Runner’s Yoga: “Can Yoga Students Run?”

Dear Yoga Student,

When I was a kid, my mom put my brother and me in a crib in the middle of the track at a local high school and did laps around us to get her daily run in…

… both my parents are lifelong runners.

But running always busted me up. Tendonitis in the heels, shin splints, and aching arches. It was like my body didn’t WANT to run.

Come to find out, I made some really fatal errors:

(1) I always ran with extremely “high tech” shoes (airs, gels, arch support insoles, etc) that pretty much guaranteed that I ran with the alignment of an angry zombie in a horror movie.

(2) Plus, I was really too stiff to be running or doing any other physical activity (when you can only touch your knees in a forward bend… who are you kidding? Stop press—stretch!)

(3) Worse still, I’d always go “jogging” instead of running, something most our bodies don’t handle very well (bigger discussion on that later).

The result? I quit running.

Up until a couple months ago, it had been nearly 7 years since I’d put on a pair of shorts and gone out specifically to get my heart pounding and the sweat dripping off my nose…

… and wow!

Have to say, it feels incredible. Shins feel great. Heels are strong. And the shoes I’m wearing are more like slippers.

Too early to report major progress and I’m still just taking baby steps, but I’m researching (and running) more and more lately; and being a yoga guy, it’s all about running and yoga together (I like to stop halfway in the park for a quick handstand and a cobra pose:)

At least half the yoga students I work with were or still are runners, so when I stumbled upon a home practice program specifically for runners, I figured I’d interview the author and creator so you too can learn what I’ve been learning.

So I created a “Runner’s Yoga Teleclass,” and if you have any interest in running, I think you’ll learn a lot here:
Runner’s Yoga Audio Class

Let me know your thoughts…

Stay bendy,

Sun Warrior Yoga Protein

p.p.s. Love to hear your feedback on running and yoga, injuries, healing, shoes, and anything else that comes to mind. I’m really interested in this right now. If you are too, post something down below: