Want to Learn Handstand or
Improve Your Hand Balancing Practice?

Amazing, Bamboo Handstand Blocks by YOGABODY®

WHY BLOCKS? Block training leads to straighter, stronger handstands. When you “grip” the block, it trains your hands, forearms and shoulders to dynamically lift and balance your body in inversions.

How “Grip Strength” Can Help Your Handstands

Most people think that handstand involves putting your hand flat on the floor and simply pushing down—but that’s not right! Check out photos of people doing handstands, and you’ll see that the more advanced students “grip” the floor using their hand like a claw. Your fingers form arches and your palms forms a dome, and you create a dynamic, muscle and bone support structure for your entire body to balance on.

NO. This hand position can work, but it’s not ideal and not “strong” for balance corrections or pose variations.

YES! This “arches and domes” position creates the architecture to support the dynamic weight of your body while inverted.

Standard Pack

2 Beautiful Blocks · Made of 100% Bamboo · Non-Slip / No-Scratch
Rubber Bottoms (ideal for hardwood floors)

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Top Benefits of the Handstand Block

BETTER HANDSTANDS – The reason most people struggle to learn handstand is because they just jump up again and again at the wall. Jumping alone is good training, but it’s just one part of a good training routine. The YOGABODY Handstand Blocks allow you to develop stronger fingers, wrists, forearms and shoulders to dynamically balance like a pro.

REDUCE WRIST PAIN – The leading cause of wrist pain in yoga and handstand is weak and underdeveloped hand and forearm muscles. Stronger muscles support your joints and keep them from jamming and hurting. The Handstand Blocks can be used in mat-classes as well during down dog, chaturanga, and upward dog (among others) for students who are prone to pain. The blocks will reduce pain in the short term, and prevent and heal your joints in the long term so it’s no longer a problem.

HOP-UP / PRESS UP BOOSTER – Hopping up into handstand is more difficult than balancing, meaning the “getting in” part is much harder than the “balance” part. If you’re learning handstand right now, you’ve no-doubt experienced this.

You hop, then fall… hop, then fall… and hop again. Sound familiar? With the Handstand Blocks, they force you to “over jump” which gives you a bigger range of motion for building strength. You still need to practice, hop and fall, but this exaggerated hopping range builds the strength and muscle-memory to make your non-block handstands easier.

IT’S GOOD FUN! – one of the best things about handstands is that there are infinite variations. You can do classic handstands, lotus legs, handstand splits, handstand roll-overs and so much more. When you add Handstand Blocks into the mix, your pose potential immediately doubles, so aside from all the practical benefits, it’s also just great fun.

How to Practice?

FULL CLASS PRACTICE. Many of our students use the Bamboo Handstand Blocks for full-class practices that include strength, balance, and flexibility. The blocks can easily be integrated into Sun Salutes, up dog, down dog, standing poses, arm balances, grip strengthening and more.

SUPPLEMENT YOUR CURRENT PRACTICE. Most students use the Bamboo Handstand Blocks in conjunction with a regular yoga practice, CrossFit program, or other fitness regime. A typical routine is to do 10 sets of wall-handstands for press-practice, long-hold practices at the wall, and then middle-of-the-room practices based on your ability.

Common Daily Practice Routine:

  • Wall kick-ups x10
  • Max-hold at the wall (aim for 1+ minute) – use a timer!
  • Free handstand practice (when you feel ready)

WRIST STABILIZING PRACTICES. Weak hands and forearms are the most common cause for wrist pain in yoga, and many students use the Bamboo Handstand Blocks to heal, strengthen, and balance their wrists. Incorporating the blocks into poses such as Sun Salutes, upward-facing dog, downward-facing dog, and plank poses can be a game-changer if your wrists need help.

What Makes Our Blocks Unique?

The Bamboo Handstand Blocks by YOGABODY were designed for our professional yoga studios in Barcelona, so they are beautiful, durable, easy-to-clean, safe, and natural. Yoga students have used standard yoga blocks for years, but these blocks are completely different: they are smaller, stronger, non-slip, easy-to-clean, and designed specifically to build grip strength for inversions.


TECHNICAL SPECS: 3mm non-slip rubber on the bottom. 5.12 in / 13 cm (long) x 3.5 in / 8.8 cm (wide) x 8.8 cm (tall), smooth-finsihed bamboo (cleanable, non-scuff), industrial-grade for home and studio use. Weight: 1.8 lbs per block (3.6 lbs total) / 800 grams per block (1.6 kg total).

QUALITY GUARANTEE. Since 2007, YOGABODY has been a leader in at-home practice tools, yoga props, education, and nutrition. We make amazing products and stand behind our brand with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee (1 year). If for any reason, or no reason at all, you’re unhappy with your purchase, simply send it back for a full and complete refund.

What if I Can’t Do a Handstand Yet?

Yoga teachers are notoriously bad handstand teachers. They are great at demonstrating handstand (especially on social media), but the actual “how t ” is often lacking. This can be extremely frustrating as a student. Whether you’re brand new to handstand or an intermediate or advanced student, blocks are a powerful tool to help you learn, grow and develop. Handstand Blocks are appropriate and helpful for all levels. They are a training tool, not just something to show off, so if you want to learn to stand on your hands (or improve your current practice) these are for you.

WHY BLOCKS? Handstand Block training is one of the most-effective ways to progress no matter if you’re brand new to inversion training—or if you’ve been practicing for years.

How will you use the Handstand Blocks? It’s up to you. Many of our students use the blocks for supplemental arm balance training, meaning they train with blocks to improve their handstands. Other students use the blocks to heal and strengthen their wrists during a vinyasa yoga practice. It’s your practice, so try them out and decide what’s right for you.

  • AGES: 7 to 75 recommended
  • WEIGHT LIMIT: none, all weights/sizes supported
  • USE: indoors or outdoors (do not leave in sun/rain)
  • SETUP: ready to use immediately, with our without mat, hard surface preferable

A word of warning. If you’re new to the Handstand Blocks, start slowly and carefully. It’s easy to get over-excited and practice too hard and wake up sore. We recommend you start slowly and build your practice and confidence in a steady progression. Eventually, the Handstand Blocks can become part of your daily practice.

Frequently Asked Questions
Standard yoga blocks are made of cheap foam. They are way too big, too light (they slip around), and they don’t build grip strength since your fingers end up spread out. Our blocks are completely different. They are smaller, stronger, non-slip, easy-to-clean, and designed specifically to build grip strength for inversions.
Great! Start practicing with the Handstand Blocks, and you’ll learn to invert much faster. These blocks are not just for showing off. They are a foundational learning and training tool.
Yes! We recommend using warm water with a couple drops of tea tree oil or white vinegar to clean your blocks. The smooth bamboo finish wipes clean and dry easily.
Yes, you could use random blocks of wood, but our Handstand Blocks are the perfect hand-size. They’re weighted for balance (very stable), and the non-slip rubber bottom keeps your floors protected and helps you find your balance. You’ll feel the difference right away.
Yes, minimum order is 10 pair. Please contact us for details.
No, they are for all levels. Many beginners use the Bamboo Handstand Blocks as a tool to help them in basic poses as well.
We ship internationally to 81 countries, so almost certainly, the answer is yes!
5.12 in / 13 cm (long) x 3.5 in / 8.8 cm (wide) x 8.8 cm (tall). Weight: 1.8 lbs per block (3.6 lbs total) / 800 grams per block (1.6 kg total).

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365-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

365-DAY HAPPINSS GUARANTEE – If for any reason (or no reason at all), you’re not happy with your Bamboo Handstand Blocks, just send them back for a no-questions-asked refund anytime in the first year.

Standard Pack

2 Beautiful Blocks · Made of 100% Bamboo · Non-Slip / No-Scratch
Rubber Bottoms (ideal for hardwood floors)

Normal Price: $ 69.95
(SAVE $30!)
Just $39.95 + S&H Today