“This is awesome!! The delivery was fast”

By Lorraine Pfaff on April 2, 2015

This is awesome!! The delivery was fast. The online support is amazing, I found everything I need from hanging to poses and a ton of additional information about yoga, health and diet. I received emails letting me know where to find things and information that I may be interested in. There is free downloads and I received product information in the mail. I have had to spend no additioanl money to have everything I needed to setup and use. I hung mine fromt he ceiling and the instructions provided were EXCELLENT. I received an email before the trapeze was delivered providing a link to all the needed information.

The swing is beautiful, I got purple, the material is excellent quality. The seat and handles can be adjusted every easily, even when in the trapeze. I have major back issues and this has been amazing at relieving pain and elongating my spine. I also have neck issues and using the trapeze I can work on my upper body strength and core strength. There are many routines available to work on whatever you need. The swing is great to use for stretching and strenght building using both the swing and the floor. I HIGHLY recommend this!!