Pay $0+S&H for Your Starter Kit
30-Day Credit Available for New, Qualified Wholesale Account

To make it easy for new retailers, we have a $0 starter program where you can start selling now, and pay for the inventory later. Sound good? For a limited time, we’re extending 30-day line of credit to any serious applicant who would like to start selling YOGABODY products.

Even small yoga studios with no retail space can easily generate an extra income of $200-500/month by selling YOGABODY products. Many of our partner studios simply place our products on display at their sign-in desk along with some brochures – and it’s as simple as that! YOGABODY sells itself.

Why Sell YOGABODY Products?

  • $0 startup cost (everyone gets 30 days credit)
  • Get started in less than a week (no paperwork, no hassles)
  • Earn money providing yoga students great nutritional and educational products they will love
  • Supplement your income and add another stream of income to business

YOGABODY Stretch [fleximine]
The ultimate nutritional support for yoga students, dancers, gymnasts, and other bendy-bodied people worldwide. Supports tissue elasticity & regeneration. Shown to reduce soreness & recovery time. Best-seller worldwide.

Liquid Energy-B [methylcobalamin b12]
Essential B12 for vegetarians and vegans. This water-soluble, fast-absorbing, vitamin formula essential for the healthy metabolism of fats and proteins that has been known to elevate mood, focus, and energy levels. It’s safe and non-toxic. Contains vitamin complexes essential for nervous system health and the synthesis of DNA (during cell division) making it vitally important for new cells. 100% natural, safe, and non-toxic.

Total Hydration [electrolyte sports drink add-in]
Drink less, absorb more. This all-natural, electrolyte add-in for your water makes it fast and easy to turn any beverage into a super-hydrating sports drink. Proven 43% MORE hydrating than just plain water with no sugar, no additives, no calories, no mess.

YOGABODY Handbook [Gravity Yoga]
The definitive guide to maximum flexibility in just 15 minutes per day. Used by 10,000+ students worldwide with amazing results. Includes illustrated, 5-day per week stretching schedule. 3 poses/15 minutes per day. Simple, powerful, nothing but the most-effective stretches for fast, safe results.

Basic Starter Kit (Only 20 14 Kits Left)

  • 12 bottles YOGABODY Stretch
  • 12 bottles Total Hydration
  • 12 bottles Liquid Energy B
  • 100 brochures
  • Normal Price: $1066.88
  • Your Wholesale Price: Save 40% $649
  • Your Retail Profit: $400+

Startup Cost: $0 + S&H
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(balance $649 auto-billed to after 30 days)
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Pro Starter Kit (Only 20 11 Kits Left)

  • 24 bottles YOGABODY Stretch
  • 24 bottles Total Hydration
  • 24 bottles Liquid Energy B
  • 200 brochures
  • BONUS 10 Free YOGABODY Handbooks
  • (retail value: $340)

  • Normal Price: $2133.76
  • Your Wholesale Price: Save 40% $1297
  • Your Retail Profit: $1140+

Startup Cost: $0 + S&H
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So Now What?
After we approve you, you can sign in HERE and start making orders! Aside from the starter kits we also have other wholesale prices and minimums for most of our products!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So I don’t have to pay anything to get started?
A: All you pay is shipping and handling today. As a qualified wholesaler, we’re extending a 30-day line of credit to make it really easy for you to get started. Many teachers find they can sell enough product right away to more than pay for their startup bill.

Q: Is it really possible to make enough money to make it worth it?
A: It’s totally up to you. In my small studios, our retail sales averages $500 per month. That’s not huge, but it’s extremely easy and adds up over the course of the year to a substantial sum.

Q: I don’t like selling—can I do this?
A: You’re not alone, nobody likes selling! It’s not a problem. Some of the most successful YOGABODY distributors simply bring some product to class and students immediately start asking questions – it all happens very naturally. Our formulas really work, so students are happy to be able to buy them in person.

Q: What if I’m unable to sell some of the formulas—or if I change my mind?
A: Everything and anything at YOGABODY, including wholesale orders, is 100% guaranteed. If it doesn’t work out, just send it back for a refund.

Q: What if I want to sell other products not listed below, can I?
A: Yes, of course. We offer bulk/wholesale rates on most of our items. Our starter kits are just that—starter kits—and when you’re ready to start carrying many or all our products, just contact us here and we’ll get you started.