Yoga for Back & Neck Care

Posture Analysis Webinar

WATCH this webinar recording where we analyze real photos
sent in by YOGABDODY students.

The webinar replay video here contains posture analyses of real YOGABODY students. Watch and see if you too have any of these postural tendencies in your spine—and how using simple yoga practices can help you to find balance.

Yoga for Back & Neck Care

Virtual Online Yoga Workshop

Watch the first-ever, YOGABODY online yoga workshop with Lucas Rockwood & Kimberly Johnson.

What You’ll Learn

  • Five 15-minute back & neck care practices
  • How to “read” your posture and use yoga to correct imbalances
  • Safe ways to treat back & neck pain
  • How to increase flexibility & mobility in your back
  • All-natural, at-home treatments that really work

Who is this For?

  • Yoga Students
  • Yoga Teachers (we have a special forum for teachers in the members area)
  • People New to Yoga (we have a “newbies” forum as well)
  • Anyone Who Wants a Healthier Spine