“Learn the Truth About Hydration in Yoga, Water & Performance…”

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Dear Yoga Student,

Imagine… you just finished practicing, you’re hot and sweaty—and the water you’re drinking just isn’t “sticking!”

What I mean by “sticking” is that no matter how much water you drink, you still don’t feel hydrated or satisfied…. so you reach for a sports drink instead of water because it just seems to “work” better.

Do you know what I’m talking about?

When I first started practicing yoga, I was doing Hot Yoga every single day, so I was literally drinking about 2 gallons of water each day…

– and I still felt completely dehydrated.

Soon enough, I started drinking every kind of sports drink I could find. I drank Gatorade, put Emergen-C packets into my water bottles, and even tried the really expensive stuff like VitaminWater.

And I’ll tell you, those sports drinks DO work better than water to help you feel hydrated fast, but they’re made with disgusting ingredients that are terrible for your health!

The idea behind sports drinks is awesome: you want to replace the electrolytes (which is a fancy name for minerals) lost during exercise. These electrolytes help your body absorb and retain water, which is great, that’s what being hydrated is all about…

– but most commercial sports drinks contain very few, very poor minerals and mostly contain sugar, cheap processed salts and chemicals.

But you already know that.. I mean, come on, just look at those whacky colored fruit-flavored drinks. That stuff CAN’T be good for you.

Here are some of the commonly found additives in sports drinks..

HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP – This is really nasty stuff that has a very similar effect on your body to that of alcohol. Infamously, corn syrup is known to help you grow a beer belly fast—yikes!

COLOR ADDITIVES – Things like Red #40, a possible carcinogen and Yellow #6 that causes sensitivity to viruses and has caused death in animals are just two examples of why you should give up those fluorescent-colored beverages.

ASPARTAME – This zero-calorie sweetener is believed to be a neurotoxin and has been associated with everything from joint pain to depression. Maybe you’ve never had a reaction, but to me, it’s just not worth the risk.

The reality: I used to drink tons of those sports drinks, and I’m sure you have too because your body already knows that most tap and bottled water is dead and lacking in the minerals you need to replenish yourself.

“More Energy & Concentration!”

I tried your TOTAL HYDRATION hey and i am amazed! It is awesome! I have it 3 times a day and it gives me so much more energy and concentration! I thought I was drinking enough, which I surely did with about 3 litres a day, but the water I drink must be so depleted of minerals that I still had dehydration. Living close to the equator in all that humidity doesn´t help that either! Thank you!!!

– Annika L.

So what DOES your body need?

Well, let’s say you just finished a 90-minute yoga class or finished a 30-minute run in the park… if we lived in nature, you would pop over to your local stream or spring and suck down a few handfuls of mineral-dense water right from the source.

Depending on the stream, the water might contain sodium carbonate, chlorides, phosphates, silicates, and sulfides.

Just like air is never pure oxygen, natural water is NEVER pure H20… naturally, it’s loaded with all kinds of minerals your body needs—for everything! AND in that very immediate moment, your body also needs those minerals just to absorb and retain the water you’re drinking.

It’s really that important.

If you’ve ever drunk pure, mineral water straight from a spring, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. It “sticks” immediately and you feel hydrated almost instantly.

BUT, I don’t live near a mineral spring and I’m guessing you don’t either.

So the next best thing is to take those naturally-occurring minerals, from nature, and put them into your filtered tap water or your bottled water so you can get the same benefits.

Do these natural mineral electrolytes really work?

Yes, absolutely. There are hundreds of studies on the effectiveness of electrolytes and hydration—this is nothing new—but what IS new is the delivery system.

Did you hear about this study? One famous study you might have heard of included a group of smoke jumper firefighters during a 3-day, on-the-job hydration case study.

Those using the exact mineral electrolyte add-in found in my TOTAL HYDRATION formula drank WAY less water—so much less that the firefighters NOT using the formula needed 74% more water to achieve the exact same levels of hydration.

Is this an exceptional case? Yes! But many studies show that electrolyte minerals can increase your hydration by 43% on average meaning you literally drink less and absorb more.

Let’s talk more about electrolytes…

The “electro” part of electrolytes has to do with electricity.

Electrolytes are ions with a balanced charge (+ and -) that dissolve in water and are essential for many of the electrical impulses in the body like your heart pumping and your brain telling your legs to run.

This is why dehydrated people become weak and uncoordinated. Their body’s electrical system is impaired and it shows.

And this is why hydration is CRUCIAL for flexibility, strength and performance. I’m always teaching yoga students to drink more water, but very few people really understand that without proper hydration…

… your body just doesn’t work right, your nervous system fries, you lose strength and ability very quickly.

AND yet most people ARE dehydrated.

That’s why I am so excited to finally introduce TOTAL HYDRATION. Gere’s why yoga students go crazy for this formula: it contains NO sugar, NO preservatives, NO aspartame, colors or junk. It’s pure sea mineral concentrates with nothing else.

Here’s what you get:

MAGNESIUM – The 4th most abundant mineral in the body… about 50% of which is in your bones and the rest is in the cells of your tissues and organs. It helps regulate blood sugar, promotes nervous system health, and is involved in 300+ biochemical reactions in the body. Magnesium is depleted through physical stress and that’s why it’s so crucial to replace it.

POTASSIUM – Essential for life, potassium plays a vital role in heart function, muscle contraction, and nervous system health.

SODIUM – Sodium is a crucial electrolyte, but you don’t need or want nearly the quantities found in most sports drinks… TOTAL HYDRATION is extremely low in extremely high quality sodium… essential for proper water retention, nerve system functions and PH balance.

CHLORIDE – Not to be confused with chlorine, chloride is negatively charged (balances the others) and is essential for oxygen exchange, performance, and water balance in the body.

So where do these minerals come from?

The mineral concentrates in TOTAL HYDRATION are collected from the Great Salt Lake basin in Utah. They are meticulously processed and inspected for purity (including full spectrum testing for toxins and heavy metals), and the final formula result is SO pure and SO natural that it’s GRAS approved.

GRAS stands for Generally Recognized as Safe, a classification given to edibles in the United States; things like spices, seasonings and foods. THAT’S how pure this formula is—it’s considered a food!

If you want to add some lemon or fruit juice for flavor—go for it! But none of that corn syrup or white sugar or artificial sweeteners—forget that stuff forever! Aside from fresh spring water, this is THE best way to boost your water nutritionally and instantly.


Add 15 drops to ½ liter of water. You can add it to a glass of water, a bottle of water, a water cooler—anything! It’s not sticky or flavored at all, so it’s perfect for any water bottle you like.

No mixing, no mess… no hassles at all!

Q: What EXACTLY does it contain?
A: TOTAL HYDRATION contains natural sea mineral concentrates, purified water, and potassium chloride.

Q: What does it taste like?
A: At full strength, it’s just slightly salty. If that bothers you, simply dilute it more and you’ll taste nothing.

Q: Can I use it during yoga or exercise?
A: Yes you can use TOTAL HYDRATION any time day or night… it’s 100% safe and natural.

Q: I get dehydration headaches… will it help?
A: Many people who suffer from dehydration headaches find TOTAL HYDRATION to be amazing for quick hydration and relief. So the answer is, yes! Try it.

Q: How long will 1 bottle last?
A: For most people, 1 bottle will last 1-2 months. 1 bottle = 24 gallons = 46 liters.

Q: Can kids use it?
A: Yes! Doctors often recommend electrolytes for kids, particularly when they are sick. TOTAL HYDRATION can be added to their water or juice and it’ll help them hydrate quickly.

Q: Can I drink it all day long?
A: Most people use it 1-2x daily, but some do use all day… TOTAL HYDRATION is low in sodium so it’s perfectly fine to use all day.

Q: Can I add TOTAL HYDRATION to my juice or other drink?
A: Yes! A great recipe is to use 1 part fresh juice, 3 parts water, and 7 drops TOTAL HYDRATION

Q: Does it go bad?
A: It has a 3-year shelf life and there is no need to refrigerate.

Q: Is it good for Hot Yoga students?
A: Yes, TOTAL HYDRATION’s most passionate users are Hot Yoga students… it’s just the healthiest, easiest way to stay hydrated. You’ll love it!

Top 5 Reasons TOTAL HYDRATION Makes Sense

1. Your tap water or bottled water is almost certainly mineral deficient and commercial sports drinks are full of sugar, salt and additives—not natural electrolytes

2. It’s extremely inexpensive, convenient and healthful to make your own sports drinks with TOTAL HYDRATION

3. There’s no sticky mess and you can add TOTAL HYDRATION to any water or any other beverage instantly

4. These are sea minerals, naturally occurring, low in sodium—natural sodium—and extremely powerful

5. Drink less, absorb more… get 40+% more hydration from the same amount of water. That’s huge!

All-Natural Electrolyte Add-In

TOTAL HYDRATION – Drink Less, Absorb More!

Here’s Why You’ll Love This:

  • 100% natural & pure derived from nature
  • Proven 43% MORE hydrating than just plain filtered or bottled water
  • No sugar, no additives, no calories, no mess

How to Use:

  • Add 15 drops to .5 liters of water or juice and that’s it!

Here’s Why You’ll Love This:

  • Makes 24 Gallons = 46 liters! (approx. 1+ month supply)

3-Month Supply (3 bottles)
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IMPORTANT NOTE: this formula contains 100% natural sea mineral concentrates and is GRAS approved (it’s considered a “food” by the US FDA). It’s safe, natural, chemical-free and extremely effective for hydration.

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Take the Next Step…

I’m a heavy sweater; I sweat even on the coldest of winter days… so I’ve always been obsessed with water…

…honestly, if I leave the house for more than 1 hour, I ALWAYS have a water bottle with me because it’s just that important to me as a yoga student and just for my general health…

Of all our practice aids and yoga formulas at YOGABODY, TOTAL HYDRATION is the one that students literally beg for—teachers especially! So if you’re someone who is concerned with hydration, if you sweat a lot during yoga or exercise, or if you simply want to drink less and absorb more…

Stay bendy,


p.s. Here’s how you use this… simply add 15 drops into a .5 liter bottle of water, shake it, drink it—that’s it! This is the fastest and most-natural way to boost your electrolyte levels. Use this with filtered tap water, bottled water, or fresh juice. You can add it to any sports bottle with no stickiness or mess. It’s awesome!

Like anything and everything at YOGABODY, this formula has a 365-day, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. There’s no risk to you… so honestly, you gotta try this stuff! ORDER NOW