Never Stop Stretching – Secret #7 of 7

#7 of 7: Never Stop Stretching

Dear Yoga Student,

Once, a yoga teacher really hurt me.

I used to practice at this dingy old studio in the East Village in New York City where the head teacher was known for his strong adjustments.

Hmm… I should have known better.

I was in cobra pose and this teacher came up behind me, stuck his knee right between my shoulders, and “knee-ed” me into a REALLY deep backbend.

That’s when I heard a POP!

Ever torn an intercostal muscle? Let me tell you, it’s not fun. Just a deep breath or light laughter would sent knife-blade pain down my entire left side!

Yoga’s not supposed to hurt, but hey, sometimes it does.

So I started treating myself naturally. I knew all about sulfur, the most important mineral for tissue regeneration, and I knew that MSM was the best source for it. (MSM is an organic form of sulfur derived from pine trees).

But I wasn’t taking nearly enough!

Most MSM supplements contain 500-1000 mg which isn’t even an ‘active dose.’ I discovered that the supplement companies save money by giving consumers mini-doses which don’t actually do anything!

When I found this out, I was pissed off.

My nutritional coach suggested I take 3-4 grams of MSM combined with Vitamin C as part of my regular healthy diet. And since I’m always open to experiments (especially with all-natural, water soluble nutrients), I gave it a shot.

And you know what? It worked!

The whole time I was injured, I never stopped stretching (I just moved very carefully), and within 5 weeks, I was as good as new!

Here’s today’s lesson… if you hurt yourself:

1 – Don’t stop stretching, just go really slow and be gentle.

2 – Take MSM with Vitamin C. MSM is one of the most pure, bio-available sources for sulfur in nature, and when combined with the free radical scavenger Vitamin C, you then have the beginnings of the prefect stretching formula.

You can read more about my formula here:

Stay bendy,