are left lacking. A lingering hug can increase oxytocin and decrease cortisol, deep conversations can be neuroprotective, and a true friend or lover can alter not just your emotional life but also your biology. On this week’s show, we’ll unpack the role between intimacy and your endocrine system, and the vital importance in finding balance.

Communication in Relationships

EPISODE 371: Communication in Relationships Any relationship crisis is usually coupled with a communication breakdown. Your needs are not being met, so you shut down. You’re upset about something, but instead of voicing it, you bottle it up. Your partner does the same, and over time, you grow distant, bitter, and even resentful. We’ve all experienced this poor communication pattern at some point.

The Neuroscience of Addiction

EPISODE 370: The Neuroscience of Addiction You don’t manage to leave the office until 8 pm. Traffic is terrible, so it takes you an hour to get home. One of your relatives is sick and has been texting you all day, but you haven’t had a moment to call to check in. Your taxes are due in a few weeks, and you don’t have any idea how much you’ll owe. You’re best friend is just not there for you the way she used to be. She hasn’t called you in weeks.