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  • Green Up Any Meal, Any Time: this travel-ready pouch makes it fast and easy to make a super green drink anytime, anywhere. You can't take a green juice through airport security, but you can take this superfood powder and make your own at the gate!
  • Like a Salad in a Glass: a single serving of this super food drink mix contains a similar micronutrient profile to that of a large salad. No mess, no fuss, just mix and drink it down. Finally, you can green up on the go.
  • Amazing Taste: we spent years getting the flavor profile just right. Stevia naturally sweetens this mix, so when you add to any juice or smoothie, it'll taste super sweet without any sugar. Skip the banana or sweet fruits, and go green instead.
  • Easy, Smooth Mixing: if you have a blender great, if not, no problem. Add powder first, then liquid, and stir. Green Me Up will dissolve smoothly into any beverage for a refreshing drink. Convenient pouch gets lighter and more compact as you use it, more convenient and eco-friendly than clunky plastic tubs.

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Buy 3, Get 50% Off
Liquid Energy-B

  • Vegan, water-soluble, fast-absorbing, vitamin formula essential for the healthy metabolism of fats and proteins that has been known to elevate mood, focus, and energy levels. It's safe and non-toxic.
  • A Must for Vegetarians, Anemics & Anyone with a High Stress Lifestyle
  • GREAT TASTE: made from fermented beet roots, cinnamon, and cranberry, it's sweet and very pleasant to take daily. Made with ionic copper as a natural alternative preservative (no chemicals needed) making this product extremely clean and pure.
  • 12-MONTH GUARANTEE: this product is backed by YOGABODY's iron-clad, 1-year guarantee, if for any reason you're unhappy, just send it back for a full and prompt refund, no catch, no fine print.
  • BEST ABSORPTION: contains same form of Vitamin B12 found in the human body and brain, methylcobalamin.

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Buy 3, Get 50% Off YOGABODY Stretch

  • If you're a stiff, tight and sore yoga student, YOGABODY's Stretch formula was designed just for you. Modern yoga students put their bodies under tremendous strain as they work to build both strength and flexibility in their soft tissues. During your personal transformation, nutritional support is absolutely essential. Since 2007, YOGABODY Stretch has been the preferred formula for yoga teachers and students in 81 countries. A whole-food, superfood, and micro-mineral-dense blend, YOGABODY Stretch is designed specifically to meet the nutritional needs of bendy-bodied students everywhere. With YOGABODY Stretch, you can take one supplement to get all of your supportive yoga nutrients with maximum purity and 60% cost savings (if you were to buy all these ingredients separately).

  • BENEFITS: MSM acts as a powerful antioxidant and healing source of natural sulfur. For stretching students, MSM has been shown to relieve inflammation and reduce recovery time. Buffered Vitamin C, when combined with MSM, has been shown to aid in the health of connective tissues. This formula uses Vit C buffered with magnesium to ease digestion. Spirulina (fresh water algae) delivers a whopping dose of B vitamins, Iron, and the essential fat, GLA. Chlorella (also s fresh water algae) is packed with chlorophyll, also known as “the blood of plants.” Barley Grass Juice Extract is the ultimate green food, is excellent for stretching students because of its high levels of beta-carotene, calcium, and iron.

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3 Bottles x YOGABODY Stretch

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