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Yoga Trapeze Training Online – Reviews

I thought the program was well organized and presented well.

It’s very user-friendly with very good information presented in a straight forward and concise way.

– Mia Neuenhoff

I work a lot of hours and thought I might not have time to finish the program.

But since it’s at your own pace, I finished it easily. The videos are fantastic. The feedback from the instructors and other students if phenomenal. I learned a lot of great technical information.

– Brenda Cottrell

This program allowed me to get to know myself better.

Both from an anatomical point of view and in terms of a more conscious approach to things.

– Anastasia

Extremely informative course – ever-adapting and adding additional information and details.

Trainers are well versed and eager to assist with information, feedback and much more.

– Kristen Pujari

I was quite skeptical about taking the course online, but I am so glad I did.

This course is well planned to make sure you receive the skills you need to teach.

– Melissa Hughey

Stretching Coach Training – Reviews

My level of flexibility and body control has increased dramatically during these past weeks.

Science of Stretching is for sure a daily practice now – and I’m hoping to share it with students!

– Nadja Maria

The Flexibility Coach Training was exceptional—detailed, interactive and encouraging.

The training changed my understanding of flexibility training, how I can use this for myself and how I can share this with others as a teacher. Understanding the science is crucial to develop skill and confidence with authenticity as a teacher. The training brings that. Lucas is an amazing teacher, and his ability to share knowledge and experience with trainees brings a deeper level to the training. Questions were always accepted and addressed for all the students keen to clarify information or to know more.

– Helen Machen-Pearce

My brother-in-law was involved in a car accident 1.5 years ago, fracturing his neck and resulting in becoming a quadriplegic.

I became a certified personal trainer to have more knowledge in helping with his rehab (I am doing all his rehab). When I saw Flexibility Coach Training on FB I checked into it because his posture is terrible from sitting 90% of the time, making it difficult to learn how to stand and proper walking gait. I feel this course has and will help tremendously in getting his mobility back. Super excited to do Gravity yoga on such a challenging individual!

– Tricia Downing

I am very excited to practice science of stretching

and bring it into my community where there isn’t anything like this.

– Jessica Gawel

Over the Flexibility Coach Training I felt some progress, especially in my hips.

I am an actress and doing musical theatre, so I have a background in dance. But I always struggled with flexibility. I did yoga for 10 years. A few years ago I started pole dancing and I see improvements, but it’s coming very slow. I am really looking forward to the next weeks and months.

– Marian

Breath Coach Training – Reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed this course.

I found it super informative, easy to follow along and really enjoyed Lucas’ methods of teaching. It was clear and approachable. I look forward to employing the skills I learned with clients at my wellness studio.

– Amelia Bradley

The course was everything I expected and way more.

Lucas is such an amazing teacher: his down to earth approach, yet cheerfulness every single day made me so excited for every new class. Two 30-40min classes a day that were available any time that suited you. Huge bonus: highly valuable, very practical advice and tools to get your business started in no time. Best purchase of the year!

– Emma

Breathing is a wonderful tool, easy to use and with quick results compared to practices like meditation.

I feel very confident now to teach and coach people having done this training. It’s a very practical, down-to-earth and ready to go kinda training and that is rare in online training.

– Suzanne Ibrahim

The Breath Coach Training was very practical, scientific and easy to learn.

It gives you all the tools you need for managing stress in daily life and to teach these techniques to others. I highly recommend it.

– Hege

I teach yoga and meditation and yoga breathing forms a core part of my work.

However, it was great to study the theoretical aspects of breathing (anatomy, physiology as well as the business marketing side).

– Ntathu Allen

21-Day Hip Opening Challenge – Reviews

My flexibility has noticeably increased.

The poses are challenging yet doable with real results. Being able to have your questions answered and also see other people’s questions and comments is extremely helpful. Highly recommend!

– Elizabeth Wrazien

Challenging but achievable.

I learned a lot. Still have a long way to go in improving my flexibility, but this course gave me hope!

– Mags

The YogaBody 21-Day Hip Opener Challenge was a great motivator for me to do some self-care every day.

I have pretty consistent low back stiffness so I thought working on my hips would be a great way to relieve some of that, and it was! As a mother of four, who stays home and homeschools, taking time to nourish myself tends to fall last on my to-do list. Challenges like this that provide an added motivation to do self-care with only short time requirements are amazing, thanks YOGABODY!

– Kayla McIntosh

Lucas’s energy, enthusiasm and knowledge are contagious.

It really kept me interested and motivated. The challenge was well worth the time. I thought the simplicity of the format and access including typing “done” worked well.

– Lauri

I’m really impressed with how much difference just a short amount of time every day has made to my flexibility.

Lucas provides lots of information to adapt the poses to different levels and keeps it interesting to help stay motivated through the less comfortable ones. Access to the archived videos allows easy re-visiting to continue progressing after the live course finishes.

– Jonathan

21-Day Happy Back Challenge – Reviews

21 Day Happy Back … Stretch that Spine!

21 Day Happy Back was my first introduction to Lucas’ Yogabody. I took it slower than most with every other day at first. I do so look forward to keeping consistent and increasing flexibility and strength with 15-20 minute workouts., plus little posture corrections throughout the day. Thanks for your encouraging, motivating, interesting, educational short sessions. I watch your Q&A’s while preparing dinner, and learn more. Terrific. Thanks so much.

– Jeanie

No more stiff mornings!

I have had some sort of back pain or another for at least 20 years. I really had resigned to the fact that stiffness and pain was the way life is. I took the 21 day happy back challenge and not only is my back happy but I am elated about getting up in the morning without pain and stiffness! Best thing I have done for myself in a long time!

– Alberto

21 day Happy Back challenge worth every cent!

I completed the 21 day happy back challenge and was very satisfied with the results. My lower back pain has disappeared and I’m actually incorporating a lot of the exercises in my fitness classes. My students are really benefitting from the exercises. I highly recommend the Happy Back challenge to anybody experiencing lower back pain or even as an overall back strengthening program

– Theresa

Highly recommend!

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed Lucas’s 21 Day Happy Back Challenge! The “micro commitments for long term changes” really resonated with us. We’ve both gotten so under-conditioned due to the pandemic and my husband’s health condition that 15 minutes was about all we could handle, but it was doable. Also, we found Lucas’s instructions to be clear and understandable. I highly recommend this class to everyone!

– Jennifer Raaf

Finally found a yoga class that has become a habit

For years I knew yoga would be good for me and I started with several different online classes, but this is the one that sticks! Without effort, I could keep myself on track and be committed to do the 15 minutes classes every day for 60 days in a row now. I first joined the Hip Challenge and then the Happy Back Challenge. I can feel a lot of difference already in my body and feel more flexible and with better posture. Lucas lessons are very informative and easy to follow as he gives so many possible adaptations for each pose. I’m determined to keep on going with my new habit.

– E.Vekemans

Science of Stretching – Reviews

Right away I noticed a significant difference in the amount of energy I had: before, during, and after a yoga class.

I challenge every yogi/yogini to try this product. Yes, it’s THAT good!

– Tunde Martinez

I have had huge flexibility gains in the 12 weeks I have used this product and the Science of Stretching techniques.

I have even been able to join a fitness center to do additional resistance training. I am 62, have had 2 serious spinal injuries at ages 16 and 28, and 7 spinal surgeries (3 lumbar, 4 cervical) in the past 44 years, along with several other invasive spinal procedures. Thanks to YOGABODY I’m doing better every day now!

– Luigi

I have been using your Science of Stretching poses to loosen my hips and they have done wonders for me.

I can sit in lotus pose for about 1 hour now without tremendous discomfort.

– Stephen McConnell

I do my stretches every morning.

I love the CD as it contains plain instructions and at the same time makes me feel as if I’m taking a class in a group. I started practicing yoga about 20 years ago and I was quite flexible and bendy. Then I quit and lost a lot of movement. Some of the stretches help me feel like I still can move freely without feeling pain or tension. My work gives me neck, back and leg pain. After a couple of weeks of Science of Stretching, I felt no pain in my neck, my back hurts less, and my legs have become lighter. Before it was quite difficult for me to walk. After approximately 100 meters I wanted to stop, to sit, to have a rest. Now I’m walking at least 7 km a day and feel good. Thanks a lot! I feel the life coming back to my body.

– Galina

The Science of Stretching is amazingly effective, after just one week I feel a difference!

– Marianne Huus Mjøen

21-Day Yoga Breathing Challenge – Reviews

I turn this on every night when laying down for bed.

It puts me in a deep relaxed state and I’ve slept really well!

– Mark Schanck

I usually lose interest with these sorts of things after three or four days but I stuck with all 21 days.

It was a nice spot of peace in a crazy time of pandemic. For some reason, day four seemed to impact me the most. I felt it improved the condition of my lungs.

– Dasha Millson

This has been most helpful for me during this time of crisis and chaos.

I looked forward to each new lesson. Also, Lucas has a voice and tone that is easy to listen to!

– Brittany

I am a personal trainer in southwestern Indiana…

I wanted to learn more and improve my own practice. This breathing challenge was a great learning experience. I became aware of ways to breathe better by learning to make the whisper sound and the three phase inhales and exhales. I felt better each day after learning to breathe properly.

– Nikki Pritchett

I can feel the influence of the breathing on me after 3 short weeks.

I wish it continued on for another 21 days, if only to repeat the breathing patterns we has already learned, to further reinforce them.

– Linda