Here you’ll find the complete list of YOGABODY practice aids. Please note that we’re constantly adding and expanding our tools available, so please check back often, and as always, please contact us anytime with questions. Stay bendy!

The Yoga Trapeze

The Yoga Trapeze – “Back Pain Gone in 7 Minutes Upside Down…” This is the ultimate home traction device for spine strength, instant pain relief, and dynamic core power and strength.

  • Relieves lower back & neck pain in minutes
  • No experience needed, everyone can use it with zero training and fast results
  • Easy to install indoors or outdoors in minutes
  • Supports up to 600 lbs.
  • 10-year, unconditional warranty

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YOGABODY Stretch ™

YOGABODY Stretch (Fleximine) – the ultimate nutritional support for yoga students, dancers, gymnasts, and other bendy-bodied people worldwide.

  • Supports tissue elasticity & regeneration
  • Shown to reduce soreness & recovery time
  • Increases energy & boosts immune system

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Liquid Energy-B

Liquid Energy-B (methylcobalamin) – a water-soluble, fast-absorbing, vitamin formula essential for the healthy metabolism of fats and proteins that has been known to elevate mood, focus, and energy levels. It’s safe and non-toxic.

  • Contains vitamin complexes essential for nervous system health and the synthesis of DNA (during cell division) making it vitally important for new cells.
  • No yeast, so unlike other B supplements it does NOT cause gas or bloating.
  • Liquid form for ultra-fast absorption and assimilation.
  • Easy-to-take dropper for on-the-go yoga students.
  • 100% natural, safe, and non-toxic.

LISTEN NOW! to learn all about Liquid Energy-B

ORDER 1 Month Supply Liquid Energy-B
(1 Bottle, $24.95 Only $19.95)

Happy Belly Probiotic Supplement

Happy Belly is a potent formula consisting of living, beneficial bacteria found in the human gastrointestinal system, which helps to kick-start your digestion.

  • Digestive superfood
  • Internal protection
  • 50 billion healthy bacteria
  • 10 unique probiotic strains

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(6-month supply $179.85 Only $119.95)

Micro Mineral Green

Micro Mineral Green – is great for yoga students, athletes, and busy people looking to “green-up” their diet quickly. Contains 100% pure, whole food form of the Hawaiian-grown, blue-green algae, spirulina. Packed with RNA, DNA & GLA fatty acids along with protein, trace minerals and chlorophyll.

  • Natural Alkalizing Effects
  • 2 Veg Caps = 1 Salad
  • Plant-Based Protein Power
  • Mineral Dense Superfood

ORDER 1 Month Supply
($29.95 Only $24.95)

($74.85 Only $49.95)

Total Hydration

Total Hydration – Drink Less, Absorb More: An all-natural electrolyte add-in for your water

  • Proven 43% MORE hydrating than just plain water
  • No sugar, no additives, no calories, no mess
  • 100% natural and pure derived from nature

ORDER 1 Month Supply of Total Hydration
($24.95 Only $19.95)

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($74.85 Only $49.95)

Mojo (USDA Certified Organic Maca)

Mojo (organic Maca) – Discover the passion and vitality of the Peruvian Andes! Maca is a world-renown revitalizing superfood that is used by both men and women seeking sexual vitality and a natural boost in energy.

  • 100% raw, natural Maca root
  • USDA certified organic
  • Boosts vitality in both men and women
  • Powerhouse of nutrients

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(1 bottle $59.95 Only $39.95)

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Veggie Culture Starter Kit

Cultured foods have been an integral part of the healthiest diets for thousands of years and are essential to a long, healthy life. They give birth to a lavish inner ecosystem, building resistance to infections, and greatly enhancing digestion.

  • Very alkaline and cleansing to the blood
  • Helps take away cravings for sweets, soft drinks, bread, pasta and dairy
  • Contains 6 packs which can be used to make cultured vegetables, cultured whipped butter, and creme fraiche.

ORDER Veggie Culture Kit
($29.95 Only $23.95)

Green Me Up!

Get this new super food green drink mix that contains spirulina, barley grass juice extract, acerola, maca, chlorella, mesquite, rice bran, kelp, and stevia (for natural sweetness). Mix with water, blend with fruit, or stir into a green-chia gel (my favorite).

  • Chlorophyll-rich blood cleansing spirulina & chlorella
  • Acerola, the super antioxidant and vitamin-rich berry
  • Super mineral-dense barley grass juice extract
  • Maca & mesquite for hormonal balance
  • Kelp for natural thyroid-healing iodine
  • Rice bran to keep you regular

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Bonus! with 6-month supply purchase, you’ll also get Briohny & Dice’s “Fit, Flow & Fly” practice DVD (a $34 value) for free!

Yoga of Pregnancy

Yoga of Pregnancy (2 DVD) – Join renown author and teacher, Mel Campbell for this comprehensive, step-by-step DVD for expecting mothers (and their yoga teachers!)

Inside you’ll learn:

  • Step-by-step video practice for each trimester
  • Birthing breath
  • Pelvic floor practices

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Yoga for Back & Neck Care (online workshop)

Yoga for Back & Neck Care (online workshop) – Join this 5-week, online workshop where you’ll experience in-depth training in yoga for back and neck care. Includes video training, a live forum, pose charts, practice videos and so much more.

  • 5 Core Lessons (live class & video recordings)
  • 5 Yoga Practices (15 minute sessions on video& audio)
  • 5 Yoga Pose Charts (full color, PDF downloads)
  • 2 Ask Kimberly Call-In Days
  • 24/7 Members Forum Access (get help from Lucas & Kimberly, connect with other members, share successes and challenges)
  • Bonus audio classes!

ORDER Yoga for Back & Neck Care (online workshop)
($612 Only 1 Payment of $69)

Ouch My Back Hurts

Ouch My Back Hurts (Digital Version) – An audio yoga class with Lucas Rockwood and Jesse Cannone.
Understand and Relieve Your Back Pain Naturally:

Inside you’ll find:

  • Physical causes of back pain
  • Trigger points made simple
  • The mind-body connection and back pain
  • At-home remedies and stretches

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( $14.95)

Secrets of the Psoas

Secrets of the Psoas (Digital Version) – Learn how one hidden muscle can have an impact on your yoga practice – an audio class with Lucas Rockwood and Kimberly Johnson

You Will Learn:

  • How to locate your psoas muscle
  • Why the pelvic floor is so crucial in yoga (and in life)
  • Why a shortened psoas can cause back pain
  • Simple stretches to lengthen the psoas
  • The truth about bandhas

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Yoga Detox Secrets

Yoga Detox Secrets (Digital Version) – Learn the basics of ‘eating to cleanse’… no need for extreme starvation diets, colonics, or harsh laxatives. True cleansing is gentle, natural and enjoyable for everyone.

Inside you’ll learn:

  • How to ‘eat to cleanse’
  • What toxins are (and how to remove them)
  • V02 Max approach to yoga (for cleansing)
  • Scheduling your cleanse

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Learn Handstand

Learn Handstand (Digital Version) – If you want to learn handstand, but don’t know where to start—start here! In this 35-minute audio class, Lucas and Logan Christopher walk you through the basics of setting up, practicing, and building strength for the ultimate inversion… handstand!

  • 3 basics steps for setup & practice
  • 2 common mistakes (& how to avoid them)
  • 2 advanced variations (for later)

Plus… learn the truth about “flat back” or “sway back”, how far apart to keep your hands, and finally, a trick with your toes that is extremely helpful for finding your balance.

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Flow Yoga

Flow Yoga (Digital Version) – Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga Practice with Lucas Rockwood.

An audio yoga class with :

  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • 75-minute “flowing” yoga practice
  • Standing series & floor series
  • Backbends & inversions

Guided practice through :

  • Sun Salutations
  • Standing Postures
  • Floor Series
  • Hip Openers & Balance
  • Backbends & Inversions

SUGGESTED USE – Flow practice can be done up to 6 times weekly. 2-3 times would be a suggested minimum.

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( $14.95)

Breathe into Stillness

Breathe into Stillness (Digital Version) – Powerful yoga breathing exercises for energy, relaxation, deep sleep, and focus. Extremely clear instructions lead you step-by-step through this home training program.

  • The Science of Breath [12 min]
  • AM Practice for Energy [17 min]
  • PM Practice for Relaxation [15 min]
  • Level II Practice – Going Deaper [12 min]
  • No Experience Needed
  • Great for beginners and intermediate students

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Gravity Yoga Digital Version

Targeted Flexibility Training with Lucas Rockwood: “Give Me Just 15 Minutes Per Day & I Can Double Your Flexibility in 4 Weeks!”

  • Complete 5-day stretching routine
  • 1 “target area” daily
  • Plain English explanations
  • Stretches ideal for all levels

Order Digital Version NOW!

Meditation Quickies

Meditation Quickies (Digital Version) – Short, powerful meditation practices for real people with busy lives. An audio class with Lucas Rockwood of YOGABODY Naturals.

Includes the following practices:

  • Nano Nap to recharge and rejuvenate
  • Sleepytime Meditation to help you enjoy deep, restful sleep
  • Energy & Focus: a meditation kick-start

Order Digital Version NOW!

Yoga Pose Chart Bundle

Get all three of our popular pose charts with the Yoga Pose Chart Bundle. Easy-to-follow illustrations guide you through your practice on a handy, sweat-proof card.

Includes 3 Pose Charts:

  • Gravity Yoga Pose Chart
  • Yoga for Pack Pain Pose Chart
  • Ashtanga Yoga Pose Chart

Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!
(Only $19.95 for all 3)

The Gravity Yoga Pose Chart

The perfect practice companion… full color, laminated pose chart of all 5 days of the YOGABODY Gravity Pose routine for maximum flexibility. Also great for teachers…

  • Full, 5-day YOGABODY stretching routine reference card
  • Great for travel
  • Water & sweat resistant laminated card
  • 4-color print

ORDER Gravity Yoga Pose Chart
($19.95 Only $9.99)

Back Pain Yoga Pose Chart

Laminated card with 8 poses and series for long-lasting back pain relief. Easy-to-follow illustrations and guided instructions on the back.


  • Tips for relieving back pain
  • Instructions on how to practice
  • 4-color print, laminated (sweat-proof)

ORDER Back Pain Pose Chart
($19.95 Only $9.99)

Ashtanga Yoga Pose Chart

Laminated double-sided card with illustrations and names of the entire Ashtanga Yoga Primary series; the foundational series from which all Power, Vinyasa & Flow classes are derived.


  • Complete standing series
  • Floor series & backbends
  • Finishing series and headstand
  • 4-color print, laminated (sweat-proof)

ORDER Ashtanga Yoga Pose Chart
($19.95 Only $9.99)

Yoga Trapeze Pose Chart

Quick pose reference guide for Yoga Trapeze practice. This full-color, laminated pose chart is durable and convenient to use while you’re getting inverted. Also great for teachers leading students through inverted series…


  • Quick reference for Yoga Trapeze practice
  • Includes the 10 core Yoga Trapeze poses
  • Sweat & water resistant
  • 4-color print

ORDER Yoga Trapeze Pose Chart
($19.95 Only $9.99)

The YOGABODY Handbook

YOGABODY Handbook (Print or ebook) – the definitive guide to maximum flexibility in just 15 minutes per day. Used by 10,000+ students worldwide with amazing results.

  • 5-day per week stretching schedule
  • 3 poses per day, 15 minutes per day (min.)
  • Simple, powerful, nothing but the most-effective stretches for fast, safe results.

Instant access (no S&H):

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or get Ebook Free by ordering:
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108 Yoga Super Juices & Bendy-Bodied Smoothies

108 Yoga Super Juices & Bendy-Bodied Smoothies (Instant Download eBook) – the only thing better than eating your fruits and vegetables is drinking them! Why? Because fresh juices and blended drinks allows you to easily megadose on bio-available living nutrients in their natural form— gulp-by-gulp—improving your body’s performance, immunity, and energy.

  • Plain-English recipes for 108 drinks in total, including berry smoothies, tropical juices, cleansing elixirs, and healing tonics.
  • Includes common fruits and vegetables as well as tropical and exotic recipes…something for everyone!
  • Blender and masticating juicer recommend.

ORDER 108 Super Juices eBook
($29.95 Only $24.97)

or get it FREE with The Yoga Trapeze

The Organic Food Guide
organic food

The Organic Food Guide (print book) – No-nonsense guide on how to shop smarter and eat healthier. This is an essential guidebook for anyone trying to navigate the health food store. Let’s face it, it can be confusing! What you’ll learn:

  • What are Organic Foods?
  • Are they really Healthier?
  • Do they taste better?
  • Do they cost more & are they worth it?

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Katrina Love Senn: Losing Weight is a Healing Journey (Book)
organic food

Are you ready to lose weight naturally with without dieting, deprivation or drugs? This book will show you how…
In a world full of junk food, fad diets, misinformation and toxic medications, Katrina’s approach to weight loss is refreshingly simple and easy-to-follow.

You’ll Learn How To:
  • Reconnect with your own healing abilities
  • Release weight easily and effortlessly
  • Explore mind-body practices

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(Only $24.95)

Posture Clinic Bootcamp DVD

Posture Clinic Bootcamp DVD – live instruction with me, Lucas Rockwood, filmed in Northern Thailand. Very clear instruction, no fluff…pose-by-pose, I’ll lead you through 30+ must-know postures for powerful yoga practices.

Inside you’ll learn:

  • Sun salutes, warm-ups, hip openers, shoulder stretches, arm balances, inversions, deep backbends—and more!
  • Plain English explanations, tips and tricks for moving deeper in your practice.
  • Appropriate for beginners-to-intermediate students with some advanced variations introduced as well.

ORDER Posture Clinic Bootcamp DVD
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Living Matrix DVD

Living Matrix DVD – this film will transform your understanding of how to get well and stay well. Now you can get an up-close look at the science of information as medicine. Leading researchers and health practitioners share their discoveries on the “miracle cures” traditional medicine can’t explain.

  • How you can promote immunity through your mind
  • How your belief system affects
  • The gigantic effect of emotions on your health

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Absolute Hot Yoga (DVD)

ABSOLUTE HOT YOGA (DVD)–If you’re a student of Absolute Yoga already, or if you’re new to this style and are excited to try it at home, than you’ll love this new DVD! A fun & challenging series of 50 classic Hatha Yoga poses practiced at 40 degrees C/104 degrees F.

Inside you’ll learn:

  • 50 Hatha Yoga poses means less repetition, more variety, and so much more fun!
  • Core power postures
  • Upper body strength
  • Hip openers (yeah!)
  • All the classic hot poses you love—and over a dozen new ones!

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Briohny & Dice Yoga – Fit, Flow, Fly! (DVD)

Join Briohny & Dice for their world-premier DVD where you’ll learn their signature FitFlowFly series including hip openers, intermediate and advanced backbends. Filmed at the beautiful Absolute Yoga Studios in Bangkok, this practice will challenge and inspire you to take your practice to the next level.

Inside you’ll learn:

  • Hip Openers Series
  • Intermediate Backbends
  • Advanced Backbends
  • Full FitFlowFly Yoga Series

ORDER Fit, Flow, Fly DVD! NOW!
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FOOD MATTERS™ (Documentary Film on DVD) – one of the most important food films ever made. A must-see for all yoga students. Features raw food expert David Wolfe, Dr. Andrew Saul, and a dozen other leading experts in health, agriculture, and sustainable living.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The truth about the de-mineralization of the soil (and our bodies)
  • How ancient wisdom has never been more effective
  • The hidden dangers of our modern food industry
  • How you can protect your own health and the health of the planet

LISTEN NOW! to an interview I did with the film’s co-creators, Laurentine ten Bosch & James Colquhoun

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Hungry for Change (DVD)

HUNGRY FOR CHANGE (Documentary Film on DVD) – If you’re ready to take control of your health, you absolutely must check out this powerful new documentary film from the creators of Food Matters, Hungry for Change.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Learn from medical doctors and industry insiders
  • Discover the truth about the diet and weight loss industry
  • Find real solutions that are practical, easy-to-follow, and more importantly, they work!

ORDER Hungry for Change NOW!
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SIMPLY RAW: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days™

SIMPLY RAW (Documentary Film on DVD) – forget all those complicated raw food books for a moment and start with this DVD. I’ve never seen or read anything that viscerally taught me the power of plant foods as did this film. I’m a raving fan… you’ve got to see this!

Here’s why I LOVE this film:

  • These people literally reverse diabetes in 2-4 weeks just by eating plants
  • It’s about REAL people
    (no hippy dippy yoga people)
  • It’s disarmingly real and honest
  • It will kill any doubts you’ve EVER had about the power of food

You’ll be shocked… what raw food does for the people in this film in just 30 days is nothing short of amazing. The transformation is so profound, so emotionally charged, that I got choked up 3 different times watching this (and my wife has been teasing me about that ever since).

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Premium Flex Pack Save 30%

Fight stiff muscles with this power flex combo. Everything you need to get you bendy, boost you micronutrients, and develop great stretching habits.

  • 6 months YOGABODY Stretch ($294 value)
  • 1 Gravity Yoga (Digital Version) ($24.95 value)
  • 1 YOGABODY Handbook ($34 value)
  • 1 Posture Clinic DVD ($39 value)
  • 1 Learn Handstand (Digital Version) ($13.95 value)

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Monkey Yoga Pack Save 20%

Deep backbends, strength, nutrition and flexibility. The ultimate kit for monkey-minded yoga students. Buy the bundle and save a bundle!

  • Trapeze ($99 value)
  • 2 months YOGABODY Stretch ($98 value)
  • Liquid Energy-B ($24.95 value)
  • Juice ebook ($24.97 value)

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