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“Learn Step-by-Step Over 34 Powerful Yoga Poses… Flexibility, Strength & Balance!”

PREVIEW: learn pose-by-pose as I show you and talk you through forward bends, backbends, hip openers, inversions and more! (all levels)

Posture Clinic Bootcamp DVD– live instruction with me, Lucas Rockwood, filmed in Northern Thailand. Very clear instruction, no fluff… pose-by-pose, I’ll lead you through 30+ must-know postures for powerful yoga practices.

Sun salutes, warm-ups, hip openers, shoulder stretches, arm balances, inversions, deep backbends—and more!

Plain English explanations, tips and tricks for moving deeper in your practice.

Appropriate for beginners-to-intermediate students with some advanced variations introduced as well.

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YES! This is appropriate for all levels

“Basic great info without all the fluff”

I love the Posture Clinic DVD. I recently had a fellow teacher spend a weekend with me and we watched together and took notes. She even said how easy Lucas is to follow and understand. I really like this DVD as it gave me ideas on how to do things with a different approach and it’s just simple to follow with a nice outdoor background. Basic great info without all the fluff. Lucas is very down to earth and this DVD on training keeps with that instead of making everything too busy. It’s refreshing. Feels like you are getting tips from your friend without having someone talk over your head.
– Michelle Morris (yoga teacher)

“Very easy to follow and helpful…”

I just spent a big part of my day with the YOGA POSTURE CLINIC BOOTCAMP and wanted to say I really enjoyed it… it’s very easy to follow and helpful… I was working crane to tripod headstand yesterday with your help!
– Lalana (yoga teacher, LalanaYoga.com)

“My back is so much more flexible”

I really like the Posture Clinic DVD. I’ve not practiced yoga regularly for a while and just started incorporating some of the sun salutations from the DVD. I noticed the difference in my back flexibility right away.
– Yelena Petrova (yoga student)