Good Bacteria and Your Gut

Dear Yoga Student,

“Why you eating bacteria?” she said. It was my daughter. I explained that some bugs are really good for your gut.

They’re called probiotics (a.k.a. “good bugs”) and here’s what they do:

*Starve off the bad bacteria by eating their food
*Synthesize vitamins K and B
*Reduce inflammation
*Produce short-chain fatty acids to nourish the colon
*Boost your immunity

In the old days, we picked food from the ground and ate it with bits of soil and microorganisms all over it.

Today, our soils are no good and our produce is sprayed, so we have to clean and cook most things. This is bad news for our good bugs.

Add in chlorinated water, antibiotics, and processed foods; and before you know it, your digestion is not that great. And digestion, of course, is where you get the raw materials to build your body.

But enough gloom and doom. Good bugs are hard to find but not impossible.

Here are my 3 favorite sources:
*Raw sauerkraut (unpasteurized)
*Raw kefirs or yogurts (unpasteurized)
*High potency living probiotic supplements

The first two are really easy. To learn how to make kraut or veggie ferments, please watch this video:
How to Make Saurkraut

To learn more about probiotic supplements, watch his one:
Choosing a Probiotic Supplement

Hope that’s helpful…

Stay bendy,