“A Must-Have”

By Aly on February 21, 2016

This swing was the best thing I ever did for myself. I’m relieving so much tension in my shoulders and body and decompressing my back. I truly think that everyone needs one in their house. I first tried to install this with the IKEA mounts that were recommended. Turns out my ceiling joists were too narrow to accomodate that. I went with the O-Ring method to install on 2x4s in a condo. The O-Ring was about the length of my thumb and pretty darn thick. Fiance followed provided (emailed) instructions and drilled a hole into center of beam and then screwed in until fully placed. I watched a youtube video about a guy installing it this way into a door frame. Helpful tip was to put a little petroleum jelly on the tip of the screw before manually screwing it and it’ll go in much easier. I’m happy to say these are securely placed in the roof and I’ve been on it off and on since I got it. I really notice the difference and all the information the company provides is very easy to follow and set up. There is a large chance for user error with this so I advise anyone to not do this when you don’t have someone else home in case you get stuck/injured; and to be very slow and careful with your movements and not come up very suddenly. Listen to your body and this swing will provide limitless use. I unclipped the seat and just had the handles to do some floor stretches. It provides you with great leverage and can help to build strength in nearly any position. I cannot recommend this swing enough. Literally you can do anything with it. Even take a meditative doze. (Not sure how safe it is to sleep in but I can confirm you can lay down as if you’re in a hammock. especially if you use the longest handles as a foot rest)

  “I love my yoga trapeze!”

By Kindle Customer on February 20, 2016

The quality of this product is outstanding. The size is perfect for me, though if you’re taller, or bigger around the waist (I’m 5’2, 110 lb) you’ll need a larger trapeze.